2018 Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Series Figures Photos!

Well, here’s a surprise worth waking up to! From the United States to Canada and now to the United Kingdom, the Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals world tour rolls on this week at MCM London Comic-Con! At NYCC 2017, Hasbro said that we’d be seeing the Marvel Legends Black Panther movie figures revealed soon, and by that, it turns out they meant at London Comic-Con, where Killmonger, the Dora Milaje and more were revealed!

Marvel Legends Okoye Build-A-Figure Dora Milaje Black Panther Movie

The biggest news coming out of London Comic-Con is that the Black Panther Series Build-A-Figure has been revealed to be none other than… a Marvel Legends Okoye Build-A-Figure. *crickets* I know you guys were expecting a Man-Ape, but it looks like he’ll be waiting for his day in the 6″ action figure sun for a little bit longer.

If you don’t know the name “Okoye”, that’s okay! You will soon, as Okoye is the leader of the Dora Milaje in the Black Panther movie. The Dora Milaje are the fan-favorite female bodyguards of the Black Panther in the comics, and almost certain to become favorites of moviegoers when the Black Panther movie hits in the winter.

Marvel Legends Nakia Packaged Black Panther SeriesThe torso for the Okoye BAF will be packed with the Marvel Legends Nakia figure, another movie Dora Milaje member. Nakia comes with a pair of bladed hula hoop weapons, reminding me a lot of Tira from Soul Calibur III!

I don’t think anybody would have been satisfied with having just one unique Dora Milaje bodyguard to protect King T’Challa, so I applaud Hasbro for taking a risk and giving us two virtually unknown female characters in one wave.

Marvel Legends Erik Killmonger Figure Packaged London Comic ConThe third Black Panther Marvel Legends movie figure in the series is Erik Killmonger, who’s basically costumed as an evil Black Panther in the film. I like the gold accents to the Golden Jaguar costume Killmonger is outfitted in, even if it is a bit dull having him look so similar to T’Challa.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Black Panther FigureAnd speaking of T’Challa—! The fourth and final movie figure (and seventh and final figure overall) in the Marvel Legends 2018 Black Panther wave is a new movie version of Black Panther himself. The biggest improvement here is the Chadwick Boseman head, which is drastically better than the Civil War version.

Marvel Legends 2018 Black Bolt PackagedThe other three six inch figures in this series are the ones revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 and HasCon 2017: Marvel Legends Black Bolt, Namor the Sub-Mariner and Invincible Iron Man.

Despite the Inhumans TV series not exactly being a mega-blockbuster, I think the first mass-released 6” Black Bolt ML figure to hit stores in many years is going to be a hit and one of the fastest-selling figures in this series.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Namor Sub-Mariner Packaged

The new Marvel Legends Namor figure will definitely appeal to classic fans, although I’ve heard more collectors than I expected to say that they’re sticking with their Walgreens Exclusive Black Costume Namor (which looks less like a dude wearing swim trunks).

Finally, the Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man figure that was first revealed at HasCon last month rounds out the wave. I would be astonished if we don’t see tooling from this figure reused for a Doctor Doom Infamous Iron Man figure in the near-future, although I’m not sure that the sculpt is proportioned appropriately for us to get an Ironheart out of it.

Marvel Legends 2018 Invincible Iron Man PackagedThe Marvel Legends Black Panther movie series should be up for order this winter, although Hasbro hasn’t announced an official street date yet for the wave (beyond that it would be in 2018). I’ll send out updates via the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter pages once hi-res images of the wave are revealed and again when pre-orders go live.

And thanks to InDemandToys and Hero.Collections Facebook Pages for sharing these photos from MCM London Comic-Con 2017!

Now that we’ve seen the Black Panther Movie Marvel Legends Series in its entirety, what do you think of the first Marvel Legends 2018 wave of figures? Are you going for the whole wave to build Okoye, just sticking with the movie or comic figures, or passing on this series altogether?


2018 Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Series Figures Photos! — 22 Comments

  1. Sorry if I’m being too negative but IMO this is a pretty shitty wave. Killmonger should have come with an alternate/unmasked head, maybe even had a separate costumes figure. Nakia will undoubtedly be a peg warmer. The BAF is super weak. Black Panther doesn’t look much different than the CW version. Half the wave has nothing to do with the movie. Another Iron man, we really need more of those. Namor, another Namor, seriously? Black Bolt, really?

    • I mean, we did need a new Black Bolt at mass retail and this one is pretty awesome. Invincible Iron Man is a variant people have been asking for and you know we’re gonna get a Doom Iron Man from it. And some people like trunks-wearing Namor.

      I think the Dora Milaje are gonna be a big hit in the movie as well. Killmonger and the new Black Panther Figure itself are a little boring, though.

