Marvel Legends Medusa Released! Impressions & Photos!

While it took the better part of a year for the Human Torch to reunite with his sister, there’s going to be no such delay for the next Walgreens Marvel Legends Fantastic Four exclusive figure hitting stores! Just weeks after Johnny Storm began hitting stores in mass, I’ve received several reports, photos, and even some great impressions of the Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Medusa figure, which is arriving at retail now in the U.S.!

Marvel Legends Medusa Figure Released

It’s been a pretty chaotic week for me, what with people in the house every day tearing out carpet and padding and chunks of wall that were contaminated by the flood over the weekend. As such, I haven’t been out hitting stores on toy runs in the obsessive manner I have my entire life.

Luckily, I have lots of great readers to pick up the slack for me, including Chad, Julio and bmanhk! bman sent in photos of Medusa from Hong Kong at the start of the month, whereas Julio and Chad just found her domestically this week in Texas!

Marvel Legends 2017 Medusa Figure with BoxI don’t have the new Walgreens Medusa in-hand myself yet (obviously), but here’s some impressions and a mini-review that Chad was nice enough to include with his photos:

Marvel Legends Exclusives Human Torch and Medusa Figures“I have no reference to the SDCC Medusa but I believe people had issues with her standing properly. This one can not stand straight up either, but handles a slight bend in her knees very. Medusa’s hair has some weight to it but it’s fairly malleable from the shoulders down. It could just be mine, but the head is very loose and can not handle any tilt. The paint apps are simple and clean.

Back of Package Walgreens Marvel Legends Medusa FigureArticulation is pretty standard with the mold. With the hair, she can’t sit or take a knee. Torso rotates normally. 

Walgreens Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Medusa Hair SculptHer head can tilt down (not stay) and gives about 90 degrees between her hair body. Single-jointed elbows, but they don’t have any restriction on the back of the elbow so the arms can fold backwards the full direction of the joint. Left arm has more articulation as her hair favors her right side, so you can pull the arm back and get the full shoulder rotation on the left. Vertical wrist joints so you can T-Rex her hands. Besides the head nothing is too loose or tight.

Side View of Medusa Walgreens Exclusive Figure HeadBiggest QC issue is on the right side of her face behind the hair. On the left side the hair is folded behind her ear, but on the right there is noticeable gap on the head mold that leaves a very noticeable amount of skin between the ear and hair.

Marvel Legends Medusa Exclusive UPC CodeFor those ready to go on the prowl and hunt down their own Queen of the Inhumans action figure, Chad also included a snapshot that gives us the all-important UPC number for this Walgreens exclusive release: 630509632107.

Close-Up of Walgreens Exclusive ML Medusa Six Inch FigureThe Fantastic Four Legends Medusa figure should be spreading out across the United States over the course of the next one to two weeks now that there have been multiple sightings of her in Texas, so if you’ve been itching for a new Medusa figure, now’s the time to begin your search.

I’ll post updates to the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages once the Walgreens Exclusive Mr. Fantastic begins to hit stores as well, so make sure you follow our social media if you want to get the jump on Reed!

Based off the in-hand impressions and photos, are you satisfied with Hasbro’s latest take on Black Bolt’s wife and the Inhumans Queen, Marvel collectors? Is this a purchase for you, or do you consider this latest exclusive skippable?


Marvel Legends Medusa Released! Impressions & Photos! — 21 Comments

  1. I quite like this figure. Though I have to say that I am a little disappointed that they made no changes to her hair sculpt at all. Her hair, as beautifully done as it is, looks lifeless. It could have been made much more dynamic by at least two thick strands weaving their way outward from both her left and her right side, sprouting from a middle part as opposed to that weird ponytail hairstyle she has currently.

    Other than that I love the more classic look and the fact that she can now at least stand on her own without any issues. Also, I really hope this means Hasbro will give us Inhumans figures as Walgreen’s exclusives. I need Crystal, Karnak and Gorgon in my collection.

  2. How disappointing.
    This was their chance to address issues with the SDCC version and it’s, mostly a repaint.

    This would have been a great time for some unique hair sculpts or weaponized hair accessories or SOMETHING.

    Lazy and uninspired releases like this keep turning me off from continuing collecting Marvel Legends at all.

  3. While I will get this figure if I spot it at Walgreens, I’m not that excited about it. I think the Inhumans TV series has really dampened my enthusiasm for Inhumans characters… doesn’t make any sense, I know, but I just am not feeling the Inhumans at the moment.

  4. I got this a couple of weeks ago I also have the SDCC one this is better and the costume colour matches the TV Series. Would have been a lot better if they improved the hair sculpt. If they do more Inhumans i hope they are based on the comics

  5. I think it looks great. The one thing I’m not likeing about it is the way the belt hangs around her waist. No one would bother with something like that. It’s just sagging. Not really acting like a belt at all. I’ll get this one as soon as I find it and then start my wait for Blackbolt to join her in my collection.

  6. Why did they not do a Thing BAF? The Walgreens in my area have a ton of Sue & Johnny Storms so i can’t imagine this is going to fly off the shelf.

    • The reason they didn’t do a Thing BAF is because they’re not making a Fantastic Four wave, they’re releasing them as separate individual exclusives. They don’t tend to include BAFs with exclusives. Thing is going to be his own separate individual exclusive, probably in late 2018.

      • And the other, far more significant reason is because the Thing doesn’t need to be a BAF! He, like Colossus can be single carded. If he can be released in a single box, why can’t the Thing who’s nearly a foot and a half shorter? And why is the default setting BAF?!?!? How about SCALE (as in proper)?!?!

  7. I had an Adam Warlock figure from the recent guardians wave that had the same hair issue where the one side was lifted higher than the other. It was NOT a standard issue with the figure, just a random manufacturing problem since I purchased 2 more after and the hair was perfectly fine in the correct spot. I sold the one that had the issue.

    I just ordered one of these Medusa on ebay for $24.99 shipped so hopefully she doesn’t have the hair issue. I know these will be hitting the walgreens website within the next 1-2 weeks most likely, but I just didn’t feel like waiting :p

  8. Sue and Johnny Storm were easy finds at my local Wal Greens. So was even the Punisher, DD and Ant Man. Haven’t found this one yet though.

    • Medusa is listed in the Walgreens website. Click on “Find a store” and punch in a zip code. It will tell you how many each store near you has in the area. That’s how I found mine this morning. You can also call just to verify that they do have them in stock.

      • How did you find it on the website? I’ve been searching for weeks on the website and have never seen it, even when I search for marvel, marvel legends, and Medusa. I’ve even looked thru the toys category and she doesn’t show at all.

          • Yeah… whenever I type in ‘marvel legends Inhumans Medusa 6 Inch’ every store I was in said ‘14 in stock, 36 in stock’… really got annoying.

  9. I found mine yesterday and I live in Washington in the Seattle area. Still have all the exclusives available plus some of the Thor series and one of the Marvel Netflix figures. One lonely old Hulkbuster BAF figure of Thundra collecting dust.

  10. This is up RIGHT NOW (10 PM CST) on the Walgreens site for those that want one. I just snagged mine!