Captain America Marvel Legends The Eel Review & Photos

With the NYCC 2016 Hasbro Press Event taking place Wednesday night this week, we can expect some big Marvel toy news (hopefully) to be gracing us shortly! But what better way to run down the time until those big reveals than by taking a look at a character who surely must be one of this year’s most-demanded figures? Okay, okay, maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole–you can get the Marvel Legends Eel figure for below MSRP online right now. And yes–you absolutely should.

Marvel Legends Eel Review and PhotosThe Right:

I would have never–never–believed it was possible, but Hasbro is actually in the midst of creating the Serpent Society in six-inch figure form. Think about that and be amazed, Marvel collectors. This is truly the Golden Age of Marvel toys.

Now, let’s take a look at the fourth Marvel Legends Serpent Society member: Marvel’s Eel!

To be totally honest, I did not think I needed an action figure of The Eel. In fact, I forgot the character existed at all until I saw him confirmed for this wave of Captain America Legends. But he does exist–and what’s more, he’s exemplary.

Front of Captain America Legends Eel 6" FigureThe Eel has a pretty complicated costume, as it’s a mixture of light blue and jagged purple lines, so I half expected to see lots of paint bleed and uneven lines and mistakes in the paint applications for this figure.

Back of Marvel Legends Eel FigureTo my surprise, though, the paint deco on this figure is superb. Not only are the paint apps executed perfectly, but the blue and shiny purple paints Hasbro picked are right on the money. Eel may not win any fashion contests, but his paints are outstanding.

Marvel Legends 2016 The Eel Figure ReviewThe big gimmick for this figure that probably led to Hasbro selecting him for release at all is that the Electro electrified hands can be used here for just their third time ever. While I really like the electric effects piece hands on both 6″ Electro Legends figures, my favorite use for them is right here on Captain America Legends Eel.

2016 Marvel Legends Eel vs. Electro Hasbro 6"The gradient of translucent purple at the base of the hands to clear yellow on the electricity itself looks phenomenal! The effect is way cooler than anything you’d expect to find on a figure of a guy named “The Eel”.

Marvel Legends The Eel Figure with Alternate Hands Kills ElectroAnd unlike poor Electro that I reviewed a few weeks back, Marvel’s Eel actually gets a pair of non-powered alternate fist hands in case you don’t want him constantly powered-up. After not getting neutral hands with Electro, I’m really pleased to see Eel get them.

Marvel's Eel Marvel Legends 6" FigureLast but not least, let’s look at Eel’s articulation: ball-hinge neck with a head that can look way up and down; ball-hinge shoulders and wrists; upper torso ab crunch; swivel biceps, thighs, boots and waist; double-jointed knees and elbows; ball-jointed hips and hinge ankles with ankle rockers.

Back of Marvel's Eel Legends Figure PackagingIn short, the Eel Marvel Legends figure’s articulation is everything you would ask for. This is likely the only collector’s figure Eel will ever get from any company, and Hasbro definitely did right by him.

hasbro-marvel-legends-the-eel-figure-packagedThe Wrong:

I know everyone looks forward to reading my nitpicking critiques of the various Marvel Legends 6″ figures I review throughout the year, but after much contemplation, in the case of the Eel… I got nothing.

No, really. When I write “The Wrong”, I think to myself “What would I improve about this toy?” But in this instance, I’m fully satisfied.

I can’t think of any extra accessories that would make sense, the quality-control of the Eel Marvel Legends figure is top-notch, the colors are on-target and the articulation is excellent. It’s a phrase I never thought I’d hear myself say, but “The Eel is perfect.” Bravo, Hasbro.

Captain America Marvel Legends Eel Action FigureOverall: Superb articulation? Check. Excellent paint applications and deco? Check. Awesome electrical effects piece hands and alternate non-powered hands? Check. Excellent quality-control standards? Check. Some readers are probably going to fight me on this grade, but I don’t care: barring him becoming the big villain in the fifth Avengers movie, this is the best damn figure of Marvel’s Eel that will ever be released. If you’re an Eel fan and you don’t buy this Marvel Legends Eel figure hoping for a better one, you’re totally nuts.



Captain America Marvel Legends The Eel Review & Photos — 11 Comments

  1. Scultpwise, he’s just Blizzard with Electro hands. ZERO new parts.
    I think maybe that Should at least deduct the + off of the A+, but I don’t have any real problem with that.

    • Right–the parts used here are actually perfect. Can’t knock Hasbro for having the ideal tooling already available, right? 🙂

  2. Fourth member. Cottonmouth is the one your that joint of but don’t forget Madame hydra /viper and constrictor

    • Correction made. Return of Marvel Legends Wave 1 and 2 are so far outside of my senile brain that they might as well have never occurred, even if they are on the shelf behind me as I type. LOL.

  3. It breaks my heart that Eel gets the perfect Marvel Legends figure with zero paint slop and articulation and accessories while guys like Red Skull get put on that lousy Punisher trench coat mold, Marvel Now! Iron Man is made with a super outdated Iron Man mold (which I suppose is accurate to Greg Land’s terrible traced artwork, but still) and so many other essential characters are just missing from Hasbro’s efforts altogether.

    I hate to accentuate the negative, especially considering all the great figures we’re gonna be getting next year (90’s CYCLOPS HELL YEA) but… Eel. Really.


    Of all the figures Hasbro could have put out… they went with Eel.

    I have so many questions.

    (also his costume is kind of hideous. like, props to hasbro for replicating it, but wow, what an eyesore. And I LIKE purple!)

  4. constrictor was actually never a part of the serpent society. they wanted him, he declined. odd right? anyway this figure is flawless. i do wish that we could say the same about the marque figures…

  5. Fourth? I imagine you mean Constrictor, Madame Hydra, Cottonmouth, and now this…but technically Constrictor wasn’t a member in the comics. Just in the cartoon

  6. Personal opinion, but I find this to be an extremely boring figure, and I’m a bit baffled by the A+ rating.

    Despite the fact that the paint looks fantastic (as you pointed out) there’s just nothing at all exciting about this figure. I found myself bored with him less than an our of having him out of the box. It’s clear that Hasbro selected a villain that would require the least amount of work and new tooling to produce, and the result is exactly as expected: underwhelming.

    That’s not to say he doesn’t look great for what he is – a repainted Bucky Cap body with Electro hands – but that hardly embodies the “above and beyond” that I imagine when I envision an A+ figure.

    All of this is just my 2-cents however. The fact that there is even an Eel figure up for discussion is a sign that we are, gloriously, living in a golden era for action figure production.

    Please keep up the good work, you guys have an amazing site!

    • When I’m scoring a figure, the question I ask myself is: “How could I make this figure better?” In the case of The Eel, Hasbro has nailed everything from paint to articulation to accessories. If there’s nothing for me to complain about, it’s an A+ figure as far as I’m concerned. He may not be the most thrilling figure in the world, but Hasbro did Eel to perfection, IMO. 🙂

      • I see what you’re saying, you have to review each figure on its own. And it’s true, there’s no better Eel figure. I guess I place more value in my lasting interest when I think about a figure’s value, but I’m also not a reviewer. Thanks for the reply!