NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends News & Reveals Hi-Res Photos!

I once again had the immense honor of getting up bright and early for a Hasbro media event this morning, wherein the Hasbro Marvel team answered questions and let some of us lucky collectors get up close and personal with a half-dozen Marvel Legends figures being shown in person for the very first time! Here’s the official hi-res photos of the reveals, along with my notes from the event…

Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic NYCC 2017 Figure - Copy

Although we got to see a PowerPoint slide of the new Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic figure at SDCC 2017, he wasn’t on display at the event. He was at NYCC this morning, however!

Reed will come with both the powered arms shown and also a pair of interchangeable regular arms (which we haven’t seen yet).

Marvel Legends Thing is coming as a Walgreens exclusive in 2018. He will come as a regular boxed figure and is a 100% newly tooled figure. The Thing will likely be shown at New York Toy Fair 2018.

NYCC 2017 Marvel Legends Multiple Man Official Image - CopyThe Hasbro Marvel Brand team knew collectors would want to army-build Multiple Man, which is why they gave him three different interchangeable heads. He’s wearing the costume from when he joined Peter David’s X-Factor.

Hasbro is aware of the fan demand for a new Marvel Legends Professor X in hoverchair. I asked about the possibility of Jim Lee Jubilee and Dani Moonstar—“hopefully someday”.

2018 Marvel Legends Gladiator X-Men Series Figure - CopyThere’s still at least one more Marvel Legends Deadpool series we haven’t seen yet (*cough* Warpath *cough*).

It’s a safe bet that the Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool will be available for order again.

New Marvel Mighty Muggs will hit stores in early 2018. Tons of figures in the first year.

Marvel Legends 2018 Taskmaster Official Photo NYCC 2017A new The Hasbro Marvel Brand team says there are lots of Toybiz characters that could probably still be updated, but there needs to be a balance with all of the never-before-done characters.

classic Taskmaster is in 2018 Avengers Wave 1. Songbird, King Cobra and Taskmaster are the Comic-based figures we’ve seen from that set so far.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir NYCC 2017 Official Photo - CopyThe 3.75” Rainbow Deadpool box set has been delayed to 2018. No more 3.75” figures scheduled for release in 2017 (besides the Gamerverse Iron Man vs. Mega Man X 2-Pack).

The Black Panther Marvel Legends series should be the next wave released, and has a street date for 2018. Don’t expect to see the Black Panther jet actually transform into a Panther robot in Avengers Infinity War.

Marvel Legends 2018 Prowler Figure Hi Res Lizard SeriesNo double-jointed elbows for female Marvel Legends Figures any time soon, although the team is working to give the elbows a greater range of motion without implementing actual double-jointed elbows. The Black Widow figure with motorcycle coming next year has special cuts in her elbows to give her more flexibility.

What do you think of the Marvel Legends news and official hi-res photos coming out of NYCC 2017, Marvel collectors? Anything here catch your attention?


NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends News & Reveals Hi-Res Photos! — 21 Comments

  1. I love all of these but Spider-Man Noir is defiantly my favorite. That Taskmaster is something I never realized I wanted until they made it.

  2. “No double-jointed elbows for female Marvel Legends Figures any time soon, although the team is working to give the elbows a greater range of motion without implementing actual double-jointed elbows.”

    *shakes fist*
    Dammit, Hasbro, why must you be the screen door on my submarine?

    Thanks for asking though, Dabid.
    The more we badger them about it, the quicker it’ll happen.

  3. Man the spider noir looks kinda dissspointing he looks like he has the full ghost rider body and weird guns.

  4. Any idea when the Deadpool would possibly be back up for order? I need that figure really bad now, since I couldn’t get it on the 20th.

    These figures look good. I couldn’t be happier with Prowler, Noir and Taskmaster, I’ve been waiting for them for a long time.

    Don’t really have much knowledge or interest in Multiple Man, but he looks good, so I’ll probably pick up a few of him. Gladiator looks super boring. I hope the rest of that wave is better.

  5. They all look great especially Task Master. They are still using Nick Fury’s coat for Multiple Man and Noir SM I thought this restricts articulation.

  6. Did anyone question the hot-button “high tech pistol” vs the much more appropriate 6-shooter situation? Seems to be pretty much a universally despised aspect of the Spider-Man Noir figure and I can’t fathom the justification for their choice.

    No argument can be made against re-using the Misty Knight/Elsa Bloodstone pistol over the Chameleon/Forge handgun so I’d really like to know what thoughts went into that decision.

  7. So this long wait for a 6″ Spider-Man Noir and they present this? Ghost Rider with a different head sculpt. That’s disappointing. Even though they don’t look anything like any real gun that I’ve ever seen, those guns do appear to be a little ahead of their time. Why does Hasbro make such silly looking guns?

  8. Thanks for the update. Reed and Gladiator are must-haves for me, it will be interesting to see how the new version of Thing looks.

  9. hopefully women figures will be more muscular in the future . their mostly too puny