Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Figures Revealed!

If there’s one high-end collectibles company that knows how to suck my credit limit dry fast and hard (wow, that sounded dirtier than I anticipated), it’s Hot Toys. And not to be outdone by all those other companies that are premiering their Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie toys early, Hot Toys posted their very first teaser photo of upcoming 2017 Hot Toys Marvel figures this weekend: the first prototypes of the core Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 sixth scale figures have now been revealed! Future dollars = Spent!


While it’s been well over two years since the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie hit theaters, to this day the team still isn’t complete in Movie Masterpiece Series form, as we are crazily enough still waiting for the first-ever Hot Toys Drax to ship out.

But it looks like HT isn’t planning to make the same mistake twice, as they’ve now announced their license acquisition of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and even shared a teaser of the prototypes they’re presently hard at work on!

Now, sharp-eyed readers no doubt noticed that all of these figures in the GOTG2 teaser have the same head sculpts as their MMS releases from the first GOTG movie. But rest easy–this is not necessarily something to be alarmed about.

MMS255 Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Starlord Sixth Scale FigureHot Toys oftentimes displays new figures with old head sculpts when they debut characters’ new looks from a new movie. This isn’t anything to be worried about, as the head sculpts are usually the last part of the figure to be finalized and shown off publicly, and there’s still a couple months before pre-orders open for any of these figures.

Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Hot Toys Sixth Scale FigureI’m reasonably sure that both the Star-Lord Chris Pratt portrait and the Gamora head will be updated for this release, and the Baby Groot sculpt is (obviously) 100% new. The original Hot Toys Gamora head sculpt (shown above) especially rubbed people the wrong way, so I think it’s a given we’ll see a new likeness for Gamora before she goes up for sale.

Hot Toys Drax Order Info

Drax, I’m less sure about. Since the approval process for the first Drax (shown above) took an extraordinarily long time–and that original figure has sold out and hasn’t even arrived yet. I have a sneaking feeling Hot Toys may reuse their Dave Bautista head sculpt, but I hope that I’m wrong. It’s not a bad head, mind you, but a new portrait with angry or laughing expression would be a lot of fun. We’ll have to wait and see.

Likewise, we’ll have to see how the Hot Toys Baby Groot figure is packaged. Most collectors are assuming he’ll come as part of a two-pack with the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Rocket Raccoon figure, but I wonder if HT might pack Baby Groot with Gamora to boost her sales instead.

hot-toys-baby-groot-figureAnd for that matter, who says there won’t be multiple Baby Groot Hot Toys figures…? After all, we got several mini Ant-Man figurines from Civil War. Hmm…

I’ll post updates to the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages as more information about the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Hot Toys sixth scale figures is released. With the movie hitting theaters in just four months, I doubt we’ll have to wait very long before Hot Toys starts revealing more information on this quintet.

What are your thoughts on the Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 figures, Marvel collectors? If HT doesn’t update the head sculpts from the original releases, are you still interested in these 1/6 figures? And for that matter, how do you think the costumes from the new movie stack up against those in the original?


Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Figures Revealed! — 3 Comments

  1. I’m very interested literally saving up all my Christmas money for it. I’m hoping in the next few days they’ll show the unmasked head sculpt for Star Lord Chris Pratt. I’m confident that due to Doctor Strange that it will have a good likeness. Also I love all of them. I think the costumes are great for each one of them. Glad they went with Star Lord’s badass long jacket. They might do a short jacket Star Lord for Infinity War? That’s what I predict. Gamora has a great look, I also like Rocket and Drax’s attire. And Baby Groot!

  2. Also I’m hopeful it will be updated. I mean HT has always updated the HS especially when it came to Marvel. I’m hoping they’ll have Star Lord Chris Pratt with a lighter hair color since the movie he has a new hairstyle pretty similar but his hair is more lighter which would be personally cool to see. I think Drax with a laughing or screaming head would be perfect. “Screw you Spaceship!” XDDD

  3. They look cool but since I have all the originals (Drax on pre-order) they will be a pass for me. That’s a little relief on the wallet with all the figures set to release this year already. 🙂