2017 X-Men Marvel Legends Cyclops Jim Lee Figure Review

If there was one figure that I was all but certain I’d be awarding an ‘A+’ to as soon as it was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 last year, it’s the 2017 Marvel Legends Jim Lee Cyclops 6″ figure. And predictably, the one-per-case Cyclops figure is selling for crazy amounts online after arriving in limited quantities last month. But is the Cyclops Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock Series figure really all it’s cracked up to be? Well… not exactly…

Marvel Legends 2017 Cyclops Figure ReviewThe Right:

Although the classic “skullcap” Cyclops costume will always be the iconic version to many longtime fans, thanks to the popularity of the 90’s X-Men animated series and the Capcom video games, the X-Men Blue Jim Lee Cyclops has become the most recognizable, iconic costume for the character.

This costume has been captured a few times over the years in toy form, but never in an official 6″ Marvel Legends series until this year. Is this the definitive Cyclops figure that X-Men fans have been waiting for…?

Close-Up of Jim Lee Cyclops Marvel Legends Head Warlock SeriesFrom a head sculpt perspective, I would say “absolutely”. The Scott a Summers head on this figure is downright perfect. The wavy brown hair and no-nonsense, slight frowning expression are exactly how I picture this version of Cyclops in my mind.

Packaging Back X-Men Marvel Legends Cyclops Warlock SeriesThe proportions of the visor and the metallic gold paint used on it look dead-on, as does the vivid red of Cyclops’s “eye”. I’ve got no problem calling this the best Cyclops head sculpt ever. Nice work, Hasbro!

Marvel Legends Cyclops Jim Lee Figure BackThe paint apps on this figure are nice and clean, with zero bleed and an ideal shade of blue plastic used for the blue parts of the body.

Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock Series Cyclops 6" FigureArticulation-wise, the Warlock Series Cyclops is also golden. Every point of articulation we’ve come to expect is here: hinged ankles with rockers, double-hinge knees and elbows, swivel waist/boots/thighs/biceps, ball hips, ball-hinge shoulders/wrists/head and torso ab crunch. If you so choose, this ML Cyclops can “ninja” with the best of them.

Cyclops Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men Wave Figure ReviewThe Marvel Legends 2017 Cyclops has one hand curled into a fist for punching out Magneto, and the other hand positioned to aim his optic blasts or to gesture his X-Men team into battle. For default hands, this is exactly what I’d want.

So far, so good. So what could I possibly have to complain about in…

Marvel Legends Jim lee Cyclops Figure Loose Bands and CuffsThe Wrong:

While there’s a lot that I do like about this Jim Lee Cyclops figure, my love for it is really hindered by some frustrating issues with the final production version of the toy that were avoidable and really should have been caught during development and quality-control.

By far the most aggravating thing about the 6″ Cyclops action figure is that his leg bands and boot cuffs are add-on pieces and not part of the mold. This didn’t have to be a problem–Hasbro has done plenty of tight-fitting, well-sized add-on costume pieces in the past. Unfortunately, these ain’t them.

2017 Marvel Legends Cyclops Straps Falling OffUnless you glue or otherwise adhere the bands and cuffs into place, they’re simply not tight enough to lock into place and will flop all over the place when trying to pose or play with this Jim Lee Cyclops Marvel Legends figure. It’s downright maddening.

Back of Marvel Legends Cyclops 6" Figure X-Men Warlock SeriesMeanwhile, his upper body belt and straps add-on piece is a little too tight–the only way I can get the back to snap together is by pulling the belt diagonally. If I try to straight the belt to even it out, the snap busts open every time. AUGH!

Hasbro X-Men Legends Cyclops Six Inch FigureThere’s another problem with the upper body belt and straps, though–they’re the wrong color! For whatever reason, this one add-on piece is very clearly predominantly orange, whereas the rest of the yellow on Cyclops’ costume is, well… yellow! I don’t know what happened here, but it’s pretty jarring that all the “yellow” only on Cyclops’ upper-body is a very different and not-yellow color.

Cyclops Marvel Legends Figure with Warlock Build-A-Figure LegIn addition, I’d be remiss if I didn’t complain that Cyclops gets a whopping zero accessories other than a Warlock Build-A-Figure leg. For a $20 figure whose only new tooling is a head and some add-on costume pieces that are sized wrong, I think an alternate non-“aiming” left hand could have probably been costed in.

Marvel Legends X-Men Cyclops Figure Packaged Warlock SeriesOverall: I love that Hasbro gave us a brand new 90’s Cyclops Marvel Legends figure this year, and I think that the head sculpt on this figure is phenomenal. Unfortunately, the lack of any accessories, loose boot cuffs and leg bands, and too tight/wrong-colored upper body straps really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

This Marvel Legends Cyclops is a nice figure to look at once you’ve got him set up the way you want, but the off color will still be an issue and trying to pose him without knocking the add-on bits all over the place is just no fun. I definitely don’t hate this Cyclops figure, but I unfortunately don’t like him as much as I want to either.



2017 X-Men Marvel Legends Cyclops Jim Lee Figure Review — 10 Comments

  1. Yeah, the MU 3.75″ Jim Lee Cyclops made 6 years ago is better than this figure in every way.

  2. I actually have a theory as to the loose straps and maybe even the off-color ones. Target is getting this wave EXTREMELY early, with no online retailer or other store even starting to put them out until mid-April, a month from now. Maybe Target got an early production that still had some issues that will be fixed by the time of the mass-production, like with Logan’s floppy legs. Either that or Hasbro just made a mistake. Who knows.

  3. So basically- once again- hasbro has dropped the ball on yet another much anticipated figure. Smh

  4. Yea I was so psyched to be getting another Jim lee version X men figure. When I had it in hand, it was very underwhelming.

  5. The prices that folks are charging for this guy right now are ridiculous but what’s even more ridiculous is that some people are actually paying them. All you have to do is be a little patient and they will be readily available just like every single other “hot” legend the past few years: Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Iron Fist, Deadpool, Fury, etc. It’s like people never learn.

  6. so not sure if the strap tightness varies figure to figure but…. mine were loose upon opening but once i put them “in place” they stay there fine with no issues during posing. the calf straps have to go “right above the boot” and cover the blue not yellow and the thighs same “right below the articulation” and he’s all good!

  7. You know, this isn’t a bad costume, and it certainly looked rad for the era, but for me, the costume that Cyclops wore in Joss Whedon’s run of Astonishing X-Men is my favorite. It just looks cool and streamlined, not fussy in any way like a lot of the 90’s designs seem to be in retrospect.

  8. Huh, on mine I didn’t have any issues with the add on parts. Even the ones I was most worried about, the boot straps, have yet to ever slide off unless I force them. I also don’t have any trouble with the chest strap being straight or popping off, though it is unfortunately still the orange colour. Hopefully the problems mentioned in the review aren’t a widespread issue, because he is an otherwise decent if a bit underwhelming figure.