Toy Fair 2017: Marvel Gallery Guardians of the Galaxy Statues!

Ordinarily I don’t like to throw around arbitrary awards like “Best in the Show” for the various conventions and events where collectibles companies show off their latest products, but there was one company at New York Toy Fair 2017 that really “wow”-ed me like never before, and that was Diamond Select Toys. Not only did Diamond Select bring surprise additions to their long-running Marvel Select series, but they also debuted over a dozen new Marvel statues at the show and really cemented themselves as a force in the Marvel statue world. And among those new reveals were their first-ever MCU PVC statues: the Marvel Gallery Guardians of the Galaxy statues!

Toy Fair Marvel Gallery Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Statues

Diamond Select Toys launched the first previews of their low-priced Marvel Gallery PVC statues at New York Toy Fair 2016, and at the event one year later, they’ve announced that Marvel Cinematic Universe movie renditions of characters are officially joining the line! And what better place to start than with an easy-to-build full team from the sure-to-be-blockbuster movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”, right?

As with the Marvel Select movie figures, DST’s licenses for the MCU movies will only be for one year, so these figures will have a far more limited production run than the comic-based Marvel Gallery pieces.

Marvel Gallery Star-Lord Statue Toy Fair 2017Headlining the series is a Marvel Gallery Star-Lord statue that’s in a cool diorama-style rocket-blasting pose.

Star Lord Statue Diamond Select Toys 2017This is a costume that we’re not getting in the Marvel Legends line for whatever reason, so I’m delighted to get it from DST.

Close-Up of Diamond Select Star-Lord Statue New York Toy FairAn interchangeable Chris Pratt head will be included with the Star-Lord statue, but photography of the head was not permitted at the 2017 Toy Fair (I saw it, though, and I was pleased!).

Toy Fair 2017 DST Marvel Gallery Drax & Baby Groot StatueNext up we’ve got a duo statue featuring Dave Bautista and Vin Diesel: the Marvel Gallery Drax and Groot statue!

2017 Toy Fair Marvel Gallery Groot Drax StatueI think DST was very wise to pair the least popular GOTG team member with the most marketable here.

Marvel Gallery Baby Groot StatueSimply put, these statues look spectacular. I love that Drax Bautista portrait, and the little Baby Groot on the base looks downright perfect. I think this is destined to be one of the best-selling Drax items for the movie from any company.

Marvel Gallery Gamora Rocket Raccoon StatueFinally, we’ve got the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Gallery Gamora & Rocket Raccoon statue! Again, these look amazing. I like the sword-out, threatening pose Gamora has been designed in quite a bit.

Marvel Gallery Rocket Raccoon Statue Diamond Select ToysThe Rocket Raccoon portion of this statue is flat-out fantastic, and I think it’s incredibly generous for Rocket to come with another full-size character and not just as a small statue with an even smaller Baby Groot.

Toy Fair Diamond Select Marvel Gallery Gamora Close-Up

The only thing I’m not really enthusiastic about in this entire DST Guardians of the Galaxy series is Gamora’s blank facial expression–but that’s not Diamond Select Toys’ fault, as anyone who’s seen Zoe Saldana’s performance as Gamora in these movies knows.

I really, truly wish the direction for Gamora in the MCU had a lot more ferocity, but DST is absolutely capturing the attitude of the character from the first movie. Alas.

Marvel Gallery Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Statue DST 2017The Marvel Gallery Guardians of the Galaxy statues are expected to go up for order later this winter and arrive in summer/fall 2017. At about $120 total for the entire team in 10″ statue format, these are an absolute steal and a day one pre-order for me (especially since these are movie figures that will only have one production run possible). If you like these statues, make sure to lock them in: these won’t be available long-term like the comic book-based Marvel Gallery ones are.

What are your thoughts on the DST Marvel Gallery statue line expanding to the MCU, collectors? Are you all-in for these GOTG 2 statues (as I absolutely am), or are you not interested in statues from this movie (or perhaps movie statues in general)?


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  1. To me these where the best thing at this years show!! When and where can we expect to pre order these?

    • D’oh! I forgot that Ant-Man wasn’t comics-based. What’s doubly embarrassing is that 1) I posted the first photos online of that statue last year myself; and 2) He’s on the wall behind me *right now*. Oy!

  2. I NEED THESE! Hey Dabid, Rachel here! Thanks for all the great pics!

  3. Also these are going to be under $50 right? I see some going on PO for $39.99 or somewhere around $40 one one site. Dang this preorder day one for me too. Honestly that’s the best sculpt I’ve seen for Chris Pratt. THAT IS WITHOUT A DOUBT, CHRIS PRATT. GAMORA AND ROCKET ARE PERFECT TOO. DRAX AND BABY GROOT This absolutely wowed me too! Also once again Thanks for the great pics!

    • All Marvel Gallery statues retail for $44.99, although BBTS has a $5 pre-order discount on all of them so far. 🙂