2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 Figure Review & Photos

I kicked off my Marvel Legends 2017 reviews by discussing one of the most classic of classic Spider-Man villains–the Jackal! So for my second review, let’s switch things up and go to the other end of the spectrum entirely with the newest version of a Spidey that’s not even Peter Parker. He’s been getting restocked and selling out online a couple times a day every day for a week now, and with good reason–it’s the all-awesome, All-New Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Legends figure!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 White Red Costume ReviewThe Right:

Confession time: I fell off the wagon this year and stopped reading the ongoing Spider-Man 2099 comic book series Marvel has been publishing (sorry, Peter David!).

But luckily, I did read just long enough to see Miguel O’ Hara get his first new costume in many years–the All-New Spider-Man 2099 white, red and black costume! And as iconic and recognizable as the original 2099 Spider-Man costume is, I gotta say–this modern costume is pretty rockin’!

Spider-Man Legends 2017 Wave 1 Spider-Man 2099 6 Inch FigureHasbro chose a shiny metallic red paint to complement the matte black and white of the figure and it looks absolutely phenomenal. The bright blue markings on the feet and shoulders are also a welcome surprise and nice way to break things up.

Back of 2017 Marvel Legends 2099 Spider-Man FigureI feel like the colors on this figure might pop more than any other Hasbro Marvel figure this year–I love the aesthetic that much.

2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 PackagedIt’s not just the colors than differentiate the new Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure from the 2015 figures–this action figure is basically totally different.

All-New Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Legends Action FigureAll-New Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Legends Action FigureThe new head on this figure is honestly a bit creepy with its pointed red eyes and sculpted on “smile” running under the nose–but at the same time, it’s so “different” that I can’t look away. I really, really like this head.

Back of 2017 Marvel Legends 2099 Spider-Man FigureIn addition, the spikes on Miguel’s forearms look a whole lot snazzier and deadlier this time around. As iconic as the original 2099 costume is, I think I genuinely like this one just as much after spending some time with this toy.

Close-Up of Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man 2099 6" Figure Paint AppsOn the articulation front, this Spider-Man 2099 6″ figure shines just as much. The popular butterfly shouldee swivels are present, as are all of the other most vital points of articulation: ankle rockers; double-jointed knees and elbows; swivel waist/biceps/calves/thighs; ab crunch, ball-jointed hips and ball-hinge neck/shoulders/wrists.

If you can’t get fun poses with all this articulation, you’re not trying.

Marvel Legends Sandman Series Spider-Man 2099 Figure and AccessoriesThe Wrong:

I complained about the lack of accessories with the Jackal figure, and I’m going to complain about it again here. When you’re paying 20 bucks for an action figure that’s made almost entirely of existing tooling, there should be more in the box than a (super-awesome) Build-A-Figure arm.

How cool would it have been to get the first-ever unmasked Miguel O’ Hara head with this figure? Or at the very least, some alt hands so Spidey 2099 can do more than punch out villains?

Bad Paint Deco on Hasbro Spider-Man 2099 2017 FigureI have one additional–and more unfortunate–issue with this figure, and it’s unfortunately the sub-par quality control on the paint deco of the figure I received.

Close-Up of Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man 2099 6" Figure Paint AppsThere are areas where the red paint bleeds into the white, where the red hasn’t actually been painted on at all, where there’s a big white splotch on the black shoulder, and another big white splotch on the red shoulder. I don’t know if poor QC is a widespread issue on this figure, but on mine it is particularly disappointing.

Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Legends 2017 FigureOverall: While changing a costume as beloved as the original Spider-Man 2099 costume was met by a lot of resistance from fans, I don’t think this action figure will be. Visually, this Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man 2099 figure is stunning. And articulation-wise and sculpt-wise, he’s just as impressive. I begrudge the lack of accessories and sub-par paint on the one I purchased, but this is a fun and great figure despite its shortcomings. Recommended.



2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 Figure Review & Photos — 10 Comments

  1. Don’t worry, I fell off the wagon too.

    Actually, I jumped off, because it fridged my favorite supporting character. Peter David, dude, I love ya and you’re usually a great writer, but… holy hell man, what happened to Tempest, that was NOT COOL.

    Also not cool? The big white areas on this costume. I’m sorry, I really am. I want SO BADLY to like it, but those are just… weird and they do nothing for me. If they’d left the suit a dark,shiny blue, that would have made this a much better costume, but YIKES, what a not-good color balance. The red patterning and the updated arm-spikes and a bunch of the little details of this costume are really cool, though.

    I really appreciate the new sculpt! I just… really… don’t like this costume. And I was willing to endure it and maybe let it win me over but then my favorite supporting character went and got the axe in a really unsatisfying way for no real reason and I dropped the book like a hot potato. If I buy this figure, it’ll be for the BAF, so this one’ll either sit in storage, get sold off, or get repainted.

  2. I love the original costume and I have the original figure, but I have to agree this new costume is an eye grabber for sure. Oh and Ben FYI Tempest isn`t dead. You should know no one dies in comics until you see a body and even then.

    • Yeah, I read about that. Apparently she’s in a coma and possibly superhuman.

      Or something. I dunno, I looked it up on the Marvel wiki.

      But yeah, that’s not always true for supporting characters. Superheroes die and come back so often they might as well have regularly scheduled bus stops to the afterlife, but supporting characters? It’s absolutely a crapshoot.

      Plus, even if that IS the case, her “death” is still a dime-a-dozen plot device to get a reluctant character back in their supersuit and I’d expected better from Peter friggin’ David.

      That one’s a real sore spot for me.

      • My eyes rolled back in my head when Tempest did (or didn’t) die too. For someone with Peter David’s experience and ability, that felt really hackneyed. 🙁

  3. Hate the New Costume…. Looks like a clown to me, the Original One was so much better….. Cool Looking, modern and yet with a Dark Creepy Look.

  4. I can’t find this figure in stores or online just yet. I got lucky and picked up the rest of the wave at Walmart. I hope it’ll be easier to get than the original 2099.

  5. Now that I finally got my new Spider-Man 2099, I can confirm that his costume IS in fact blue, not black. It’s not just a trick of the light in the photos.
    It’s a dark and desaturated blue, but it’s most definitely blue.

    Which makes sense, given that that’s what color it is in the comics too.

    Also, I have perfect color acuity.