    • I was on your team until you said “half the wave has nothing to do with the movie”. 1- with the BAF, more than HALF the wave has somethiing to do with the movie which leads to…2-let’s say for arguments’ sake you were right and it was “only”half the wave. How much more should it have been?!? What, the entire wave? We’ve gone from 1 MCU character in a wave to the BAF being an MCU fig to half (or more) PLUS the BAF being MCU…AND THAT STILL ISN’T ENOUGH?!? To hell with comic characters (of which there would even BE movie characters by the way) or comic fig collectors huh? One of the things you said makes a great point; you’re right, the Black Panther does indeed look like the CW version. Unless they’re new characters, THEY ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THE PREVIOUS MOVIE VERSIONS! But MCU collectors are kool with that instead of actually getting new characters (which more slots for comic based would provide). I’m actually happy we’re getting Invincible Iron Man, even though I never liked that version of his armor, why? It’s NOT a movie version! Yes, we’ve gotten Iron Man ad nauseum but those are all movie VERSIONS and that is because RDJ is the anchor of the MCU franchise. Because of the MCU, all we have to do is hear Iron Man is coming out and we react with “another one? Oh great’. Well if Iron Man wasn’t in every damn movie and part of the MCU portion of every wave, we Would have so many Iron Man figs. But RAH-RAH! Let’s increase the ratio of MCU figs per wave. Geez. Anyway sorry everyone. I didn’t mean to turn this into a rant. Hope some can see the points here.

      • Poor wording on my part on the “more than half” comment. I still think this wave sucks though.

  2. I might get Black Bolt, but this could very likely be the first wave I have legitimately no interest in.

  3. Wow! I agree completely with Dan M, and I’m sure many others. This is the first wave in a long time I have ZERO interest in besides the Black Bolt figure.

    While I don’t mind another Iron Man, and I just don’t get the cheesy look to this one. I have the Walgreens Namor, which I do agree is better than the man in swimming trunks.

    And the movie figures are terrible. I mean really, just, terrible. A man ape would have set the wave off and made it more enjoyable.

  4. I like nakia but suspect she will be a peg warmer (sad, but good for my wallet). Disappointed at another regular size BAF but that’s ok, makes it easier for me to pass on most of this wave. Killmonger should have come with an unmasked head. Given the BAF choice, I’m surprised there isn’t a huge single card figure (like death head II in mantis wave).

    • added note: I am excited that this wave will have three black female action figures, despite my concerns that some will be peg-warmers. I do wish Okoye was single card as I would definitely purchase but no way am I collecting this whole wave to get her.

  5. I’ll grab Black Bolt, Namor, and Iron man. They’re definitely the stars of this wave…..even though Walgreens Namor is a waaaaaaay better character design.

    I’ll probably grab Panther and Killmonger, depending on how different rhey are from the Civil War Panther.

    The movie is going to have to work REAL HARD to sell the last figure and BAF, because right now I have zero interest.

    I’ll definitely grab the Klaw and Shuri 2-pack.

    This is a weird wave, because I want to support them releasing MCU villains. But Killmonger is just… I don’t know… I’m not sure I care. I would have rather had him in his unique non-Panther character design, but I understand why Hasbro didn’t want another Mordo Peg warmer on their hands.
    And at the same time this is the best movie 2 Pack they’ve done in awhile, since Ego The Living Planet and the third version of the same Star-Lord weren’t very compelling, and the repainted Iron Man and repainted Spider-Man likewise weren’t the most compelling, and an alternative version of an existing Thor and lame miscast movie Valkyrie aren’t very compelling.

    Had they swapped the two bodyguards in the wave with Shuri and Klaw, this would have been a really strong wave and the weakest 2-pack ever.

    • The reason it’s the best 2 pack is because it ISN’T A movie 2 pack. Question: I haven’t seen the movie yet so tell me; why was Tessa Thompson a “miscast”?

  6. Live in London a few miles from the con and never bothered to go. Just because these figures are revealed here does not mean they will be available anywhere apart from the specility outlets, saying that they have been up for PO for a few weeks now and not at Idt who are great when they have the stuff. They made Michonne from WD the tiny baf so she will be popular with them. Is it going to take 7 figures to complete this thing? Not sure why everyone is pissed with nekid Namor he had this look for decades in the comics. You can now recreate the Sub Mariner cover. Don’t like Iron Man. Just have to buy the whole wave cheaper that way. So just pre-orderd it.

  7. I’m really disappointed with no movie Shuri being announced in this wave. That’s my biggest let down. I understand Namor, Blackbolt, and Iron Man being added to this wave but wish they gave us movie Shuri, Okoye, CLASSIC STORM, and M’Baku (Man Ape) as the build a figure instead. Classic Storm would have made this wave super popular. I think the major problem with this wave is that their giving us old characters instead of characters that have never been released before in conjunction with the fact that they could have given us two Killmongers (comic and movie) and movie Klaue

  8. Blackbolt, yes. The rest… maybe after I see the movie and some of these characters mean more to me… I might rethink it. Otherwise. Just Blackbolt. (I already have 40,000 Iron Man figures, and I only started collecting these about two years ago!!!)

  9. I’ll get the Blackbolt and probably the Namor figure once I see it. Other than that, I already have the Black Panther from the other wave, and that Iron Man armor is horrible. The rest are just crap I have no interest in and the BAF is a total waste.

  10. This is the reason why they held back announcing the movie characters from this wave? Coz virtually no one was clamoring for some of these characters?

  11. Eh, I’m not big on movie figures. Iron Man is an insta-buy for me, and Namor will be a good upgrade to the Ronan wave’s version. The rest are a skip, at least for me.

  12. This is a pretty nice and unique Wave can’t wait to add these to the collection especially the BAF.

  13. I’ll take the Claw and Shuri 2 pack, namor, iron man, blackbolt, and if I’m feeling generous I’ll buy Killmonger and give him a complete customization – you know, so he looks like the comic character and not just Black Panther v.2…

    I’ll be most pleased to have the Invincible Iron Man and round out my all new all xifferent avengers roster. I’m a big softee for completed team line-ups.