Civil War Collector Corps Box Spoilers Review & Unboxing!

I arrived home this afternoon to find an unexpected arrival on my doorstep: the April 2016 Marvel Collector Corps Civil War box! Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention and missed it the shipping notice, but I was totally caught off-guard to discover this latest Funko Collector Corps box had arrived! And not only did this box look larger and heavier than any Collector Corps box to date–it has more figures in it than any of them as well! What do I think of the box? Read on for my review, full of spoilers and unboxing photos…

Civil War Collector Corps Box Spoilers Review Unboxing

I’m running a bit behind schedule today so I’ll have to add my in-depth thoughts on the first box of the second year of Funko Collector Corps boxes a little bit later on today, but let me give my quick initial impressions right now…

We already knew what the box design itself was going to look like from the ads that have been all over the internet for the past two months, but I really like the look of the half-Captain America half-Iron Man design. Add in the fact that this is the heaviest Marvel Collector Corps box yet, and from the outside this particular box is full of win.

April 2016 Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box SpoilersThankfully, the inside is pretty nice as well!

Marvel Collector Corps Crossbones PatchFor the patch, we get Crossbones. I have no problem with this–he’s the main villain of the Captain America Civil War movie (sort of), and I doubt there will be another box where a neat-o patch with his “logo” like this would make sense.

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Black Panther PinMeanwhile, the pin is Black Panther. As the most-hyped new addition to the MCU (not named Spider-Man), I’m totally happy with Black Panther having a presence in this MCC box.

Marvel Collector Corps Black Panther #1 Variant Comic Book CoverI will admit that I’m a mite bitter that I already bought the Black Panther #1 comic book two weeks ago for 5 bucks, only to see it included in this box with a way cooler cover for free. Alas, that’s my mistake–I really should have anticipated this particular inclusion. Sadly, I thought the comic book itself was rather dull and unimpressive, but I’m happy for a Black Panther comic book to get more exposure through the Funko MCC box.

Collector Corps Civil War ShirtThe Collector Corps Civil War T-Shirt is straight-up awesome. I always prefer the Funko POP Tees to the shirts that use realistic/comic-styled art on them, and this is one of the best–if not the best–shirts included in a Marvel Collector Corps box so far. Awesome!

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War LanyardAnd hey, one of the things that I was feeling jealous over the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty boxes including that we hadn’t gotten yet for MCC was a lanyard to hold the Funko pins–but not any more! This attractive Civil War-themed lanyard with Captain America and Iron Man on it will do very nicely for holding the half-dozen-plus pins we’ve now gotten from the club. Love it!

Funko Civil War Marvel Collector Corps Spoilers POP VinylsAnd speaking of Captain America and Iron Man…

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War POP Vinyls Two-Pack Captain America Iron ManI’m disappointed to say that all three vinyls included in this box are figures of Captain America or Iron Man. The action-posed Deadpool POP Vinyls figure in the Deadpool Collector Corps box was fine, but we already have standard versions of Civil War Cap and Iron Man POP Vinyls, as well as exclusive versions (Action Cap and Unmasked Iron Man), as well as another two-pack of Cap & Iron Man (the FYE Exclusive).

Box Back Civil War Collector Corps POP Vinyls Two-Pack Cap Iron ManDid we really need a second two-pack of Funko Captain America Civil War Captain America and Iron Man POP Vinyls…? I do really like the flying pose that Iron Man is in, but to me getting fourth releases of Civil War Iron Man and Cap POPs when we haven’t gotten a single Civil War Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Vision or several other characters.

Exclusive Collector Corps Captain America POP Vinyl Civil WarI feel very strongly that if Funko is going to put two POP Vinyls is a subscription box, one should be a mainstream character and one should be a more hardcore fan character. Smuggler’s Bounty got this right with the Phasma/TIE Pilot and Obi-Wan/Snaggletooth pairs, but I don’t like the pairing of yet another Captain America and Iron Man at all.

Marvel Collector Corps Unmasked Iron Man Dorbz FigureFinally, we’ve got an exclusive Dorbz–bringing the grand total to three full figures–the most even in an MCC box! This time out, it’s a quasi-Unmasked Iron Man Dorbz figure (with the visor flipped up). This seems sort of strange to me, since Iron Man already appears in this box as a POP Vinyl–it would have been more logical to make this figure a Chase Dorbz at retail and have the Dorbz Unmasked Black Panther or Crossbones Dorbz here instead.

Exclusive Iron Man Unmasked Dorbz MCC Vinyl FigureFor what it is, though, I really like this Dorbz Unmasked Iron Man figure. The detail is great and he’s a-DORBZ-able (as he should be), even if I would have much preferred literally any other character (other than Cap himself) be included in this box.

