Sentinel House of M Iron Man RE:EDIT Figure Up for Order!

Given the massive success of the all-out insane number of different Iron Man toys that have been released in the last decade, I’ve come to the conclusion that pretty much every Iron Man armor permutation that’s ever existed is “on the table” as far as potential new figures that we could see from any company at any time. But if there’s one armor I legit never thought we’d see revisited by anyone again, it’s the Sapien Deathmatch armor.  Clearly Sentinel thought otherwise, though, because the Re:EDIT House of M Iron Man figure is now up for order!

House of M Iron Man Sentinel RE Edit Action Figure

The 2005 House of M storyline was a weird sort of mega reality-altering crossover in that it wasn’t particularly loved or hated or cared about at all… it was just sort of “there” as a means to getting to Scarlet Witch saying her iconic “No More Mutants” line and launching years of X-Men stories.

But while most of the House of M story isn’t exactly memorable or iconic, there were certain ideas from the crossover that were pretty weird and unique. And one of those ideas was the bizarre take on Tony Stark as a competitor in a televised Robo Death Matches (no, seriously). And thus, the Gundam-like Sapien Deathmatch/Robo Death Match armor was born.

House of M Iron Man Re Edit FigureSentinel’s RE:EDIT line lets them reinterpret character designs with their own unique style, and their spin on the Iron Man House of M armor is apparently to mash it up with the beloved Astray Gundam armor–particularly the head.

Back-of-Iron-Man-House-of-M-Sentinel-FigureIt’s impossible to miss the similarities between the two mechs, and I don’t imagine there’s any way this is just a random coincidence.

Re EDIT House of M Iron Man Figure Hall of Armor BaseBut hey, it’s all good–to be frank, the Gundam-ized House of M Iron Man armor actually makes me like the design more than its original look. And most importantly, it makes for one sweet looking action figure.

Close-Up of Sentinel House of M Iron Man Figure

While the most outstanding feature of this Sentinel Iron Man action figure is that it looks slick as all hell, it’s also worth mentioning that it comes with flight tech with LED electronic lights, interchangeable hands, an ammo belt, a knife hand, a cannon, and another Hall of Armor display base (which all the RE:EDIT Iron Man figures come with).

I know a lot of collectors never bother to turn the lights on on any of the figures, models or statues that they buy that feature electronics, but I’m pretty nutty about activating the lights as often as possible, so I’m psyched that I’ll be able to light up this Iron Man figure’s eye and helmet just like my Hot Toys Iron Man collection. Your amusement at such frivolities may vary.

RE EDIT Sentinel House of M Iron Man FigureThe Sentinel Re:Edit House of M Iron Man figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in October 2017. I’m not avidly collecting this RE:EDIT line of action figures, as I simply don’t have space or money for another high-end line of 7″ figures. But…! For this Iron Man Gundam? I’m going to make my one and only (probably) exception. For Gundam anime fans, this one is a can’t miss.

Any thoughts on this figure–or the Sentinel Iron Man RE:EDIT line in general, Marvel collectors? How many of you have bought any of the figures in this series, and what do you think of the one(s) that you’ve purchased?


Sentinel House of M Iron Man RE:EDIT Figure Up for Order! — 3 Comments

  1. After Comicave cancelled theirs, I’m still waiting on a 6″ Starboost.
    I HATE that they cancelled that one. IT’s the one I REALLY wanted.

    But this House Of M figure looks amazing. Not amazing enough that I need to buy it when I already have the Marvel Legends version (especially since I only collect 6″), but amazing nonetheless.

    On the subject of light up features though, I REALLY wish they’d engineer the figures to have conductive feet, so they could be powered by a stand that’s plugged into a wall socket.
    I hate flipping the little hidden switches and changing batteries. There HAS TO be a better solution.
    Even a little remote control to turn the lights on would be a massive improvement.

  2. Love it but it’s just so expensive.

    Also, House of M had a huge impact on the X-MEN universe. Basically killed all but like two hundred mutants. i feel like it was an important crossover event albeit incredibly brief.

  3. IronGundamMan looks sexy but expensive. There’s no way that thing will stand with it’s flight pack on. Very misleading picture.