2018 Marvel Legends Deadpool Series 1 Figures Up for Order!

UPDATE 2/2/2018: If you’re one of the many collectors who didn’t want the whole set of Deadpool Legends figures and just wanted to pick and choose your favorites, now you’ve got that option: individual figures of Marvel Legends Cable, Domino, X-23, X-Force Deadpool and the rest are now up for order!

ORIGINAL 2/1/2018: Looks like when it rains new Marvel Legends, it pours new Marvel Legends! After twiddling our thumbs and waiting patiently for weeks while the first Spider-Man and Deadpool Marvel Legends Waves of 2018 hit internationally, our time on the sidelines has come to an end! Not only did the Lizard Series finally get solicited in the United States this morning, but now it’s got company: the Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave 1 Sasquatch Series is now up for order!

Marvel Legends 2018 Deadpool Wave 1 Figures Packaged

Hasbro has done a swell job of keeping a lid on their secrets this year, as up until last week, we didn’t even have confirmation on who the seventh and final single-packed figure in the Deadpool Legends Wave 1 set was going to be.

But now, not only do we know that the series is rounded out by a mass-release Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool–we can actually go ahead and place our orders for the whole case of 6″ figures online!

Deadpool Legends Cable and Deathlok 6 Inch Figures PackagedGiven the characters contained in the series, I think Hasbro decided on the best possible case ratios for this wave:

  • (2) Classic Deadpool [Red Costume]
  • (1) X-Force Deadpool
  • (1) X-Force X-23
  • (1) Deathlok
  • (1) Paladin
  • (1) Cable
  • (1) Domino
  • Build-A-Figure: Sasquatch

Marvel Legends Red Deadpool Figure Packaged Sasquatch Series

This is a great lineup with a lot of figures guaranteed to be hot–in particular Cable, Domino, red Deadpool, X-Force X-23 and X-Force Deadpool. There’s always an extraordinary demand for plain old regular costume Deadpool, though, so I think Hasbro was smart to choose the red Deadpool Marvel Legends figures as the one figure in this series to double-pack.

I foresee Cable is going to be a tough grab for those looking to buy him individually, though. On the flipside, Deathlok figures have traditionally sold god-awful, and Paladin is a relatively unknown character. If any figures from this series are destined to warm shelves, it’s those two.

Marvel legends Domino and X-Force Deadpool Figures in BoxThe Marvel Legends Deadpool Sasquatch Series is now up for order in the United States, with an official release date in April 2018. That said, I would be extremely surprised if we don’t see EE and other retailers shipping out and releasing these figures later this month or early next month. We know that production of these figures is complete and cases are beginning to make their way stateside, so I just can’t see these being held by stores for another two months.

With in-hand photos of the wave surfacing and the case ratios confirmed, what are your feelings about the first-ever Deadpool Marvel Legends figures series, Marvel collectors? Are you planning to seek out the whole set to build Sasquatch, picking and choosing your favorites, or passing over this entire series as a whole?


2018 Marvel Legends Deadpool Series 1 Figures Up for Order! — 13 Comments

  1. I will only be getting Domino and X-23, and maaaybe Deathlok. I am already happy with my X-men series Deadpool and Cable, and Paladin I really do not need. Sasquatch? Too bad the rest of the lineup does not catch my eye. Maybe will complete him with loose parts from Ebay.

  2. I was hype for X-23, but the fact that we may be getting her in the Wolverine suit for the second wave makes me kinda hesitant now.

  3. I’m not interested in every figure here, so a case order isn’t on my radar. Kind of bothersome though how EE is charging more for this case than for the Spidey case. Makes me worry that there will be an upcharge on that X-Men wave that I’m saving my $ for.

  4. I would love to get the X-Force Deadpool, but I have a feeling people are going to scalp the heck out of it. Hopefully since it comes with the BAF head there will be more per box.

  5. I don’t want a red Deadpool at all, so ordering a case isn’t going to happen. I’m doing the hunt and gather approach. I’ll be getting the rest specifically for the Sasquatch, but even without that magnetic draw for me, I’d be interested two figures: Paladin (mainly) and Domino (somewhat). The others are all just a means to get me a Sasquatch, though Cable isn’t bad because it’s different enough from the X-men line version.

  6. Remember the good old days when we could get a larger figure on single card for the same good old price? Like Sasquatch for instance; God forbid they fit him in a box of his own. I keep hearing collectors begging for a King Pin BAF. Why’s he gotta be a BAF? Why are we so amenable in this regard? We’ve accepted this notion that larger figures can ONLY be BAFs. Build-A-Figures should be Fin Fang Foom and Galactus size. Hulkbuster was pretty hefty, but notice how Hasbro keeps pushing to see how far they can go and how little they can get away with. Mantis? Okoye? Are you kidding me? Plus this whole “vintage” wave with NO BAF at all. They probably hate giving us a BAF piece at all; they just want to maintain and maximize their profit. The incentive for collectors buying the entire wave is the only reason they include a Build-A-Figure at all. It’s a shame, they make great figures, but with a little more effort at the expense of their maintaining that enormous profit margin the figures could truly be AMAZING.

    • I completely agree. Toybiz baf’s were huge with the exception of mojo, and maybe modok and onslaught. Even their first legendary line, Pitt is massive! Hasbro is half a**ing it most of the time, baf puck and rocket? Wth

    • I hear you on Mantis and Okoye (or going back, Puck, Rocket, Hit Monkey (?)). As counter-examples, we did get Deaths Head II recently as a single card, and we’ve also seen other previous BAFs recently released as single card (Ares, Groot). Personally I am at the point where I would prefer the single cards to just come with more accessories in place of a BAF piece (particularly alternate heads, hands, and effect pieces) but of course being a collector once I get started obtaining a piece of a BAF it will nag at me until I finish it (in most cases… still have a few unfinished around like Rhino and Titus).

      • I assume I will never complete Rhino since I don’t feel like paying 80 bucks for each of the two figures I’m missing. It is a constant poking at my brain though.

  7. I am excited for this wave and almost every figure is a winner, just bummed that the red Deadpool comes only with two katanas and no extra head or hands.. Hasbro is cheating us here..

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