Funko Rock Candy Marvel Vinyl Figures Revealed! Spider-Gwen!

When Funko debuted their DC Rock Candy vinyl figures of Harley Quinn and Batgirl and such way back at New York Toy Fair 2016 in February, I wondered whether or not the line would be expanding to cover Marvel females as well. It took eight months, but on the eve of NYCC 2016, we finally have an answer: “Yes!” The first six Funko Marvel Rock Candy figures are now up for order, including Spider-Gwen, Lady Thor, She-Hulk and more!


Just when you thought that there was no way that any manufacturer could manage to squeeze one more Spider-Gwen toy into 2016, Funko managed to slide in under the wire and reveal two more Spider-Gwen figures due out in stores in December!

With the sheer amount of Gwen Stacy merch available this year, you might think fans would be all Gwen-ed out, but hey–we’ve got decades of nearly Gwen Stacy-free merch to make up for!

unmasked-spider-gwen-rock-candy-funko-figureFunko will be releasing two versions of Peter Parker’s OTP this winter: an unmasked version and a masked Spider-Gwen.

The masked (and more desirable) version is going to be a Hot Topic exclusive, unfortunately, which I’m not thrilled about (as I try my damnedest to set foot into Hot Topic as seldom as possible).

funko-rock-candy-captain-marvel-figureNext up we’ve got a character that Disney/Marvel desperately wants us to believe is popular: Captain Marvel!

Carol Danvers’ comic has been cancelled and rebooted so many times in the past decade I’ve lost count, and her role in Civil War II is doing her no favors, but this is one of the better-looking versions of Captain Marvel that’s available in toy form. I’d still expect this to be the worst seller in this lineup, though.

rock-candy-lady-thor-vinyl-figureThirdly, it’s the modern mighty Thor–Jane Foster! The Rock Candy Thor figure is easily the most-detailed sculpt in the lineup, but also perhaps the least suitable for the big doe eyes. I might just paint over her pupils and have her eyes be an intimidating white, honestly.


Rounding out the series is my longtime favorite Marvel female–the Sensational She-Hulk! Though this figure will be arriving just in time for Jennifer Walters to turn all emo and grey in the comics, the figures will thankfully still be in the classic green look.

I’m really pleased with how the design for this figure looks–She-Hulk retains her thick limbs and musculature, so she still looks powerful and not like a twig.

Walmart will have an exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark She-Hulk Rock Candy figure, which will be my preferred Shulkie if she’s easy to acquire (although Walmart exclusives oftentimes are not).

rock-candy-she-hulk-funko-vinyl-figureAll four mass-release Funko Rock Candy Marvel figures are now available for order, and are expected to be released in December 2016. The 5″ figures are carrying a retail price of $10-$11, which seems pretty fair for boxed unique molded figurines of that size. The Walmart and Hot Topic exclusives aren’t expected to be pre-sold, but should be available online once the figures are actually shipped out.

Are you excited, ambivalent, or totally disinterested in Funko’s latest line of Marvel figures, Marvel collectors? Are you planning to pick up any (or all) of these stylized vinyl beauties?


Funko Rock Candy Marvel Vinyl Figures Revealed! Spider-Gwen! — 5 Comments

  1. Disappointed that there are no X-men ladies! Storm in this line would look AMAZING! phoenix, Rogue and Psylocke would also be great additions!

    • I would take a whole X-Men wave! Jean, Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, Jubilee, etc.

      I will probably pick up Spider Gwen if I see her in the stores. I like Captain Marvel but I’m not too keen on that hairstyle for her. Is Jane Foster Thor really that popular? It seems like there has been a lot of merchandise of her forced out this year.

  2. “Carol Danvers’ comic has been cancelled and rebooted so many times in the past decade I’ve lost count-”

    Along with every other series Marvel has put out because they want new #1’s every two weeks, so that’s not really a fair assessment.

    “and her role in Civil War II is doing her no favors”

    Okay, that’s true. Civil War II is garbage and it’s not doing ANYone any favors, least of all the readership.

    But yeah, I feel like the Cap Marvel push is smart. I love her, I know tons of people who love her, and the Kelly Sue run(s) is/are one of the best comics I’ve ever read. PLUS she’s helming the MCU’s first female-led film in a couple years (if it doesn’t get delayed again because of heavy rainfall) so getting ahead of the game is a good move, I think.

    I’m… probably gonna scoop up all of these. Damn it all, these look REALLY COOL. Pretty sure She-Hulk is my favorite, even if I’m not fond of the particular costume she’s sporting.

    • Preach bother! Captain marvel might not be as popular as some other characters, but neither was Iron Man until RDJ took the role and launched the MCU. Who knows, CM could become wildly popular in the near future especially with Brie Larson lined up to play her!