Captain America Marvel Legends Scourge Figure Review

“Scourge” is a name that tends to evoke two distinct reactions from various Marvel fans: terror or “Huh?”. A mercenary who primarily kills super-villains, Scourge is a fan-favorite character of longtime Captain America readers and one of the most efficient villain-killers in Marvel Universe history. Those who aren’t big Cap fans, on the other hand… may have never heard of this guy. Even so, the Marvel Legends Scourge figure is now up for order, and if you’re gonna build a Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure, then you’re gonna buy him! And luckily, he’s probably the best figure in the whole wave…

2016 Marvel Legends Scourge 6 Inch FigureThe Right:

“Justice is served!” Yep, one of the more beloved Captain America villains created in the last thirty years is finally (and surprisingly) getting his own six-inch action figure! Thanks, Hasbro!

But before we get fully immersed in my Marvel Legends Scourge review, let’s first do some bookkeeping. As you may have noticed, no, this is not the most classic–and most recognizable–version of the villain Scourge. As classic as the white-clad, skull-faced Scourge of the Underworld design is, it’s also the kind of plain, old-school design that would very likely rot on store shelves for eons.

Marvel Legends Scourge Mercenaries of Mayhem Figure CardedAnd so, Hasbro has instead opted to give us the most recent version of Scourge–the commando-looking version played by Dennis Dunphy, AKA D-Man (hence the “Demolition Man” text on the back of the Marvel Legends “Mercenaries and Mayhem” packaging). I know some folks are going to give the selection of this iteration a hard time, but I’m not–because this toy is simply awesome.

Back of Marvel Legends 2016 Scourge FigureMany (if not most) collectors won’t be familiar with this version of Scourge. But that’s okay, because I think this figure is good enough to win people over. Aesthetic-wise, this Marvel Legends Scourge figure looks like an amalgam of design elements of Crossbones and Cobra’s Firefly from “G.I. Joe Sigma Six”.

Close-Up of Scourge Marvel Legends 2016 FigureThe silver skull-looking gas mask with red eyes looks suitably demonic to make this one of the scarier head sculpts we’ve seen on a Marvel Legends action figure. There are also sculpted wrinkles and textures all over Scourge’s costume that look absolutely phenomenal.

Captain America Marvel Legends Civil War Scourge FigureScourge is wearing a primarily black costume (with silver as a secondary color) that’s covered in web gear, including holsters, ammo clips, pouches, and so forth. Hasbro paid out the big bucks at the factory to have a lot of paint deco added to the web gear, and it paid off–the painted belt buckles and canisters on this figure really pop and help make the figure look outstanding.

Scourge Marvel Legends Figure Removable HolstersThere’s a holster on ML Scourge’s left leg that his pistol can fit into perfectly, and a sheath on his right hip that holds his knife just as well. Both holds their weapons snugly and with no worries about them accidentally falling out–these have been perfectly executed.

Marvel Legends Scourge 6" Figure and AccessoriesAnd speaking of perfectly executed, all three of the Captain America Legends Scourge weapons have extra paint applications on them, so they’re not the uncolored plastic that we see so often! His brown pistol has yellow on the handle, while the black knife has a brown hilt. These kinds of paint apps go a long way to making this feel like a real collector’s figure, and I’m glad that they’re present.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Scourge 6" FigureScourge’s best weapon, however, is his brown rifle. The rifle features two additional paint colors: red and yellow, which puts it beyond 95% of the weapons that we see Hasbro pack-in with the Legends series action figures. Because of the exemplary articulation of Scourge, he can easily get a two-handed grip on the rifle, so there’s some variety to the way that he can be posed with it.

Marvel Legends Captain America vs. ScourgeOn that note, let’s talk about the Scourge Marvel Legends figure’s articulation: it’s perfect. Every single point of articulation I want to see in a six-inch action figure is present and accounted for: ball-jointed shoulders, hips and head; double-jointed knees and elbows; swivel biceps, thighs and calves; ball-hinge wrists, upper torso ab crunch, swivel waist–even the ever-popular ankle rockers make an appearance.

Scourge and Taskmaster Marvel Legends Red Skull Series FiguresThe Wrong:

If you’ve scrolled down and seen my grade for this figure already (and I bet you have), then you already know that “The Wrong” is going to be way shorter than usual in this isntance. I don’t have a single qualm with this Hasbro Scourge figure, and not even a little nit to pick. Excellent work by Hasbro all-around.

