Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 3 Figures List Leaked?

Over the weekend (while I was getting photos with Mark Hamill and Hayden Christensen–squeeee!), some major potential news broke. Take this information with a grain of doubt, as these types of leaks usually have multiple errors in them, but in advance of the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming wave even hitting retail, Spider-Man Legends 2017 Wave 3 may have already leaked–including Mysterio, Gwenpool, Spider-Man Noir and more!

It’s starting to become a bit of a tradition for new Marvel Legends figures to be revealed not via official Hasbro channels, but by leaked lists of UPC codes from retail store databases. 

These leaked lists aren’t always totally correct (or else we’d be drowning in Marvel Legends Tigra, Crossbones and the Ancient One figures right now), but they’re usually more accurate than not. 

And so, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what has the potential to largely comprise the Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 3 series…

First off, we’ve got the first-ever Marvel Legends Demogoblin! C’mon, let’s be honest here: we all knew this was a lock after we got Hobgoblin and Green Goblin in the past year. 

He’s not the most relevant Spidey Goblin villain, but I love Demogoblin’s design and I’m very much looking forward to his flaming Goblin Glider. 

Next up, it’s the 6″ Marvel Legends Prowler figure! Prowler (briefly) had his own comic book series for a few months, and I’d anticipate this figure will feature the costume design from that series rather than the classic look. I’ve always had a huge thing for Prowler’s lavender and green costume, so I’m psyched for this action figure too. 

There’s a listing for “Spider-Woman” in the leaked UPCs list, and while many are hoping for Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman (including me), it’s way more likely this is the All-New Spider-Woman costume Jessica Drew is presently wearing. 

It’s a fun costume and I love the glasses, so I won’t complain if this is Jessica, but I’m rooting for a Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman Marvel Legends figure. 

On the iconic classic villains front, it’s a Marvel Legends Mysterio! I’ve no idea what iteration of Mysterio Hasbro might opt for, but my preference would be a classic Quentin Beck Mysterio. This should be a hot figure once this wave hits (presuming this wave is real at all).

The most bizarre inclusion on this list–and the only one that makes me doubt the authenticity of the list at all–is a Marvel Legends Gwenpool. 

Gwen Poole isn’t one of my favorite new Marvel characters, but she’s also not Gwen Stacy and has literally nothing to do with Spider-Man. I could see her being released in this wave (as there’s nowhere else she really fits this year), but Gwenpool is definitely an oddball inclusion. 

And finally, we’ve got two alternate universe stars from Spider-Verse: Marvel Legends Spider-Punk and Spider-Man Noir figures! 

Noir Spider-Man was a sure thing after we got a 3.75″ version of him last year, but I’m thrilled to see one of the most popular alternate universe Spideys nonetheless. 

Spider-Punk is a bit of a surprise, but all he needs is a jacket overlay, a guitar and a new head, so he’s a solid choice that won’t cost Hasbro too much in tooling dollars. Love it. 

It is extremely unlikely that we’ll see Hasbro confirm or show off any of these figures before SDCC 2017 in July, but stay tuned–I’ll update the site as well as the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Page once we learn more about this rumored (but likely) Spider-Man Legends Series. 

If this is in fact the genuine lineup for the last Marvel Legends Spider-Man series of 2017 (or the first Marvel Legends 2018 series), how do you feel about the choices, Marvel collectors? Is anything (or everything) on this list a must-have for you, and what are you hoping for as the Build-A-Figure?


Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 3 Figures List Leaked? — 52 Comments

    • If they start doing the 3 Spider Slayers from Spider-Man TAS, that would literally be THE BEST.
      They were baaaaaaaaaaaaarely in the comics, but they’re just cool as hell.

      All the other weird Spider Slayers would just be disappointing.

  1. Doc Ock. Or Lizard would be cool too. I have a feeling Kingpin will be the BAF in the Netflix wave.

  2. Gwenpool would be awesome if for no other reason than a repeat of the Spider-Gwen and Ms. Marvel whining.

  3. BAF: Maybe Morlun (since we’ve got a bit of Spider-verse going on) or Doc Ock w/tentacles. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see Spidercide from the Space Venom mold, but maybe that’d make more sense in a wave with Kaine (blue costume), Stunner, or Gaunt (or it’d never make sense because, well, that’s just begging to shelf-warm)

    I suppose it’s silly to think the Spider-Woman figure would be pregnant Jessica Drew, right?

    No chance Spider Punk is meant to be Lady Spider (Steampunk), right? I’d much prefer her (and one could use the same mold for Mary Jane in the Iron Spider costume). She, Noir, Spider-Ham (long shot hope he’s included with Noir), and Pavitr Prabhakar would round out the Web Warriors/Spider-verse main cast pretty well.

    • Morlun and Spidercide both seem super unlikely.

