Mezco Marvel ONE:12 Collective Wolverine Figure Up for Order!

Another week, another ONE:12 Collective Wolverine figure! Mezco Toyz shocked collectors last week when they unleashed pre-orders for an Old Man Logan ONE:12 Collective figure that hadn’t been shown or even announced at New York Toy Fair 2017 last month, but this week they’re back with the version of Wolverine that we actually were expecting: The Mezco ONE:12 Collective Wolverine figure is now up for order! And because this figure received some criticism from its Toy Fair appearances, it’s undergone a change for the better…

Marvel ONE 12 Collective Wolverine Action Figure in Snow

When Mezco Toyz debuted their new upcoming Marvel ONE:12 Collective figures for the year at their 2017 pre-Toy Fair event last month, for the first time, one of the figures in the line was met with a lot of criticism from collectors.

That figure was Brown Costume Wolverine, and the criticism was well-warranted–because Wolverine looked absolutely ridiculous in his brown “biker shorts”. I wasn’t at all pleased with that aspect of the figure myself when I saw him at Toy Fair (see my photo below), and as such I had some worries about whether or not this was going to be fixed.

Toy Fair 2017 Mezco ONE 12 Collective Wolverine FigureThankfully, Mezco heard collectors’ cries and made at least a minor change to the figure, slightly shortening the length of the “shorts” and somewhat improving the figure’s aesthetics. I still don’t think this costume looks quite right (Sideshow did it way better on their immensely underrated 1/6 Wolverine), but the aesthetic is at least somewhat improved.

Mezco Marvel ONE12 Collective Wolverine Figure with Angry HeadI also want to give Mezco Toyz mad props for developing an all-new body for this Wolverine figure to authentically capture the character’s size and build. Logan is a short guy, and as such the “usual body” wasn’t gonna cut it. At just over 15 cm tall (about 5.9″), Wolverine will be a bit shorter than the rest of the Marvel ONE:12 Collective figures–just the way he should be.

Side View of Mezco Wolverine ONE 12 Collective FigureI’m also really pleased the Mezco is giving us two different masked Wolverine heads–one with an angry expression and one with a neutral look on his face that just screams “classic”.

Mezco ONE 12 Collective Wolverine Figure and Accessories

Since this is a Mezco Marvel ONE:12 Collective figure, there’s also a decent assortment of accessories in addition to the heads (although perhaps less than you might be expecting–I’m definitely disappointed myself that no unmasked Logan head is included).

The Brown Costume Wolverine ONE 12 Collective figure includes two interchangeable heads (one neutral and one angry), three pairs of hands, a collector’s stand with flexible display pole, and the famous Muramasa blade and sheath.

Close-Up of Wolverine ONE 12 Collective Mezco Six Inch FigureThe Mezco Wolverine ONE:12 Collective figure is now available for order with free shipping, and is scheduled to be released in the window of August to October 2017. I had initially thought that this might be a good line to wait on ordering to hope for discounts on, but as many of the figures are selling out during pre-orders and then quickly exploding on the aftermarket, it might be a good idea to lock in an early pre-order just in case this Wolverine is another quick sell-out.

What do you think of the ONE 12 Collective Wolverine figure, Marvel collectors? With the revised costume with shorter “shorts”, are you satisfied with the final look of this prototype? Will you be adding this Brown Costume Wolverine figure to your 6″ Marvel figures shelf, or are you happy with last year’s (really great) Hasbro Marvel Legends version?


Mezco Marvel ONE:12 Collective Wolverine Figure Up for Order! — 7 Comments

  1. Yeah…This will replace my ML wolverine in my collection. I am actuallya contemplating selling off most of my ML collection to make way for the mezco line….I think that this line is where my interests will lie in the future.

  2. Just preordered mine! I totally agree with you (except the part about selling my ML collection). I really love my Mezco Captain America figures so I’ll definitely give this one a try. I really like what they are doing. I have the Red Skull, Old Man Logan, and Deadpool figures on preorder also.

  3. I’ve sold pretty much my entire Marvel Legends collection including Deadpool leaving out only a few others and it was my biggest regret. Before you sell your hard earned Marvel Legends collection you need to think about it 100 times and I’m not even kidding, because sooner or later you will regret it. Learn from my mistake.

  4. I mean to add, I sold my old collection a few years ago. Now I also have 3 Deadpools to make up for my mistake.

  5. I sold my MLs and 95% of my Neca. All I have left is customs, which I’m considering selling off also!

    • The shorts suck too. Usually the Brown costume looks slightly better than the Jim Lee yellow costume to me (both are awesome) but this one’s not very visually pleasing.