2014 Marvel Universe Avengers Infinite Series 4″ Figures Revealed!

Marvel collectors got an unexpected early Christmas present tonight, when the great Dan Curto posted a scan from this week’s new Diamond Comics Previews Magazine, fully revealing the first wave of Hasbro Marvel Universe 2014 figures: the Avengers Infinite Series Wave 1! Along with a couple “headliners” most collectors already have, we’ll also be getting Avengers Infinite Series Wasp, Hyperion, The Grim Reaper and the Indestructible Hulk!

Avengers Infinite Series Figures Wave 1 2014 Hasbro

A couple months back there was a huge leak of Hasbro toys listings for 2014, which revealed many new figures for the 2014 Avengers Infinite Series of 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe action figures. We weren’t absolutely certain that the leak was correct until now, but the just-released issue of Previews Magazine now confirms both that the Hasbro Marvel Universe live will be officially rebranded as “Avengers Infinite Series” in 2014, as well as premiering the first six action figures in the toy line!

The big winner for me from this assortment is definitely the newest version of the Hulk (dubbed “Platinum Hulk”), appearing for one of the first times ever in toy form with his SHIELD armor! We got a Marvel Minimate of this Hulk in 2013, but it’ll be nice to see him in proper action figure form. I’m a huge fan of the Marvel NOW! Indestructible Hulk comic book, so this will be a much-appreciated addition to my 4″ Marvel collection.

Indestructible Hulk Marvel Now Comic Book 2013The other major new characters in the line are The Grim Reaper, The Wasp, and Hyperion. We already saw previews of Marvel Universe Grim Reaper and Hyperion at SDCC 2013 during the summer, so seeing those characters pop up here is no huge surprise.

Platinum Hyperion and Platinum Grim Reaper will be popular with diehard fans wanting obscure characters never-before-done in 4″ scale, while The Wasp will finally complete the original Avengers team. As a bonus, a mini Wasp figure is included with the Avengers Infinite Series Platinum Wasp–a terrific accessory that I’m glad Hasbro decided to include.

SDCC 2013 Marvel Universe Grim Reaper and Hyperion Figures PreviewFinally, Avengers Infinite Series Wave 1 will be rounded out by Heroic Age Iron Man and Captain America figures. I can easily foresee both these figures warming shelves for the better part of 2014, so let’s hope Hasbro doesn’t feel the need to heavily pack Cap and Iron Man in early cases–that would be disastrous.

The Previews catalog listing has a suggested retail price listed of $14.99 per figure, but that price is the specialty store MSRP and not the price mass retailers like Target and such will be charging. Mass retail chains will most likely retain the $9.99 price-point that Hasbro Marvel Universe figures have been going for. The catalog also claims these are 6″ Marvel figures, but you can easily tell from the photos that they’re actually Marvel Universe-style figures.

Are you happy with this first assortment of Avengers Infinite Series 3 3/4″ figures, Marvel collectors? What figures (if any) will you be bringing home from this wave?


2014 Marvel Universe Avengers Infinite Series 4″ Figures Revealed! — 6 Comments

  1. The listing specifically says “6 inch” and “larger scale”, so I’m assuming these are Marvel Legends style figures. Which is a little disappointing, since we already have that Hyperion and Iron Man. I’m excited for Wasp, Hulk, and Cap, though.

    • The listing may say “6 inch” and “larger scale”, but those Hyperion and Grim Reaper figures were both shown at SDCC as in-development for the 4″ Marvel Universe line, and the prototypes shown there are clearly in the Marvel Universe style and not Marvel Legends. It’s not impossible that these are 6″ figures, but based on everything other than those couple words of text, these look like they should absolutely be MU-style 3 3/4″ figures.

  2. Don’t need another Captain America or Iron Man. Why the repetition of needless extra figures in an attempt as a marketing ploy? Just give the collectors what they want Hasbro! In my opinion they should have went all out and included classic Quasar and another villain not the same repetitive peg warmers they have did in the past . Won’t be getting the entire set for the reasons iv’e stated. The other four are perfect to collect individually though. Did anyone find or know of any news about the Marvel Universe Northstar action figure?

  3. It is not even “another Captain America or Iron Man”. They are the same ones. These have both been released recently in the Marvel Universe line. In fact, you can still find both of them on shelves in my area. What you can’t find is the Avengers Infinite line in any of the targets or Walmarts in my area. The CA is a good sculpt and the IM is pretty but off in scale – the helmet, which a full size head is suppose to be in, is smaller than most of the heads in the line.

    I did get Hyperion and Grim Reaper on-line and they are really good. I was especially pleased with the Hyperion sculpt. But a month to wait to get them in the stores is ridiculous.

    I can accept them repeating the big name characters as long as them hanging on the shelves doesn’t kill the line off. Plus it is not terrible to have a bit of repetition as with Yellow jacket. Really didn’t think I would see a Hyperion. They have announced that they are finally doing Ares; why they didn’t do him when he was relevant with the Dark Avengers.