GameStop Exclusive X-Force Deadpool Marvel Gallery Statue!

Is there anything more exciting in the entire world than randomly stumbling upon a collectible that you didn’t even know existed in a store? (Don’t answer that.) 2016 is the year that Diamond Select Toys really entered the ring with their own line of low-priced Marvel statues. And not only is their affordable-yet-awesome 9″ Marvel Gallery Deadpool statue one of the best values of the year, but it turns out there’s a variant: a GameStop Exclusive X-Force Deadpool Marvel Gallery Statue!

Gamestop Exclusive X-Force Deadpool Statue

It is unbelievably rare for me to come across a Marvel toy that I didn’t know existed during my travels, so I think I just about snapped my neck turning my head so fast toward Gamestop’s window when I spied a Marvel statue that I didn’t know about out of the corner of my eye.

To my knowledge Diamond Select Toys has never officially announced it at all, but the exclusive GameStop Marvel Gallery X-Force statue is definitely out there in stores now!

Box Back Marvel Gallery Exclusive Deadpool X-Force Variant StatueEven though it’s not a costume that Wade Wilson has worn in a while now, the cool grey and black X-Force costume remains a favorite of Deadpool fans everywhere. I wouldn’t want to see DST repaint this statue the crazy number of times Funko would, but I do dig this one variant being released.

GameStop Price X-Force Deadpool Marvel Gallery Statue

Unlike the yellow “explosion” base that the regular version of Deadpool is leaping out of, the Deadpool X-Force variant is leaping out of a translucent red base. I think the red base complements this version’s eyes and belt buckle really well, so I’m happy with the change–it definitely helps this feel like a more “new” statue and not just a rehash.

I checked online and saw that this statue has a listing on the official Gamestop website, but their page for it mistakenly labels it as being an action figure with 16 points of articulation instead of a 9″ PVC statue with zero points of articulation. Thankfully, there won’t be too many folks disappointed after ordering X-Force Deadpool off the website, as the statue isn’t available to order online anyway.

Close-Up of Diamond Select Toys Gamestop Deadpool X-Force PVC StatueThe one real bummer about this GameStop Deadpool statue is the price: $49.99. That’s $5 higher than the regular MSRP for DST Marvel Gallery statues, which is a lot considering the red Deadpool Marvel Gallery Statue is $35 shipped online right now. I’m willing to pay the inflated rate as I’m not sure how limited this statue is, but I’d like to think it will eventually get a price cut.

What do you think of the first store exclusive variant in the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Gallery series of PVC statues, Marvel collectors? Has anyone already picked up a red Deadpool of their own, and will you be hunting for this GameStop exclusive X-Force Deadpool?


GameStop Exclusive X-Force Deadpool Marvel Gallery Statue! — 5 Comments

  1. Kotobukiya does ’em so much better though… most of the Diamond Selects have weird arm poses that just look off-putting unless they’re at JUST the right angle.

  2. Got it – Love the style & pose – Great compliment to the available everywhere Red. GameStop snuck this into a 2 day B4 Black Friday flyer & it was gone from 5/6 stores on day 2! So maybe not much chance of a price cut when not in stock ……..

  3. To be honest, I’m disappointed Diamond dropped their innovative Femmes Fatales line in order to jump onto the already overloaded Marvel statues wagon. Yeah, yet another Deadpool statue. As if 10 different manufacturers hand’t done that already. Admitted, these are quite affordable and not even half bad. But I already have a Kotobukiya, Sideshow and Bowen one, to name just a few. Do I need yet another one? Not really. I would have preferred they would have continued bringing us more uncommon characters such as Tarot, Cassie Hack and Ariel Darkchylde, to just name a few.

    • DST didn’t drop Femme Fatales at all. Medusa and Jessica Jones are still coming up, with more women to follow. Marvel Gallery is just the exact same scale and compatible.

      As far as making Deadpool goes–he’s the hottest character of the year, and this statue is readily available and quality at a great price. DST would have been nuts not to do him this year. There will be plenty of time for more obscure characters and I’m sure we’ll see some at Toy Fair.

      • Yes, but you said it yourself. It’s “Marvel” Gallery, so basically just more Marvel statues. Don’t get me wrong, from a financial perspective it all makes sense and you can’t blame Diamond for putting their eggs in the basket where the money is to be made. We’ll see what the future brings, but I really doubt we’ll see anymore female indie characters in the near future. Why put your time and money in producing more obscure characters that will only be bought by some die-hard fans, while you can make much more money producing more established characters for the masses? As I said, it makes perfect sense, but I still consider it a pity for those few fans such as myself. As for Deadpool, I love the character and was already a fan way back in the early 90’s when nobody knew who the character was (I still fondly remember his first 2 limited series by then upstarts Joe Madureira and Ian Churchill). It’s just that I myself didn’t really need yet another statue of him.