Toy Fair 2017 DST Marvel Statues: Thor! Psylocke! Spider-Gwen!

At this point, I am almost well and truly out of new product reveals to talk about from New York Toy Fair 2017. But one company that I still have more photos of new toys and statues to talk about for is Diamond Select Toys! Not only did DST bring along their glorious 21″ Marvel Milestones Battle Armor Thor statue to the show, but they also premiered new resin statues of Psylocke, Captain America, Wolverine and Spider-Gwen!

UPDATE 3/24/2017: The Diamond Select Toys Marvel Premier Collection Psylocke statue is now up for order! Getting $15 off and free shipping for placing a pre-order now made ordering this 12″ Psylocke statue a no-brainer day one pre-order for me!

New York Toy Fair 2017 DST Thor Statue Marvel Milestones

I don’t want to gush too much more about Diamond Select Toys’ presence at New York Toy Fair 2017, because, well… at this point, it’s getting sort of gross. But let my prior coverage of the new Marvel Select figures, Marvel Gallery and Marvel Milestones statues speak for itself: DST was the best in the show for new Marvel statues and figures at the 2017 Toy Fair.

And believe it or not, I’m not done yet! There’s still a few statues left that I haven’t talked about yet, and they’re some of the best ones shown at the entire event…

Diamond Select Toys Thor Statue Battle Armor Walt SimonsonFirst up, we’ve got the incredible Marvel Milestones Thor statue that I was negligent in discussing when it first went up for sale. This Battle Armor Thor statue (sculpted by Phil Ramirez) is huge and looks downright amazing in person. The $225 price-tag is higher than you usually see from DST, but this statue is on the same level as a $500 statue from Sideshow Collectibles.

With an edition size of just 1,000 pieces and a $25 pre-order discount and free shipping available on the DST Thor statue from EE right now, I would recommend pre-ordering if you want this one. I suspect this beauty is going to sell out before it even comes into stock with a LE number like that.

Diamond Select Toys Psylocke Statue Toy Fair 2017As spectacular as the Walt Simonson Thor bust is, I think my favorite statue I’ll be discussing today is actually one of the new reveals from the show: the Marvel Premier Gallery Psylocke statue!

Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Premier Collection Psylocke StatuePsylocke is one of the loveliest and most popular women of Marvel, and I was surprised–and thrilled–to see the lovely lady ninja displayed alongside the Marvel Premier Gallery Wolverine statue at the show (the unmasked Wolverine was revealed a few days before Toy Fair). She’s wielding her iconic psyblade, and is an absolute must-buy for me. Bring on more X-Men, please, DST!

Marvel Premier Collection Psylocke Wolverine X-Men StatuesThe Marvel Premier Gallery Iron Man statue was also on display, and his chrome armor (and head which has been correctly repositioned since the original photos) make him a real standout. If I didn’t have an uncountable (hyperbole) number of Iron Man statues already, I’d have to jump on him.

Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Premier Collection Spider-Gwen Masked and Iron Man StatuesProudly displayed next to Iron Man was another surprise, though–a refreshed Diamond Select Spider-Gwen statue! The unmasked Spider-Gwen statue from last year is selling for under $80 online now (almost half off), so it looks like it didn’t fare as well as expected sales-wise. I think the masked version shown at the 2017 Toy Fair (available summer 2017) should ultimately sell much better.

Marvel Premier Collection Captain America Statue Toy Fair 2017

But wait–there’s still another new moderately-priced resin statue that debuted at Toy Fair to talk about: the Classic Captain America Marvel Premier Collection statue!

This figure has a really “classic comic book” feel to it that I haven’t really seen since the days of Randy Bowen’s legendary Bowen Designs pieces. This particular look for Cap doesn’t do a whole lot for me, but I know there are a ton of classic comic book fans out there who are going to be frothing at the mouth for a Captain America in this style.

Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Premier Collection Thanos and Captain America StatuesI’ll post updates to the Marvel Toy News Twitter Feed and Facebook Page when Psylocke, Captain America and Spider-Gwen go up for order. The Iron Man, Wolverine, Thanos and Thor statues shown in this article are already up for order and will be arriving this spring/summer.

How do you feel about the expanding presence of Diamond Select Toys as a high-end statue manufacturer, Marvel collectors? Do any of the pieces shown at Toy Fair catch your attention? Have you given any of their resin statues a go yet, and if so, what do you think of them?


Toy Fair 2017 DST Marvel Statues: Thor! Psylocke! Spider-Gwen! — 4 Comments

  1. I can’t wait for that Psylocke statue! I’m glad you posted some new pictures. I could only find about one picture of her before.

  2. The Psylocke statue definitely has an Olivia Munn-feel to the face sculpt with the shape of the cheekbones and eyes, very cool!

  3. Love the Psylocke statue. I might get that one. I’m sort of staying away from statues these days as I simply don’t have the room for them anymore. The only other one I ordered out of this series so far is the classic Thanos. It’s also rather ironic, at least in my humble opinion, how manufacturers mostly keep concentrating on classic versions of Marvel characters such as the Jim Lee era of the X-Men, while today’s Marvel keeps destroying most of these characters brick by brick. You would think that the popularity of these characters might give them some ideas and change their minds, but the opposite seems to be true. Ah well, at least we get some decent figures and statues.