Exclusive Marvel Legends SHIELD Figures Set Released! Coulson!

At this point in my collecting life, it takes a lot to get me so pumped up about going on a toy run that I don’t sleep well overnight. But that’s just what happened last night, when the long-awaited Marvel Legends SHIELD three-pack started showing up on ebay. And thus, I set out this morning on an hours-long quest to find my own Marvel Legends Coulson, Maria Hill and Nick Fury pack…

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Coulson Nick Fury Maria Hill Set

Hasbro means to do right by Avengers movie figure collectors this year, and they’re not limiting themselves to non-powered Avengers team members! The latest in the flood of 2015 Marvel Legends figures to be released in an Avengers Legends three-pack containing Agent Phil Coulson, Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

While a Samuel Jackson Nick Fury Marvel Legends figure has previously been released, this is the very first movie-based Marvel Legends Maria Hill figure and the first ever Marvel Legends Coulson figure.

Marvel Legends Nick Fury Avengers Figure 2015Like plenty of other people, I had my trepidations about this Marvel Legends Agents of SHIELD Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Agent Coulson three-pack being a Toys R Us exclusive set. Toys R Us can be a little nutty, so a retail price of $75 (or maybe more) seemed like a realistic possibility to me.

Marvel Legends Agents of SHIELD Box Set SideThankfully, Toys R Us has taken the high road and is pricing the Agents of SHIELD Marvel Legends box set at just $49.99–the same price Target charges for their exclusive Marvel Legends three-packs.

Marvel Legends 2015 Agent Coulson FigureI am an Agents of SHIELD guy through-and-through, so even though I already have a Funko Coulson, a Minimates Coulson and a Hot Toys Coulson, I need a 6″ Marvel Legends Coulson (with extra head wearing sunglasses!). Alas, despite my efforts, if the new exclusive Toys R Us Marvel Legends SHIELD figures set has reached the New England area, I sure couldn’t find it today.

Even so, Marvel Toy News Facebook follower James B. was nice enough to submit photos of the set (which he found today in Illinois) for me to rub with this story. Thanks, James!

Marvel Legends 2015 Nick Fury Maria Hill Agent Coulson Box BackLike all Toys R Us exclusive toys multi-packs, there should be plenty of these Avengers Marvel Legends S.H.I.E.L.D. box sets available in stores in a few weeks time (and probably on clearance for half price in a few months time). So even though this set is currently selling for $100+ on the aftermarket, I’d highly recommend not feeding the scalpers this time. There will almost beyond any doubt be enough of these to go around.

Now that you know the retail price and that it’s been sighted in the wild, are you in hot pursuit of the new Marvel Legends Avengers Agents of SHIELD pack, Marvel fans? Or will you be saving your dollars this spring for Marvel characters who are a little more super-powered?


Exclusive Marvel Legends SHIELD Figures Set Released! Coulson! — 27 Comments

  1. I’ll wait a few more months , this 3 x package looks nice, but is too xpensive for me right now

  2. I’m very excited about this, but one thing to nitpick about… unless I’m looking at it wrong, I’m slightly disappointed that there are only a few guns. I wish there were at least 3 more handguns included. No huge deal though as I’m sure one could find sufficient toy guns on Ebay.

  3. Ok now they have to make scarlet witch and quick silver just no way around it.

  4. I want it bad! So you expect TRU to have ample supply of these, even though they only met about 1/4 the demand on the Jubilee wave? The New X-Men boxset was in heavy supply because it was travesty!

    • Toys R Us got tons of the Jubilee Wave. There are still Wolverines and Cyclops figures rotting on the pegs at my local stores, where they’ve been for over half a year now. The problem with that wave was Hasbro’s asinine case ratios–not the wave as a whole being underproduced.

      • Nay! I say thee,NAY! No way! No,sir,captain. With all do respect,Dabid. Tru has burned me two times too many to believe that cow you’re selling. Correct as you were on Tgt, Tru is a Horse of a totally different color! Thanks for the info,dude. I’m changing my plans to go hunting in the morning. I have been looking for this set to come out for the last 53 days. Only 2tru stores locally and when it was 3 I still got burned looking for that Deadpool/Warpath Xavier school colors variant ML2pack some years back. I’ve heard other collectors on YouTube with the same complaint. No jubileeML figures are to be found at all in my town. I agree Hasbro screwed the pooch on that one with the inane case packs! I had a set preordered just in case I couldn’t hunt them down and lo and behold the online store cancelled my order due to not receiving the product. What.do they hate the x-men? My comic shop had similar issues with Wolverine/Puck series.(Thankfully Toywiz came thru on that deal)
        I have been diligently running laps for weeks at my 2 tru stores asking about this item! Ive got time,and rewards coupons to burn! Lol.

      • In my locale, even Wolvie and Cyke are hard to find. In addition, I never once saw any of the other figures on TRU.com, even for a moment. Yes, the case ratio was terrible, but I don’t think that was the only reason why Magneto and Storm are so expensive.

  5. I’ll wait for clearance or skip it all together. I really don’t understand the love for Coulson, Hill was great as Robin but is a meh MCU character. Sam Jackson would be great to have but not worth $50.

    • Coulson is an everyman type. He is one of us in a world of mythical beings,monsters,alien demigods,and supermen. His character is somewhere between Batman and a young Nick Fury. Imo-that is his appeal. Watch the AOS tv show with this in mind.
      Speaking of TV;”Richard” and “Robin” are from the tv sitcom universe.
      Access your imagination filter settings to the “off” position. Adjust action adventure actor role settings to the “on”position. Lol;-) I’m a fan of HIMYM too. I am also a fan of “The New Adventures Of Old Christine” and I had to get used to the guy playing Richard as the guy now playing Agnt.Phil Coulson when he popped up in “IronMan”! 😛 Sam Jackson is a master Actor and can play anything with great range. I already have the 1st Wal-Mart exclusive release of this Nick Fury Legends. I won’t mind having two as I could place them on different team shelves and Fury is know to deploy LMDs(android clones)
      It is”great”,but I still want this 3-pack. @$20 ea. 3 for $50 is a good deal.
      Besides you could always sell off the figures you don’t want/need.

  6. After the jubilee series, I told myself I told myself if I found this set I would just buy it, I found this set yesterday at a Tru in PA

  7. Could anyone post the UPC number for it so we can search for it in nearby stores without driving all over the place? Thanks

  8. They’re available on the TRU site now for both “ship to home” and “in store pick up” The shipping is free since it’s over $49.