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box Contents List Card

Perhaps most surprising of all is a card included with the box, which explains that the Civil War box was originally going to contain an exclusive Falcon Captain America POP Vinyl, but it was scrapped and replaced with this two-pack at the last minute. Wha?! I can only hope that Funko has chosen to mass-release that Sam Wilson Captain America POP Vinyl later this year instead, because if not, its cancellation is a huge bummer.

Overall, I feel that this box was a tremendous value and most casual Marvel fans and collectors are going to absolutely love it. For the hardcore fans like me, though, I’m admittedly a little bit let-down by the box: I really would have liked Civil War POPs of Hawkeye, Vision, or Ant-Man instead of yet more versions of Captain America and Iron Man.

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Iron Man POP Vinyl Exclusive FigureIf you already own numerous versions of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark–and most of us do–you may not be quite as giddy with the vinyl figures included here as less hardcore fans are.

What do you think of the Civil War Collector Corps box, Marvel collectors? Is this loaded box’s contents everything you hoped and dreamed of, or are you disappointed with the box being saturated with Captain America and Iron Man toys?


Civil War Collector Corps Box Spoilers Review & Unboxing! — 22 Comments

  1. Hey Dabid,
    Not to call you on this, but how does this make it four full figures? The 2-pack and the Dorbz makes it only three figures…am I not counting something?

    • Man, you guys are fast! I didn’t have a chance to re-read the article myself before you caught my type-o. =P

  2. You overlooked that they mention they were going to introduce a NEW Funko line but switched to the 2 figures instead. The crate looks great though if you don’t own those funko versions already, and the t-shirt looks cool. Sad there weren’t any surprises here, maybe to save a bigger surprise for the female crate.

    • these are new molds however, so i’m glad about that, but a new funko line AND a Falcon Captain America POP would have been 10 times better

  3. Man was hoping for a spidey pop. How long is it gonna take for a MCU underoos pop funko!?
    Other than that great box and great review thanks Dabid!

    • Funko (and everyone else) can’t make any Civil War Spidey merch until Disney gives approval, unfortunately. And that may not be for quite a while…

  4. I’m actually incredibly disappointed in this. We already have two Civil War Cap Pops for Civil War and Ironman Pops. And we already have a Dorbz of Ironman. I was hoping for a Hawkeye Pop with a lil Antman on his arrow since poor Hawkeye misses out on getting a new pop for Civil War.
    I’m probably going to sell this except for the T-shirt.

    • Anon, I’m totally feeling your pain on the Hawkeye pop 🙁 I bought it just on the off-chance that they would release one. And with Ant-man on the arrow? How could they NOT make that? *Frustrated*
      Everything in the box was nice enough… just wanted better…

  5. I’m totally underwhelmed with this. I’ve already got my Cap Civil War Pops. Another two-pack, even with different poses/molds, is a little too much. I was hoping for more variety, and more so Cap based as it is technically his move, so like a Bucky Barnes or Falcon variant. Still amazing value for money, don’t get me wrong, love what they do, maybe my expectations were too high?

  6. Has anyone else received their box yet? What are the chances some boxes come with an Iron Man DorbZ and some come with Cap?

    Dorbz are the most disappointing part of any of these boxes honestly. I’m not a fan…the Loki one is sitting in a box somewhere and so is Ultron…

    • There’s no chance that there’s a different Dorbz. The new card in the box details exactly what’s included.

  7. This is exactly why I didn’t buy either Cap or Iron Man Civil War Pops. So, I’m happy with the Pops that are included. I think these are the best poses that have been released of these two characters.

  8. This has to be the biggest disappointment for me so far. So many characters to choose from who weren’t included in the regular pop line, and instead we get ANOTHER Cap and ANOTHER Iron Man.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the flying bases. I think they look cool, and give a lot of personality to the figure, but it’s such a let down getting a 3rd variation of the same character for a movie.

    I was really hoping we would get a Hawkeye with Ant-Man riding the arrowhead, or just a new Ant-Man because both he and Hawkeye are sporting brand new costumes for the film.
    Heck, or maybe Spider-Man?

    I don’t know if my expectations were too high, but I was thinking this would be the best Collector Corps box to date, and sadly it wasn’t.

  9. I actually love the box. Cap and iron man facing off is the biggest part of civil war, and I thought the 2 pack is pretty cool and I also own the fye. The t shirt is sweet too. I’d actually be dissapointed if hawkeye, vision or ant man were the pop. I bet they end up making a 2nd wave of civil war pops just like age of ultron so we will eventually get those characters. If I had to change anything about the box it would to either have included a pop or dorbz of spiderman with caps shield.

  10. As someone who lives outside the US, & therefore not able to buy from FYE, I’m quite happy with “another” Cap & Iron Man 2-pack, thanks very much, & the dynamic poses are cool.