2017 Marvel Legends Green Goblin Review & Photos

When Hasbro tooled up new parts for the Hobgoblin this summer, the writing was on the wall that a new 6″ Green Goblin would be flying in before too long. And while nobody could have foreseen Dreadknight using some of the newly-developed tooling himself first, Spider-Man’s greatest villain has now arrived! The 2017 Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure is now hitting online and in some stores, and this new iteration is a definite home run for Hasbro…

Marvel Legends Green Goblin ReviewThe Right:

It’s pretty crazy to realize that it’s been over a decade since the last time that a (non-Ultimate) Green Goblin Marvel Legends figure was released by Toybiz, but finally┬áHasbro is ready to step up to the plate and attempt to top one of Toybiz’s best ML figures.

Luckily, there’s room in collectors’ lives for both of these Green Goblins, as Toybiz gave us the classic look and Hasbro has opted for a more modern Gobby (to complement their Ultimate Green Goblin Build-A-Figure released back in 2014).

Back of Hasbro Green Goblin Marvel Legends FigureWhereas the old 2006 Toybiz Green Goblin six inch figure featured all matte paints, Hasbro picked a contrasting shiny metallic green paint for all of Osborn’s limbs. I think this works really well, as it evokes the feeling of a lunatic wearing battle armor, rather than a spandex costume.

Close-Up of Marvel Legends 2017 Green Goblin Action FigureAnd speaking of a lunatic, this Green Goblin Marvel Legends figure looks positively demented. I love the crazed look in Gobby’s eyes and the vicious grin his mouth is making. This is anything but another non-expressive “zombie stare” action figure.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2017 Green Goblin vs. SpideyMeanwhile, Green Goblin comes with two additional accessories (plus his removable satchel) in addition to his two Sandman Head Build-A-Figure pieces: a Pumpkin Bomb and a Goblin Glider. The Pumpkin Bomb has an evil face painted on in green, which looks suitably spooky (plus green flames!), and fits snugly into Goblin’s hand for plenty of throwing poses.

Death of Green Goblin Marvel Legends Six Inch FigureIn addition, whereas a lesser company might have just repacked Hobgoblin’s glider with this figure, Hasbro invested in all-new tooling to make Norman’s Goblin Glider look appropriate. It looks completely different from Hobgoblin’s (as it should)! Thanks, Hasbro!

Green Goblin Marvel Legends Spider-Man Sandman Series Figure Holding Goblin GliderWhat’s especially neat about the Goblin Glider is that Spider-Man Legends Green Goblin is sturdy enough that he can stand up and hold the Glider under one arm. I imagine most folks won’t pose him like that, mind you, but it’s a fun option nonetheless.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2017 Green Goblin vs. SpideyArticulation-wise, Marvel Legends Spider-Man Green Goblin is as stacked as you’d expect: double-jointed elbows and knees; hinged ankles with ankle rockers; swivel waist/biceps/boots/thighs; ball hips; ball-hinge shoulders/head/wrists; and an ab crunch. Wonderfully articulated with a great range of motion all-around.

2017 Marvel Legends Green Goblin Accessories Sandman Head BAFThe Wrong:

This figure does so much right that I’m having a really tough time finding my usual nits to pick. Areas where figures traditionally fall short such as lack of accessories, missing articulation or bad paint apps simply aren’t an issue here.

If there’s one thing that holds this Marvel Legends 2017 Green Goblin back from getting a perfect score, it’s the lack of an unmasked Norman Osborn head. The Toybiz unmasked variant was very difficult to find back in the day, so I’d have really dug Norman heads for everyone as a pack-in here.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Green Goblin Figure PackagedOtherwise, this figure is pretty boss. The glider could use a touch of paint wash and Gobby’s feet could probably fit into the slots tighter, but those are pretty minor quibbles (even for me).

Spider-Man Legends Green Goblin 6" Figure 2017Overall: While classic costume purists may dislike the style of this Spider-Man Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure, there’s next to nothing to complain about as far as the actual action figure that Hasbro has created here. The “pure evil” head sculpt, the unique Goblin Glider, the eye-grabbing shiny green paint, the crazy Battle-Damaged Sandman Build-A-Figure head… this figure is full of win. If you weren’t collecting when Toybiz made theirs a decade ago (and maybe even if you were), this ML Green Goblin is a must-have.



2017 Marvel Legends Green Goblin Review & Photos — 18 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to get mine it’s been so long i got the crappy spiderman line gg with pretty much pink clothes and he’s like 5 1/2 inches tall

  2. It really IS a homerun figure.
    If it came with a Norman Osborn head and a flight stand, it’d be pretty much perfect.

    Actually, the one articulation nit pick I have with that Goblin body mold is that the shoulder scalemail gets in the way of the arm raising all the way up to horizontal.
    But I think that’s the only nit I can pick.

  3. What a great figure for $20. This is why I collect Marvel Legends. Love the head sculpt on this guy, love this wave in particular and love the Spider-man line in general. Great work.

  4. My sole issue is that the green “skin” is painted on flush with the purple tunic. I really wish it was sculpted a bit.

    • Well, it’s the same torso used for the comics Doctor Strange (both from the Hulkbuster wave and the Dormammu wave), Hobgoblin, and Dreadknight, all of whom’s costumes are arranged in a way that they don’t have a collar that low, so I didn’t expect that to be sculpted. To be honest, I didn’t even notice that his green “skin” even reached down that far until the pictures in this review, and I’m pleasantly surprised.

  5. First Sandman Series Green Goblin released ALMOST 10 years ago. 2007. Not “over a decade ago”. And that movie Goblin is still the best one to date.

    • That’s a movie Green Goblin–not a comic-based Green Goblin, which is what we’re discussing here. That totally doesn’t count. =P

      • Yeah that’s true. Now watch some guy mention the legends unleashed 360 which is beautiful but is 8 freaking inches tall.

  6. I want this so badly…but not for $41 that it’s currently sitting at on Amazon. I somehow snagged the Black-Suit Spidey last week for $21, but none of the others are reasonable except the Jackal right now!
    By the way, looking forward to your review of Black Spidey–that figure ROCKS. I don’t get people complaining about him.

  7. Ms marvel is a waste of money, green goblin is ok but not worth buying bcs of poor paint apps and black suit spidey is a must buy. 2099 spidey is kool to