Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box POP Vinyls Rumors!

We’re just one month away from the biggest Marvel event of 2016: the release of the Captain America Civil War movie in theaters! But before the film arrives in theaters, the April 2016 Marvel Collector Corps Civil War box will be arriving in our mailboxes! Funko has been unusually quiet as far as hints for the Civil War Collector Corps box go, so let’s round up the rumors and evidence regarding this month’s box…

Civil War Collector Corps Box April 2016

Without a doubt, I think that this Collectors Corps Civil War Funko box has the potential to be one of the single greatest Funko subscription boxes they’ve done so far in any range. There’s a huge wealth of characters not done yet in the various lines, and quite a bit of hype surrounding this box.

And so, let’s get straight to the biggest rumor regarding this box and my analysis of what exclusives I think actually will–and won’t–be included…

Captain America Civil War Spider-Man with Shield ScreenshotThe single most popular rumor that’s been circulating everywhere in Funko fandom for this box is the possibility of the inclusion of an exclusive Funko Civil War Spider-Man POP Vinyl in this box.

Funko collectors pretty much unanimously agree that a POP Vinyl of Spider-Man holding Captain America’s shield would be the coolest thing ever–and that may be true. Even so, I think that any version of movie Spider-Man being included in the Civil War Collector Corps box is incredibly unlikely.

As far as we know, Disney has yet to approve any licensee in the world to even show a product with MCU Spider-Man on it–much less produce one and have it ready to be in our mailboxes within the next three weeks. I’m not saying this is totally impossible, but to manage expectations, I do think that it’s a wildly unlikely longshot.

But if not Spider-Man, what characters are left to do as exclusives for the Captain America Civil War box?

Hot Toys Ant-Man on Arrow with Hawkeye FigureWell, there’s three other main characters missing from the Civil War POP Vinyls lineup: Ant-Man, Hawkeye and The Vision. As we already got a Giant-Man POP, Ant-Man’s chances this time are slim–or are they?!

Hawkeye is a pretty critical character that I was shocked wasn’t in the mass release lineup, so I expect to see him in this box. But what if Hawkeye isn’t coming alone–what if this is a Hawkeye “firing an arrow with Ant-Man” on it POP Vinyl figure…? Something to consider, right?

Funko Civil War Dorbz FiguresOf course, for a “war”, we really should represent both sides, right? Knowing that many fans would like a flying pose Vision POP Vinyl in more accurate colors, I think seeing both Vision and Hawkeye as exclusive POP! Vinyls in this box is a solid possibility.

Funko has yet to put the ever-divisive Dorbz into consecutive boxes, so I don’t anticipate any exclusive Dorbz in this box. If they did choose to, however, there’s plenty of main characters to choose from: Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, War Machine, Sharon Carter and more.

Civil War Mystery Minis Figures

I think it’s definitely possible we may actually see a Mystery Minis blind box this month, though there are limited character possibilities for that, with both rosters well-represented in the main lineup. Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, and main character variants (battle-damaged or unmasked) seem like the only potential choices for exclusive Mystery Minis.

I’m betting on two possible T-Shirts for this box: one #TeamCap and one #TeamStark. I think a lineup with a couple POP characters from each team on each shirt would look awesome and have a lot of appeal.

For the patch and pin combo, I think it’s nearly certain we’ll get Captain America on one and Iron Man on the other. Nothing else really makes sense.

April 2016 Marvel Collector Corps BoxThe Funko Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box is available for order until April 15th 2016, and will be shipping out shortly thereafter. Some of the recent boxes have totally sold out a few days before the deadline, so if you’re absolutely certain you want this box, don’t hesitate on it too long and risk missing out.

What do you think will actually be in the Civil War Collector Corps box, and what would you like to be in the box, Marvel Collectors? Will you be horribly disappointed if Spider-Man isn’t present in this box in some capacity?


Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box POP Vinyls Rumors! — 11 Comments

  1. My theory: Every MCC box has a gimmick. For example, the Villains box gave us a 50/50 chance for one of two figures ( I don’t know know the real odds). So, if they did end up doing a Spidey figure ( I hope they do), it’ll probably be a one of two variant, one with squinted eyes, one without. The crouching stance would be an exclusive mold, so it kinda works. FINGERS CROSSED. The Hawkeye with Ant-Man is almost a no-brainer, considering how cool the exclusive mold and Hawkeye costume would be in Pop! form.
    Those are my thoughts, this is my favorite website, thank you for posting, Dabid! HAVE A GOOD ONE!

    • Agreed Peter! Hawkeye with the Ant-man arrow is a TOTAL no-brainer! Between Hawkeye’s new, updated, much cooler (and more purple) costume and a tiny ant-man I think it would be an immediate hit.

      Gimmick I wanna see? Do a 50/50 mix of movie universe hawkeye and classic purple H mask Hawkeye. Pop has shown that they like to do classics of the figures. They just released a classic Falcon. How cool would a “H mask” Hawkeye be? Maybe I’m just a total Hawkeye geek, but I think it would be Awesome!

  2. I think there will probably be a Captain America figure in this box, possibly an unmasked one, since there isn’t a Civil War Unmasked Captain America Pop. Although if that happens, I hope there’s also a Pop of Hawkeye or one of the other missing characters in this box as well. Either way, I look forward to your Unboxing/Review later this month.

  3. I’m thinking two pops. Cap and Iron Man, both battle damaged.

    That said though, I would love to see Spidey with the shield and Hawkeye with Ant Man arrow.

    • Disney hasn’t allowed any company to develop Civil War Spider-Man merchandise yet, much like Luke/Leia/Han from the Force Awakens for the first few months. At this point, we may not get MCU Spidey toys until 2017…

      • I hope the spidey merch is just under embargo and we don’t have to wait until end of this year/start of next year to see figures and stuff. Do you know if there has been any news on the subject at all recently?