2018 Marvel Legends Avengers Black Knight 6” Figure Revealed!

When Hasbro released a non-classic Marvel Legends Black Knight figure in 2007, fans were thrilled to get a 6” Black Knight figure… but less thrilled with the costume choice. With Black Knight no longer having much of a presence in Marvel comic books, it wasn’t clear whether or not we’d see Dane Whitman ever get another day in the sun. But for their one new Marvel reveal at MCM London Comic-Con 2017 over the weekend, the Marvel Legends 2018 Black Knight figure joined the battlefield!

Marvel Legends 2018 Black Knight Figure Hi-Res

When we got that outstanding Dreadknight figure in the SDCC 2016 The Raft set, it seemed like the writing was on the wall that we’d be seeing most of that tooling reappear for a Black Knight Marvel Legends figure down the road.

There wasn’t really any 2017 ML series that you could easily slot the Black Knight into thematically, but with multiple Avengers Infinity War Legends waves lined up for next year, the time is finally right!

At a glance, I think this Avengers Legends Black Knight 6” figure looks pretty slick, and is a vast improvement over the version that Hasbro produced a decade back. I loved the chain mail and skirt on Dreadknight last year, and I love them here once again.

Avengers Alliance Black Knight Winged HelmetThe one thing that’s proving a bit controversial about this newly revealed action figure is the head choice, which features the Avengers Alliance Black Knight winged helmet design from the video game (and also from the classic Marvel UK comics).

Now, the winged Black Knight helmet isn’t my favorite look either, but we haven’t seen enough details regarding this figure to panic yet. The helmet may actually be removable, or there may be an interchangeable non-winged classic helmet. In this instance, we’re going to have to wait a bit and see.

How long we’ll be waiting is a bit unclear, though. While Black Knight was announced as part of the 2018 Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War series, it wasn’t stated at MCM Comic-Con which wave he would be in. My intuition says Wave 2, but that is purely an unsubstantiated guess.

Marvel Legends 2018 Black Knight Figure Hi-ResRegardless, at least we know that the Black Knight will ride again next year! I’ll post updates here and to the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Page as more details regarding Dane—and the rest of the 2018 ML lineup—are revealed.

Now that we’ve gotten our first great look at him in this hi-res image from Hasbro, how do you like the new Black Knight, Marvel collectors? Is this an upgrade to the 2007 figure in your opinion, and are you planning on picking him up next year? What are you hoping for as far as additional accessories (if any) go?


2018 Marvel Legends Avengers Black Knight 6” Figure Revealed! — 26 Comments

  1. it not from the fecking game. It’s from the Marvel UK version. You know the version that gave him most of his backstory and the same company that introduced Cap Brit.

  2. I have the previous one and articulation was not that great but he came with a schield. This one looks great so hope there is a shield.

  3. WANT.
    Yes. The helmet came from the UK “HULK COMIC” issues, tho he write it briefly in US Avengers issues as well.

    I have both BLACK KNIGHT figures that were released thus far:
    The TOY BIZ carded limited figure (forgot the name of the run, I’d have to look at home) and the previous LEGENDS figure.

    I need this one too.
    Thanks for the head’s up.

  4. Be nice if they put him in the upcoming rider wave with black widow, and ghostrider. Give him his winged horse. That would be epic

    • Bingo.
      So many characters need winged horses. Valkyrie, Dread Knight, Black Knight….

      And maybe, if they engineered it correctly, we could get a Sleipnir out of it too, for Odin.

      • Dreadknight’s horse would have to be black with dragon wings. I’ve been searching for She-Ra’s horse (from the old Masters of the Universe Mattel line) so I can repaint (actually have someone do it cause I suck) the wings so both Valkyrie and Dane could have a horse…especially Val. Dane can get away with riding Hawkeye’s rider from the Toybiz Riders series. Getting horses would be great (It was suggested to the Hasbro team at this past Comic-Con)

        • Dragon wings for dreadknight Source would be easy. It just pop out feathered wings and pop in Dragonwings, just like the arms of any build a figure.
          Once you already have the entire horse figure done making a variant set of wings should be the easy part.

  5. Hey there, I was at MCM at the weekend, and they confirmed that Black Knight will come with two alternative heads as well as the one pictured. These will be the original style Sir Percy / Nathan Garrett style helmet and the more modern un-winged Dane Whitman helmet.

    • wait so we are getting 2 characters for one again? Hasbro stop trying to make me double buy. You know you are always going to win.

    • So we can have evil Black Knight to fill out a Masters of Evil set and/or Dane Whitman Black Knight? Dear lord. This had better be true. Because I hate that helmet. I’m a Dane guy all day. Gimme the Avengers Black Knight!

  6. Wave 2 makes sense. The leak from early this year (which has proven incredibly accurate for the most part) says Wave 1 consists of Songbird, Taskmaster, King Cobra, and then movie versions of Iron Man, Captain America, Vision and Spider-Man.

    Unless one of those guys ends up bumped, (which I don’t see; MCU Vision has been hotly requested for a long time now and the other three are proven sellers for Hasbro), we’d end up with an 8 figure wave.

  7. Looks good. With alternate heads, I’d buy him and keep the wingless helmet on him as he looked in the many many comics I read way back.

  8. I would’ve preferred a six-inch version of the four-inch Marvel Universe figure from a few years ago. This one sports the wrong belt due to parts reuse. At least we’re getting the classic helmet alongside the winged version (which I’ve never liked) from my very first Black Knight comics (Avengers #225 & #226) way back in 1981.

  9. Love the previous Black Knight. This is waaay too Dreadknight for me. Pass. Keeping my current version.

  10. I’m reasonably happy with the old Black Knight figure, but this one looks cool!! Also, I seem to remember Dane wearing the winged helmet in some of his early avenger’s appearances.

  11. I… just want the sword and possible shield.
    Or how about a weapon, effect, and accessory pack, Hasbro???

  12. Hey Dabid, any chance of them revealing a single Marvel Legends figure at Vancouver Fan Expo (a la Sasquatch at Toronto and Black Knight at London)? It starts on Nov 10th.

    Or does Vancouver suck? lol

  13. Really FANTASTIC news! Cannot wait to get several of these and customize one to be Dane from the “Bomber Jacket” era of the Avengers. The only drawback is how long I’m going to have to wait!

    That’s a sword with a black blade he’s holding in the pic, BTW. Great looking sculpt, too, And a different sculpt from the sword that came with Zemo and Dreadknight.

    For those of us who want ML scale horses, my ML Dreadknight is a PERFECT fit on the old Toybiz LOTR horses. I have mine on a Ringwraith horse, but as soon as I get batwing helmet Dane, he’s getting the boot! Maybe I’ll hot glue some Schleich dragon batwings on the horse…hmmm… . 🙂