Toy Fair Marvel Gallery Black Panther & Falcon Captain America!

Last week I discussed the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Gallery Netflix statues and Guardians of the Galaxy statues. But of course, DST isn’t abandoning the line’s roots. And so, also on display at the New York Toy Fair 2017 were new comics-based Marvel Gallery Sam Wilson Captain America (Falcon), Miles Morales Spider-Man and more! (Oh, and there was also an MCU Black Panther. Which, by the way, looks glorious…)

UPDATE 3/23/2017: Holy pre-orders, Batman! (Wait. Wrong universe.) Diamond Select Toys opened pre-orders this week for not one, not two, but three new Marvel Gallery statues! The Marvel Gallery Netflix Daredevil, Sam Wilson Captain America and Civil War Black Panther statues are all now up for order with a $5 pre-order discount for each!

Marvel Gallery Sam Wilson Captain America Statue Toy Fair 2017

I apologize to those who aren’t interested in the DST Marvel Gallery statues and have to keep rolling their eyes and scrolling past the numerous articles I’ve been posting about them, but I definitely want to do justice in my coverage to what is my favorite new line of lower-priced Marvel statues in many years.

While a lot of the focus at the 2017 Toy Fair was on the live-action additions to the Marvel Gallery figure line, that didn’t mean that comics fans were left behind, as there were some treats on-hand for comic purists as well…

Toy Fair 2017 Diamond Select Falcon Captain America StatueThe biggest surprise at the show–and perhaps the absolute best-looking comic book-based statue in the line so far–was the Marvel Gallery Sam Wilson Captain America statue.

New York Toy Fair 2017 DST Captain America Sam Wilson Marvel GalleryWhile Hasbro released both 6″ and 3.75″ Falcon Captain America Marvel Legends figures last year, both of them were lacking wings and ended up being a disappointment.

Side View of Diamond Select Toys Falcon Captain America PVC FigureThe DST Captain America Sam Wilson Marvel Gallery statue, however, is anything but disappointing. Falcon has a humongous wingspan, a great pose, paints that really pop and even a pretty fun base with his emblem on it.

Marvel Gallery 2017 Captain America Falcon Sam Wilson StatueThis really might be the single most eye-catching release in the entire series so far, so congrats to Diamond Select Toys on giving us what is easily the best toy version of this character so far.

New York Toy Fair 2017 DST Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales Marvel Gallery StatueThe other new comic book-based 2017 Toy Fair Marvel Gallery reveal is unfortunately the first entry in the line that does disappoint me: Miles Morales Spider-Man. I love teenage Miles a ton, so it was a pretty big letdown to see that his Diamond statue is just a repaint of fully-grown adult Peter Parker Spider-Man.

Marvel Gallery Miles Morales Spider-Man StatueThis is unfortunately the worst costume choice to repaint Peter into, as Miles should be sized differently and the pose seems wrong for him. As a one-off piece I liked the original version of this statue enough, but the Miles Morales version with the claw hand and awkward stance with one leg hanging over the air just doesn’t work. Hopefully Miles get a unique statue down the road.

Marvel Gallery Civil War Black Panther Statue Toy FairThe final new reveal for the series was a movie-based statue that hasn’t fit into the theme of any of the articles I’ve posted so far (including this one), because it’s the first Marvel Gallery Civil War statue: Black Panther!

2017 Toy Fair Black Panther Diamond Select Toys StatueGiven how huge of a smash hit Black Panther was in last year’s Captain America Civil War movie, I’m a bit surprised we haven’t seen more companies making movie Black Panther statues.

DST Civil War Black Panther PVC StatueIron Studios put out a terrific 1:4 Black Panther statue last year, but for those who don’t have an extra $600 they’re not using, the DST Black Panther is a pretty neat alternative at 1/20th of the price.

New York Toy Fair 2017 Diamond Select Marvel Gallery Black Panther FigureThe crouching pose, the paint deco and the sculpting detail on Marvel Gallery Black Panther are all pretty top-notch–for the super-cheap prices these PVC statues sell for, this T’Challa is definitely coming home to me later this year.

2017 Toy Fair Diamond Select Old Man Logan Marvel Gallery StatueAlong with the large amount of new reveals at the show, Diamond Select Toys also brought along most of their previously solicited Marvel Gallery statues that haven’t been released yet.

Marvel Gallery Jean Grey Phoenix Statue Toy Fair 2017

Almost across the board, these statues look better in person than in the official photography. Jean Grey Phoenix’s face is far more lovely, Old Man Logan’s sculpt and paint apps just look fantastic, and I love that Ironheart figure more than I like the actual character in the comics.

Gwenpool is still pretty obnoxious to me as a character, and I won’t be buying her for that reason, but even her statue did look very nice in person.

Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Gallery Statues Display Gwenpool IronheartMarvel Gallery statues are available for order online with a $5 discount from EE, with new PVC figures in this ongoing series being solicited and put up for order throughout the year. I’ll update the site and our social media each time a new character goes up for sale, so check back soon if any of these upcoming statues catch your eye.

Now that I’ve finally talked about all of the many new Diamond Select Marvel Gallery statues that were unveiled at New York Toy Fair 2017, what do you think, Marvel collectors? What do you think of the advancement of this series, and which figures (if any) are you hoping to collect this year?


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  1. Normally, I don’t much care when people who publicly review comic merch go after a character…but, yeah, Gwenpool is incredibly obnoxious.

  2. Can anyone explain to me what exactly is the appeal of statues and busts? I can’t see spending that amount of money for something that can’t be posed. And especially busts, which are essentially HALF of a statue!

    Lastly, Gwenpool in ANY format, statue or action figure, is a big “NO!”