Marvel Legends Vision Review & Photos (Hulkbuster Series)

While Hasbro covered all their bases with the core movie Avengers by releasing a new movie-based Marvel Legends figure for each of the six main members of the Avengers, the new recruits (Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Vision) didn’t get the same treatment. Even so, the new comics-based Marvel Legends Vision figure is now available online and in some stores, and while he’s clearly not a replacement for a movie Vision, he’s a terrific figure nonetheless…

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Series Vision FigureThe Right:

For whatever reason–but likely because final design resources weren’t available with enough lead time–the Vision was left out when it came to the Marvel Legends Avengers Age of Ultron figures series. That’s a bit of a bummer, seeing as Vision was critical to that film, but I’m sure sure we’ll be seeing a movie Vision 6″ figure from Hasbro in 2016.

In the meantime, though, we’ve got a consolation prize–a brand new 6″ Vision ML figure based off the modern comics!

Marvel NOW! Vision Figure Back ViewSharp-eyed collectors will immediately realize that Vision’s yellow undies are missing, but that’s not an oversight–this is the Marvel NOW! Vision costume as opposed to the iconic classic Vision costume. This costume was mostly seen in the quickly-cancelled “Avengers A.I.” comic book (which I actually thought had far better quality than it did sales, sadly).

Vision Marvel Legends 2015 6" Figure (Packaged)We’ve had several Marvel Legends Vision action figures in his classic costume over the years, so I’m A-OK with getting a new iteration of the character’s costume for this release. Moreover, this happens to be a great look for Vision!

Marvel Legends Vision ReviewMy favorite thing about this figure is definitely the paint job that Hasbro chose for it. With Vision being an android, the shiny, not-quite-metallic green paints chosen for Vision’s body look outstanding, and provide a great contrast to the matte yellow of Vision’s cape.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Marvel Heroes Vision CapeAnd speaking of the cape–it’s one of my favorite capes I’ve seen Hasbro use in quite some time! It fits snugly into Vision’s back and doesn’t fall off easily at all, is in a terrific dynamic flowing “pose”, and is unmarred by the holes seen in some Legends capes. Basically, Vision has the perfect cape!

Avengers Legends Vision 6" Figure FlyingAnd not to gush, but along the same lines of “perfect” is Vision’s articulation scheme. Ankle rockers, double-jointed knees and elbows, upper torso ab crunch, shoulders and hips with large ranges of motion, and so on and so forth. This is Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Series articulation at its finest.

Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 3 Vision Figure in PackagingThe Wrong:

I’ve been giving Hasbro a little bit of a hard time about accessories lately, and I’ll continue to do so here. While the Vision is not a character who has many logical accessory choices, it would have been nice if he had something besides his cape and a Hulkbuster Build-A-Figure piece included.

Although the hands chosen for Vision were exemplary choices (one fist and one open palm), some alternate hands would have pushed the 2015 Vision Marvel Legends figure into ‘A+’ territory. With these 6″ figures carrying an MSRP of ~$22, I expect the toys to come with something other than just a cape, even if it is just some interchangeable hands.

Back of Box Marvel Legends 2015 The VisionAlso–and this absolutely won’t count against my score for this figure–but does anyone else think it’s weird that the Vision and Doctor Strange–the two biggest names in this whole Hulkbuster Infinite Series set–didn’t warrant getting their own names on the packaging? I mean, “Marvel Heroes”? Really? Blizzard gets his name on the packaging and not Doctor Strange or Vision? Really…?

Vision Avengers Legends Wave 3 Hasbro 6" FigureOverall: While some folks may be finding fault with this figure solely because it’s not a movie-based or classic comic book look for The Vision, this is a very solid Marvel Legends figure overall which I find little to nitpick. Vision is easily one of the most striking Avengers Legends figures released this year, and among my favorites in the line. Highly recommended.



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  1. Good review. Completely agree with the lack of alternate hands. I kind of wanted to pose him with 2 fists in his “hovering” stance. Especially since he’s pictured with 2 closed fists on the back of the card!! Lol.

  2. The fact that some people actually want a movie version of scarlet witch and quicksilver baffles me. A figure of a guy in a sweater and a school girl. It’s ridiculous and I hope to god they don’t put them in any upcoming waves. Marvel started with the comics so let’s keep the figures comic accurate. The movies have alewDy destroyed the look on some of my favorite characters.

    • Movie figures look 500 time better than so many comic versions.

      X2 trench coat cyclops VS Brood series Cyclops. X3 Colossus posed next to the new Magik figure. Mark III Iron Man movie figure VS the face off version. The movie Ghost Rider motorcycle VS and of the Marvel Legends versions.

      The movies ruin your favorite characters? What about the PC reboot. THAT didn’t ruin them?

  3. I still wish they would have gave us a classic vision I read but at least the one they gave is is a comic version.

  4. Me gusta mucho esta figura … el unico punto debil seria el carecer de accesoriis unas manos intercambiables vendrian bien … o un soporte para colocarlo en pose de vuelo

  5. I don’t care for all the translations on the packaging. This is America. We speak English.