NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends X-Men Gladiator! Madrox!  

The last couple of years, Hasbro has laid all their NYCC cards on the table at their wild and crazy Night Before New York Comic Con parties. But this year, Hasbro is doing things a bit differently—they decided to kick off NYCC 2017 proper with a special Thursday morning media event! And what did we get to see at said event? Well, how do Marvel Legends Multiple Man and Gladiator sound to you…?

I’ll be continuing to cover New York Comic Con 2017 throughout the week and weekend, and you can follow the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages for updates as quickly as I’m able to post them. Also, feel free to message me if there’s anything special at the convention you’re dying for extra coverage of!

How would you rate this year’s batch of NYCC Marvel Legends reveals, Marvel collectors? Is there anything here that you’ve been waiting for, or are you let down by this year’s showings?


NYCC 2017: Marvel Legends X-Men Gladiator! Madrox!   — 34 Comments

  1. That Gladiator look way better with the Tombstone chest. I love Multiple Man and glad he is coming with multiple heads including an “unmasked” head. and that Psylocke effect looks nice.

  2. Very unimpressed so far with reveals of Legends. I like the upcoming Reed Richards and am anxious to see Ben Grimm, but as far as Gladiator goes I don’t care for it. I want the Melvin Potter Gladiator!

    • I’m not optimistic about that. He is competing for wave space against a Wolverine…

      Multiple Man will end up being the highest value figure because most people who collect will want to get more than one considering that is his power. And I can almost guarantee Tiger Stripe Wolverine will be the double pack.

      Wouldn’t it be marvelous if they made Multiple Man the double pack, did not include a BAF piece, and instead packaged him with a second figure?


      Yeah, I know that would never happen in a million years…

      …but one can dream.

    • Considering the rumor of Magneto and Sabretooth came in the same leak as Multiple Man and Gladiator (that being Amazon listings), I’d say they’re both far more than rumors.

  3. Excited to get 90s X-Factor Madrox, but also was really excited for the “street clothes” green-shirted Jaimie from his mini-series and the corresponding X-Factor series. So really, I want all the Multiple Men!

  4. Personally I am extremely stoked that we’re getting the Mutant Genesis-era X-Factor Multiple Man – would love for them to build that era of that team. I know plenty of people love the Decimation-era Jamie, but tht’s the way my personal preference goes and it does fit in with the focus on the Jim Lee X-Men Blue team that we’ve been getting over the past couple of X-Men Legends waves. The multiple heads are a great addition to a figure I was going to buy multiples of anyway, so that’s just icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned – provided the extra heads make it to production, of course…

  5. I was hoping against hope they wouldn’t do “bathing suit” Psylocke and instead use the modern costume. Or better yet, do her original “British Betsy” costume. Alas.

    • They’ll do the boring ones later, I’m sure.
      The MCU is thinking about doing either a Captain Britain movie or show, so we may end up getting whole waves of Captain Britains, Lionhearts, Psylockes, and Excalibur stuff.

  6. I’m holding out the extremely unrealistic hope that they give Multiple Man interchangeable arms. That would be a huge bonus push for the army builders. Making the trench coat completely optional would add huge versatility to the figure.

    Again, I know it is unrealistic. But it would be cool!

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