It’s a really tough call, but I would say that this Captain America Legends Scourge figure surpasses his “Mercenaries of Mayhem” brother Taskmaster to earn the title of best figure in this entire wave.

Scourge Captain America Legends 2016 Action FigureOverall: I don’t hand out ‘A+’ grades like candy when it comes to $22 Marvel Legends 6″ figures, but this 6″ Scourge figure is simply perfect in every way. From a variety of painted weapons to a working holster and sheath to outstanding paint apps to every conceivable point of articulation, I’ve got no complains about this figure whatsoever. He’s not the most well-known character out there (or even the most well-known version of Scourge, for that matter), but this is the best-designed and implemented figure in the Captain America Marvel Legends Red Onslaught series. If you like cool and fun action figures, you won’t regret picking this guy up.



Captain America Marvel Legends Scourge Figure Review — 11 Comments

  1. I am surprised that Scourge got an A+ from you, considering its based 80% on movie Electro, which you previously gave a C. D-Man’s thighs and shoulders are all I can tell besides the head and webbing that are new to the figure. Granted, I agree that the final product is an amazing leap forward from where the mold started, its amazing what an actual paint deco and some accessories can do.

    • Yup, the underlying body on the Electro figure was “okay”, but had floppy QC and terrible heads and paint apps. Hasbro reuses most of that body here with tighter joints, great web gear, awesome accessories and infinitely better paint applications to make this figure a real winner. It’s a shame poor Electro was such a bust, but it’s nice to see his body being put to good use now (that sounded weird).

  2. I’m not at all surprised Taskmaster and Scourge are the best. They both look phenomenal.

    I’m guessing the next best will be Mockingbird, then Cap, then Agent 13, then Whirlwind, then Cottonmouth?

    Those last couple just look pretty underwhelming, and Carter’s basically another Widow repaint, which wasn’t the best articulated base figure to start with.

    It’s really odd to me just how much range their is within Marvel Legends for their figures to all be articulated roughly the same and to look like they fit together, but then actually have wild variation in how good they actually are.
    Like the BuckyCap mold and the Hyperion mold – they’re basically the same thing in different sizes, but BuckyCap is fantastic, and Hyperion kinda sucks.
    The Spider-Man mold is randomly the only one with proper shoulder joints, but then doesn’t have calf rotation for some reason?
    Now Taskmaster has legitimate ball-hinge ankles (which I’d rather have as wrists, if I had to choose).
    The female figures still haven’t discovered the magic of double jointed elbows, or an ab-crunch, waist rotation, or calf rotation…….
    It’s just all over the place.

    I think in about a decade Hasbro will have it all down to an exact science, with every figure essentially being built of the same “character rig” on a computer that ensures they all have the same quality of articulation, and the details are all just modified around that core character rig.
    Depending on how 3D printing technologies advance, it may totally eliminate the need for molds to the point where every character can be a totally unique sculpt structured around that core character rig.
    That would be amazing.

  3. Okay, on this one, I have to ask… does Scourge wield brown guns in the comics? I admit I’m not up on the history of this particular bad guy, and I was thinking about picking it up simply because it’s a cool figure, but… I don’t get the brown guns. I mean, if he uses brown guns in the comics, then I can’t fault it being an accurate representation of the character, but otherwise, it seems like kind of a bizzare design choice, especially with the yellow details.

    I know I’m kinda harping on this, but I really don’t have enough good guns for my Marvel Legends figures (Why did Movie Winter Soldier come with a big red Nerf gun?! WHY, HASBRO?! WHYYYYY), and it’s always nice when we get a figure with plenty of guns, but the brown looks… weird to me.

    • I assume it’s just for contrast. *shrug*
      Looks good with the figure. Kinda doesn’t matter if it’s not accurate or logical in this case

    • No those brown guns look mismatched, like you said if it’s comic accurate that’s fine but it doesn’t look right and I would like to have more guns for my collection as well but not these, they look like an afterthought. Many figs are coming with great accessories these days but Habro ML not so much.

      • Looking at the source material, I’m not sure Scourge’s guns AREN’T brown in the comics. The colors in those issues of Captain America are a bit weird, but the guns definitely do look to be dark brown in the artwork.

    • This character used to be called D-Man, whose costume was brown and yellow. The guns are a nod to that.

    • Who cares! Nit picking is for the dumb. It looks fine to me and I would never cry about something so minuscule as the color of his guns. He’s a splendid figure. Nuff said!