2018 Marvel Legends Venom Series 6″ Figures Revealed! Carnage!

While there’s absolutely going to be no shortage of Marvel movies coming out in 2018, one film that’s still just a wee bit too far off for fans to be really hyped about right now is the Venom movie. But if there’s one thing that can get collectors pumped about a movie that’s 8 months away, it’s toys! And Hasbro announced an unexpected series of Venom Marvel Legends 6” Figures today that ought to do the trick…

Marvel Legends Venom Figure 2018 Hasbro 6 Inch

About a week ago, a retail database list leaked that included a hugely unexpected “Venom Legends” listing on it. That was the first indication to most collectors that Hasbro was possibly planning on releasing a 2018 Marvel Legends Venom series.

Well, today they went ahead and removed all doubt—by revealing hi-res photos of the first two Venom Legends 6” figures, as well as photography of smaller and larger Venom non-Legends!

The new 6” Venom figure in the series is basically just the Marvel Legends 2016 Venom with a new head and symbiote tendril “collar”. It’s not exactly a “new” figure, but the head with open mouth and teeth looks awesome. This is a character that should be on shelves in a movie year, and I’m glad he’s not a straight-up repack.

2018 Marvel Legends Carnage FigureTo the surprise of absolutely nobody on Earth, we’ll also be getting a new(-ish) 6” Marvel Legends Carnage figure in the Venom series. The previous ML Carnage was a real challenge for many folks to find and is expensive now on the aftermarket, so it’s nice seeing an updated version will be available in stores again.

The big difference between this version and the previous one appears to just be the hands, as we get a cool axe hand this time around (axe hands must be in style right now—the Sideshow Carnage Exclusive also came with an axe hand). Not essential for those with the Spider-Man Legends Carnage, but a nice pickup for those who still need a 6” Carnage.

Hasbro Venom vs Carnage Two Pack 6 Inch FiguresIn addition to the new 6” Marvel Legends Carnage and Venom Figures, Hasbro also has some less collector-oriented toys lined up for the kiddos and the casual crowd.

The 6” (though they’re really more like 5”) “basic” Venom and Carnage figures are getting a straight reissue as part of a $19.99 two-pack. Nothing for hardcore collectors get excited about, all the packaging is worlds cooler than what these were previously released in.

Hasbro Titan Hero Venom 12 Inch Figure

In addition, the ever-popular Titan Hero Venom and Carnage Figures will be making a comeback in new packaging. Since these are two characters that are basically evergreen popular, Hasbro should have no trouble selling plenty of stock of this duo to parents wanting large, low-priced Venom and Carnage action figures for their kids.

These are actually not straight-up repacks, as there’s some obvious differences between the origianl Titan Heroes releases of the symbiotes and these new versions. Venom has his teeth showing and no tongue this time out, whereas Carnage has red hands and a totally different symbiotic pattern on his chest. As a kid, that would have been enough to sell me these two again!

Titan Hero Carnage Figure Hasbro 12 InchHopefully we’ll get to see more figures from the Venom Marvel Legends series during New York Toy Fair 2018 later this month, which I’ll be covering live from New York City. For the sake of expediency, photos and updates will be posted first on our social media pages, so be sure to follow the Marvel Toy News Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram if you use any of those forms of social media.

Are you happy to see Venom getting his own series of 6″ Marvel Legends, or do you think this is a series that’s unnecessary and/or just plain too much to buy in one year? What Venom-related characters, if any, would you like to see round out this series?


2018 Marvel Legends Venom Series 6″ Figures Revealed! Carnage! — 17 Comments

  1. Happy with the Venom and Carnage that I already have, and not a huge fan of either character, but there are other figs they could include in this series to catch my interest (Mania, Shriek, Doppelganger), so I’ll keep an eye out for the rest of the series to be announced.

    • The wave is Venom, Carnage, Scream, Posion, Spider-Ham, and Typhoid Mary, apparently.
      BAF unknown.

      Why Spider-Ham and Typhoid Mary instead of Riot, Phage, Scorn, Hybrid, Zxzz, Mania, Red Goblin, Carnage Surfer, redone classic Toxin, redone modern Toxin, Agent Anti-Venom, Mac Gargan Venom, Venom Scorpion, The Madness Venom, Maniac, Venom wolverine, Venom Gwenpool, Venom Black Panthet, or Poison Hulk, etc etc…..I can’t imagine.

      I just hope the BAF is a huge proper-sized classic Venom, the size of the Venom SpaceKnight BAF.
      I’m tired of these shrimpy Venom figures. Venom is supposed to be monstrously huge, not just Hyperion-sized.

  2. la verdad el venom no me temina de convencer pero si el carnage sera compra segura , para mi que la baf sera el Doppelganger spiderman

  3. Gotta echo what the others say: let’s have the Maximum Carnage crew like Shriek and Carrion (there’s already a Demogoblin in my collection) and a BaF of Doppelganger. Hybrid would also be nice.

  4. I don’t think thatbis the same Venom torso mold because this one looks smaller. Also, a Carrion would be awesome. What would the BAF be for this wave?

    • Hopefully this is AT LEAST the new Odinson body mold that replaces the terrible Hyperion body mold.
      I was hoping the new Omega Red body mold meant we were going to see that new big body mold with butterfly joints as the new Venom body. No butterfly joints on this Venom is already disappointing…

      I’m hoping the BAF is literally just a huge classic Venom (the size of the Venom SpaceKnight BAF) for his more common depictions as an inhumanly MASSIVE hulking monster.
      These shrimpy Hyperion-sized Venoms are lame.

  5. I “heard” this wave will include typhoid Mary and Spiderham…however that has not been confirmed by Hasbro. I think Vermin and Scarecrow would be nice to have in my Legends collection

  6. I have such little display space left most of my 6” figs are gone, except for multi pack exclusives or characters I love. Most of these new waves have no “wow” factor figs for me except Deathlok. Prowler is more my old school fan boy wanting that fig but even there have to see Prowler in person. I never had Caranage and sold off my Venom so these two are maybes because they appear to be well done versions. I agree would love to see Vermin, Carrion as those type of characters would tempt me but Spider Ham is pretty awesome.

  7. If Spider-Ham is accurate, he’d probably have to come with something kind of large and/or important, accessory-wise. Maybe Benji Parker? Ducktor Doom? Or maybe just a large portion of the BAF since there are only 6 rumored figures in the case?

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