NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends Prowler! Taskmaster! Noir!

I’m currently running around NYCC 2017 like a crazy person, fighting the mobs to get the best possible photos of every Marvel figure and statue on the floor. So… no beautifully written article on the new Marvel Legends just yet! But how about hi-res photos of the new Marvel Legends Prowler, Taskmaster and Spider-Man Noir Figures instead, along with some notes from this morning’s Hasbro Marvel press event?

This morning I posted photos of the Marvel Legends Multiple Man Jamie Madrox and Gladiator figures that are two of the final three figures in the X-Men Legends 2018 series (Sorry, no Magneto Shown at the show), but that’s not all Hasbro brought to their intimate press event this morning!

We also got to see three never-before-seen six inch figures that had been hotly rumored: a classic Taskmaster, along with The Prowler and Spider-Man Noir!

Here’s a ton of photos I took at the event…

The Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir and Prowler figures complete the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Lizard Series, the first Spider-Man ML series of 2018. 

The new Marvel Legends Taskmaster figure is part of the Comic-based portion of the 2018 Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War Wave 1. He is NOT in the movie. 

Neither of these two waves are scheduled to be released before the start of 2018. After the Vintage Toybiz packaged series, the next wave to hit stores should be the Marvel Legends Black Panther series. 

I’ll be posting photos from throughout the con whenever I get a spare moment, and you can check them out on the @marveltoynews Instagram, as well as the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages

What do you think of this other trio of 6” Marvel Legends 2018 Figures revealed at NYCC 2017, Marvel collectors? Pass or purchase?


NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends Prowler! Taskmaster! Noir! — 23 Comments

  1. I’m kind of shocked they gave Spider-Man Noir his guns.

    Also do we really need another Taskmaster already?

    • Yeah OG Taskmaster seems like a silly choice to me.

      Also, they reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy should consider going back and giving Spider-Man Noir the Misty Knight/Elsa Bloodstone six-shooter [x2] (maybe shorten the barrel for comic accuracy), the Chameleon Tommy-gun, and maybe even a removable fedora. Why they would think to give him the high tech pistols makes little to no sense since he is a character that is active in 1933…

      I know I sound like a hater but I’m actually pretty excited for a good portion of the upcoming figures lol

      I’m just losing patience with Hasbro continually making really poor choices over the simpler things like proper/accurate accessories. It isn’t like they don’t have the mold for a revolver or the tommy-gun already – why choose to employ a weapon cast that doesn’t match the character?

        • My two biggest gripes with the Taskmaster is the lack of butterfly joints (Which I think should be the new standard – at the very least with a swordsman) and the fact that we just got a Taskmaster not too long ago while I have a long list of “never been done before” characters that I want to see get produced.

          I do really like the original costume and I think the ToyBiz figure was pretty weak (especially the god-awful cape/hood) so its definitely not the worst option but again, I just think there are bigger fish to fry that should’ve come before this.

          Anyone else still waiting to see The Hood be announced for an upcoming wave?

    • My theory is they’re planning to reuse parts from Taskmaster to make a new Doctor Doom as a Walgreens exclusive down the line.

      • That’s my theory too, though I don’t think he’ll be Wal-Mart exclusive.
        He’s Marvel’s best and most important villain BY FAR, and he has less and less to do with the Fantastic Four as time goes by.

  2. I like what I am seeing except for the gun they used for Noir. I mean I get the why (anti-real gun for toys) but this is a guy from the depression. at least give him a revolver.

    • They don’t have a problem doing realistic guns. They’re fine with that.
      So yea, as far as I can tell they really just screwed up with the guns.
      He really SHOULD have a Misty Knight’s revolver and Chameleon’s Tommy Gun.

  3. Relieved to see Gladiator is in his classic uniform!
    I’m pretty happy with the recent version of Taskmaster but have to admit this one looks cooler. Not really interested in the Prowler of Spider-Man Noir, that wave looks more and more like I will skip it other than Mysterio (and maybe Spider-Gwen and/or Spider-Punk).
    Thanks for posting these pics here and on Instagram

    • Aside from Spider-Punk, that whole wave is a must-have for me.

      Been waiting on Mysterio, Prowler, Lizard and Noir FOREVER.
      Gwenpool was one I was hoping for but didn’t expect so soon.
      And Lasher is my favorite symbiote (in terms of character design), and I NEVER expected to get a figure of him.

      One of the best waves in a long time, to be honest.

  4. Really disappointed that it’s a classic prowler and not the modern costume, I’ll definitely skip him.

  5. OG Taskmaster is a definite purchase for me!!! Very happy to see Hasbro come to their senses and the classic and visually superior version! Also can’t wait for the awesome Gladiator figure. Spiderman Noir – meh.

  6. These all look amazing although they should work to get the accessories ie guns correct for the figures. Still no Dr Octopus or Scorpion.