      No way in hell they’d do a pregnant Jessica Drew.

      Lady Spider would be about 40000x better than Spider Punk.

      We don’t need an Iron Spider Mary Jane. We just need an actual Iron Spider.
      The fact that there’s no Marvel Legends Iron Spider yet is just baffling.

      Pavitr Prabhakar would be awesome.

      • I don’t need an Iron Spider Mary Jane, true, but if telling someone they can make her, too, gets us Lady Spider, someone should do it!! Lady Spider is great.

        Spidercide is a super dumb idea, but it’s hard not to see an easy re-use of Space Venom in him. Morlun, I think, is only likely in so far as Spider-verse continues to be mined for characters. If they head in a more “classic villains” direction instead of SV characters for the 2018 waves, no way we see Morlun. If they are giving us Pavitr, Spider-Ham, Lady Spider, etc., Morlun would be a fun BAF. I mean, I’d also like Ends of the Earth Doc Ock (as you mentioned below), Vulture (w/bad ass wings), and Kingpin, but I’d be fine w/Morlun, too

        • Is Morlun big enough to be a BAF? He’s always just seemed slightly bigger than a normal dude to me.

        • Agreed. Morlun doesn’t seem particularly larger than normal. Maybe a Spider-UK sized figure?
          Not even Hyperion-sized.

          If they were to reuse the Venom SpaceKnight mold, I’d hope they’d juat use it to make a classic Venom who’s actually big enough.
          But yea, Spidercide would be a good reuse of it too, I guess.

          A Doppelganger figure would be awesome. But I dunno that he’d be big enough to be a BAF either. Sort of depends on the depiction, I guess. Sometimes he’s almost huge hulking Venom-sized, and other times he seems basically Spider-Man sized.

          That’s what we need.
          A Man-Spider BAF.

          Just in general, I need them to figure out the development of Iron Spider-type waldoes.
          They need to use them for Iron Spider, MJ Iron Spider, a Superior Spider-Man Mk2, Lady Spider, Spider-Woman Mattie Franklin, etc….

          • Yes, Doppelganger would be fantastic. As a constant player of Maximum Carnage (on the Genesis), he, Carrion and Shriek hold a special place on my wants-list.

            I suppose Morlun isn’t as big as I was thinking. I wouldn’t mind him being up-sized (especially since it’s not like the rest of his clan would ever get a figure), but I think it’s probably true that he wouldn’t need to be any bigger than Spider UK.

          • Carrion and Shriek may happen eventually.
            I’m under the impression that Hasbro is working towards doing the Life Foundation symbiotes, which are the focus of Separation Anxiety – the sequel to Maximum Carnage.

            So maybe they’re doing some stuff based around Carnage?

            I dunno.

  4. I have no idea who the BAF for this wave might be.

    There are a lot of badass Spider-Man villains who’d benefit from being a BAF.
    Big Time Scorpion would be amazing.

    Ends Of The Earth Doctor Octopus would be badass.

    Madame Web and her weird throne chair????

    An oddly huge Lizard?

    A proper-sized classic Venom, built on the Venom SpaceKnight body? (unlikely, since we already got the small classic Venom)

    I’d love to have a Kingpin figure, but he just seems like a really weird BAF….

    • Lizard wouldn’t need to be overly big, but in the comics he does vary in size a bit. Regardless, he would have to be a brand new sculpt broken into 7 pieces, head, 2 arms, 2 legs, torso and tail. Scorpion probably wouldn’t need to be a BAF, he would just be like the Beetle from the Homecoming wave. I would definitely want a classic Doc Ock, it is probably my most desired BAF for a Spider-Man wave right now. I also want a classic Vulture, using pieces from Darkhawk.

      • Classic Doc Ock is too small for a BAF.
        He’s just a short little fat dude with 4 little bendy tentacles that would easily fit in a regular box.

        Ends Of The Earth Doc Ock would be a BAF.
        Large armored pod and 8 large tentacles.

        Big Time Scorpion would be HUGE.
        WAAAAAY too big for a non-BAF.
        Scorpion himself is already Hyperion-sized, and the Big Time Scorpion armor gives him claws that are each almost the size of his torso, and a massive tail.

        • Would Hasbro even give us better wings? I agree they’re not ideal, but we probably wont get anything better. Maybe next year if they do Falcon, but it doesn’t seem likely. Hasbro likes to reuse parts.

          Doc Ock would have to be a new sculpt. They could give us some really big poseable tentacles with joints, so he can be stood up on them. Iwould absolutely hate bendy wires.

  5. Oh, this list is as real as they can get as of about a week ago, when I stumbled onto the same list of characters. Not sure where the screenshot originated though? Maybe TRU?
    Maybe they can do a pregnant SpiderWoman with a swappable torso intead of a swappable head or a removable belly/baby like the Barbie from a few years ago?

