ThinkGeek Exclusive Captain America Retro 8″ Figure Set!

Remember that time when Captain America was a police officer? No…? Well, truthfully, I didn’t remember it either–but Diamond Select Toys sure does! And to celebrate Police Officer Steve Rogers’ short tenure in local law enforcement during the early 1970s, DST has partnered up with ThinkGeek to release an exclusive Retro Captain America Variant 8″ figure set from their vintage-styled MEGO-inspired line…

Having gotten a mass-released Werewolf Captain America Marvel Legends figure earlier this year from Hasbro, I really didn’t think there were any more wacky Captain America variants left out there that could really surprise me by being released as toys. 

But it looks like Diamond Select Toys heard my challenge, accepted it, and shown me a thing or two by releasing a new ThinkGeek exclusive set containing a Police Officer Captain America figure! 

Bravo, DST! Bravo. 

This Limited Edition Collector Set is limited to just 2,000 pieces produced and includes one 8″ Captain America figure in his classic 1940s costume and two alternate outfits: the modern Steve Rogers Super-Soldier costume and the 1971 Police Officer Steve Rogers outfit!

MEGO was slightly before my time, so I don’t have the attachment to this size and style of figure as those born a few years before me do, but even I can’t deny the whimsical appeal of owning Captain America as a police officer in toy form. 

In addition to the alternate outfits, this LE Set includes three heads (Steve Rogers wearing a Police Hat, Masked Golden Age Captain America and Modern Unmasked Steve Rogers), interchangeable hands, a police baton, and three shields (Golden Age, classic round and translucent round). 

Now, I think $80 is a totally fair price for an exclusive item with all the cool extras like this boxed set comes from, but it’s a wee bit more than I’d like to pay for something like this. And so, I’m going to take my chances and bet that I can snag this set for a healthy discount from ThinkGeek in a couple months. 

What do you think of one of the more unique Captain America figure sets ever, Marvel collectors? Anyone out there collecting this classic-styled line or making an exception for this Cap, or are the Diamond Select Retro Marvel figure sets just not for you? 


ThinkGeek Exclusive Captain America Retro 8″ Figure Set! — 3 Comments

  1. Expensive…I bought the first set at retail price, and now it’s on sale. I’ll gamble and wait.