Diamond Select Marvel Premier Collection Thanos Statue!

2018 may be Thanos’s breakout year when he finally has the villainous starring role in the “Avengers Infinity War” movie, but 2017 is primed to be the year of Thanos… statues! Not only is the Kotobukiya Thanos Fine Arts statue arriving in the next few weeks, but Sideshow has a movie-based maquette coming up for order soon. And that’s not all–! Diamond Select Toys has the most classic (and cheapest) version of them all on the way–the Marvel Premier Collection Thanos statue is now up for order!


There are some villains that Marvel collectors just can’t seem to get enough of, and one of them is the Mad Titan himself–Thanos! Bowen Designs released numerous Thanos statues and mini-busts over the years (including an incredibly cool piece of him on his throne), but all of those items went on to become quick sellouts that escalated in price on the secondary market.

But while Bowen Designs is now gone, the love for Thanos lives on–with three new statues coming in 2017!

Kotobukiya Thanos Fine Arts StatueNow, the Kotobukiya Fine Arts Thanos that went up for order months ago (pictured above) is a beautiful piece, no questions asked. But as gorgeous as it is, that Thanos statue is wearing a modern costume and is sporting a hefty $300 price-tag, so he may not be what classic purists (or collectors without deep pocketbooks) are looking for.

close-up-of-diamond-select-toys-thanos-statue-2017But Diamond Select Toys is sweeping in to the rescue with their Marvel Premier Collection Thanos statue! This is a purely comic book-inspired Thanos in his most recognizable costume, and while he’s still made of resin, he’s going to retail for just 150 bucks–half the cost of the Kotobukiya version.

This 1/6 Thanos figure (which has been sculpted by Clayburn Moore) stands approximately 12″ tall and weighs about eight pounds, so it’s going to have a decent heft to it. The stone base surrounded by torches and accented by the Infinity Gems is likely a large portion of the weight.


The Thanos Marvel Premier Collection statue will include two interchangeable right hands: one clutching a Cosmic Cube and one clenched into a fist (which has thus far not been revealed by Diamond Select Toys). His left hand is, of course, permanently adorned by the legendary Infinity Gauntlet.

While Thanos will only come with one non-changeable head, it’s got the the perfect evil grin etched onto it, which is the default expression I always want to see on the Mad Titan anyway.

I was pretty cold toward the Wolverine in Snow and Thor statues that kicked off this Marvel Premier Collection series, but with released like Gamora and Thanos, I think that DST is really starting to hit their stride with this line!

marvel-premier-collection-thanos-statueThe Diamond Select Thanos Premier Collection statue is now available for order, and is scheduled to be released in July 2017. EE is offering both $15 off the price and free shipping on pre-orders for the piece right now, making theirs the best value around. The statue is limited to 3,000 total pieces produced.

How do you think DST’s Thanos compares to Koto’s, Marvel collectors? Will you be picking up either (or both!) of these figures, or are you holding out to see what Thanos high-end collectibles come our way for Infinity War in 2018?


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  1. Comparing it to the Kotobukiya one might not exactly be fair, but I’m especially pleased to see more affordable statues again. These days it seems bigger, more exclusive and especially way more expensive are all manufacturers focus on. And Kotobukiya is actually one of the more affordable ones (while still offering good quality) when you compare it to the likes of Sideshow, Prime1 or XM Studios. So, seeing Diamond release great looking statues at half the price, under 200 bucks, is a nice change as far as I’m concerned. 🙂