  6. If this is the list, I’m in for Mysterio (as long as it’s the classic look) and Noir. Pass on the rest for me, unless the BAF is INCREDIBLE.

    But didn’t we already get a Demogoblin BAF a few waves ago?

    • That BAF was Phil Urich Hobgoblin. Demogoblin is the demon that Jason Macendale Hobgoblin got possessed with that later split from him and became a completely separate goblin villian.

      • Gotcha. I just remembered that particular BAF being very Demogoblin-y, what with the wings and flaming sword. Thanks for setting me straight.

        Don’t know if I’ll be on on the actual Demogoblin, though. Will probably decide when/if I get a better look.

  7. It would be great if the BAF is a classic comic version of Mr Hyde, he’s tussled with Spidey on numerous occasions

  8. Count me in as one who is actually excited at the prospect of Gwenpool. Though, I had thought she would be thrown in the rumored(?) Deadpool wave.

    Personally, I’m not sure about Spider-Punk. I’d rather have Iron-Spiderman or Armored Spider Man. Spider-Man Noir is a great choice.

    Very happy for Mysterio, and I hope Prowler will be the classic version. The rest, is okay. Kinda wish we could get Lizard, classic Jack O’ Lantern, or Doc-Ock over Demogoblin (I also wish Green Goblin had included Norman and Harry Osborn heads).

    • What would a Deadpool wave be?
      Deadpool was already part of an X-Men wave last year, so he’s not getting another figure anytime soon.
      Cable came out in the same wave….

      Who else would be in that wave? Lady Deadpool? Headpool? Squirrelpool? The rainbow Deadpool squad? HYDRA Bob?

      Also, Gwenpool doesn’t actually have ANYTHING to do with Deadpool.

      • Hasbro could do a wave without a BAF, and just give us tons of accessories with each Deadpool figure in a wave, like with the 2016 one. He has tons of costumes that just need to be repainted, including X-force, Inverse, Blue X-Men, Green X-Men, etc. Id also love to see newly sculpted figure too, like Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, Squirrelpool, Headpool, the Rainbow Squad, Hydra Bob, or even a classic Cable and Domino. That’s not even counting the various villains they could use. The possibilities for a Deadpool wave are nearly limitless.

  9. “Spider-Punk” supposed to be a Punk Rocker?

    ‘Cause Punks don’t do that stupid metalhead/hail satan hand gesture.

    I was a part of that whole 80s and 90s wave of Street Punk. I know what I’m talking about.

  10. Man, this wave sounds pretty great. Spider-Punk would be an awesome figure.

  11. Why keep asking for figures already made and done well years ago? We never got a Stegron or Molten man figure and many more!

    • I mean really, yet another Doc Ock or Goblin? I would really like a Prowler figure though!

    • Some of us don’t have a Doc Ock yet. Which is why getting redos of ToyBiz figures is appreciated. Also, the ToyBiz figures don’t always fit the aesthetic of the Hasbro ones.

      • I am curious as to some examples of old toy biz figures not matching the aesthetics of the Hasbro figures. Although hasbro has become superior to the old toy biz (and that had taken a few years) I think most of those figures are excellent including SEVERAL Doc Ock. Sooo many other yet unmade figures to make yet for the very first time!

  12. I am totally focused on the wrong item on that list, but… who is Dead Meat? Is he or she part of the Beetle (movie Vulture) wave? It looks that way judging from the position on the list.

    • It’s probably a codeword for movie Vulture, as “Movie Spider-Man” 1 and 2 probably mean the Starktech suit and the homemade suit, and the rest of the figures in that wave are properly named.

  13. Finally I’ve been waiting so so long for Mysterio. Can’t wait to see that awesome fishbowl.

  14. I would be over the moon about a Gwenpool figure. But only if they have an unmasked head included. I much prefer her neat pink dyed tips over the awkward mask.

  15. I predict the Spiderwoman figure is going to be the Mary Jane version in the white and red costume. Seems obscure enough for Hasbro to green light

  16. I’d prefer it to be Julia Carpenter Spider Woman over Jessica Drew because I freaking hate Spider Womans new “batgirl” inspired costume. I keep hoping they will can that stupid new outfit.

  17. i am so excited to think that a gwenpool figure would come out, and spider punk amazing, but not so needed but i would buy no question, Demogoblin would be a day one buy, if however that was released i would insist a few more MAXCARN figures i’d love a shrek, doppelganger and carrion figure, but seriously lets get a sym pack with all of the venom letha protector syms … i wish my life is collecting symbot toys ,,, i could only wish (imagine a collection with scream, hybrid, lasher, riot, phage and agony plus gimme meyhem

  18. also i just got the notice that prowler may be released, i could only hope, however please can it be the original prowler , so special to my heart