First 2018 Marvel Legends Sentinel Figure Photo Revealed!

We’ve got just over a month until New York Toy Fair 2018, but already, it looks like perhaps the (literal) biggest Marvel Legends surprise for the show has been spoiled by a most unlikely source: Toys R Us! In an online video posted on Twitter on the most recent Fan Vault Friday, Toys R Us revealed a never-before-seen Marvel Legends box set which may or may not end up being an exclusive: the 2018 Marvel Legends Sentinel & Days of Future Past Wolverine figures set!

Marvel Legends Sentinel 2018 Box

I’m never a big fan of posting news when only the barest specks of information are available, but this weekend’s major news is an instance where it’s just too large (again, literally) to ignore: unless Toys R Us is now making stuff up, a new Hasbro Sentinel Marvel Legends figure is on the way—and he’s not coming alone.

Revealed out of literally nowhere with no warning to collectors (and potentially with no warning to Hasbro either?), a Toys R Us internet video on their Twitter revealed the box packaging for a previously-unannounced Marvel Legends Sentinel figure last Friday. This doesn’t come totally out of left field, as Hasbro was a bit coy answering a question about if there would be another Sentinel during the Q&A at HasCon in the fall.

And based on what we can see from the box art (including the faces in the little corner box), the Sentinel isn’t coming alone: a new Marvel Legends Days of Future Past Wolverine appears to be packed in as part of the set as well.

So what else do we know about this set? Well… nothing. Price? Release date? Scale? Unknown. I would assume this will be about the size of the previously-released 3.75” scaled Sentinel (if not a straight-up repaint or retool), but without seeing the actual toy or getting any more details on it, it’s impossible to know for sure.

Exclusivity? Likewise, unknown. I’m hearing some people call it a Toys R Us exclusive, and while that might turn out to be so, there’s clearly no embossed silver “Toys R Us Exclusive” sticker on that box, something we typically see on all TRU exclusives. Until I hear otherwise, I’m going to assume that this is meant as a mass release item. Sentinels are kind of a big deal (no pun intended), so it’s not a stretch to think that a new release would sell well at mass-retail.

Marvel Legends Sentinel 2018 BoxIt’s not impossible that the Days of Future Past Wolverine Marvel Legends figure included with this set will be a 6” figure, but my gut tells me it’ll be 3.75”. Keep in mind that the Marvel Universe line was rebranded to Marvel Legends as well a few years back, and a smaller (and cheaper to produce) Logan figure included will make the Sentinel’s size look more impressive.

That’s literally all the information available on the Marvel Legends 2018 Sentinel figure right now, but I’ll post more details about the item as they’re revealed (presumably at the 2018 Toy Fair next month). And don’t forget that you can follow the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter pages to have the latest news, photos and updates beamed direct to your favorite social media.

Alright, speculate away, Marvel collectors! What are your hopes and dreams for the first new Marvel Legends Sentinel set in years, and what are you expecting from the piece? Price, size, exclusivity, features—let’s hear it!


First 2018 Marvel Legends Sentinel Figure Photo Revealed! — 28 Comments

  1. A 6″ relative sized one would be a dream (I’d buy three) and would go along nicely with my Toybiz one. I don’t collect the 3.75″ line so it would look a bit of place on my shelf but I’d still buy it at that size. It’s a SENTINEL! Price-wise, if it’s 6″ i’d pay north of $60.

    • The 3.75″ scale MU Sentinel and Galactus are BIGGER than the old ToyBiz 6″ scale ML Sentinel and Galactus, so actually it’s going to dwarf your ToyBiz one either way.

  2. Could care less about the 3.75″ figs but definitely down for some Marvel Universe-sized big guys like a Sentinel!! Would love to see them tackle some of the other huge characters in the MU… a Celestial? Terminus? Surtur? Frost Giant? Anyhow, pretty exciting news, look forward to hearing more about this.

  3. I don’t collect the 6″ line, I know the 3.75″ is about to die out, but we deserve a few last great surprises and figures before it does. This would be my chance to get a Sentinel at a decent price as well.

    • You can get ’em on eBay for $80 Buy It Now.
      There’s one you can bid on right now for $40.

      They’re not particularly expensive, unless you want it brand new in box.

  4. II would love a new Sentinel as well. Couldn’t care less about 3.75 scale Wolverine. Love to see a Mangog figure come out too. Over 60 is too much to pay.

    • $60 is waaaay too cheap for MSRP.
      Marvel Universe Sentinels are HUGE. (Bigger than the Marvel Legends Sentinel.)
      They’re about a foot and a half tall. The MU Galactus built on the same body is 18″ or 19″ with Galactus’ giant head, so the Sentinels are probably about 16″.

      IF this is a rerelease of the MU Sentinel, WITH a Wolverine figure, it’s probably going to be $110+. More if it’s a 6″ Wolverine.

  5. I’d love to see this in 6″ scale with the Sentinel being at least 4x that at 24″ tall. In that case, I could see them pricing it along with their props line (Capt Shield, Mjolnir, Iron Man’s helmet) at around $100 including the Wolverine figure.

    • At THAT size? Expect something closer to $150.
      Wolverine alone is a $20 figure, and the new ML Icons-scale Hulk alone was like $75 MSRP for a 14.5″ Hulk.
      An 18″ NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is $100.
      A 24″ figure would be like $130 on its own.

      But I very very very very much doubt it’d be a 24″ Sentinel.
      That would be super dope, but I’d guess 20″ MAX if it’s an entirely new ML Sentinel figure.
      And I’m betting it’s going to be a rerelease of the ~16″ Marvel Universe Sentinel.

  6. I think there’s a good chance it is 6″. The 3.75 inch line is basically dead at this point, and DOFP Wolverine would be a cheap and easy reuse of the recent Old Man Logan body with a new head and paint job.

  7. I really hope it’s a 6” version cuz I don’t much like the 3.75. But I guess the sentinel would look awesome either way. I just hope people don’t buy more than one cuz it makes it hard for others to buy them. Especially when people buy like 3 or more and then sell them for absurd prices to real collectors like myself.

    • Then hope its not a Toys R Us exclusive, because they’re going to have some stores close down in bankruptcy, which will make it even harder to find.

  8. You can kinda see a Funko Pop! box in the back, so judging by how it looks to scale with that I’m guessing it’s a 3.75″ set, since it looks too small to be a 6″ Sentinel set

  9. This better not be a tru exclusive! Already going be hard to find if it’s a mass release as people will buy all they can find to army build or scalp on eBay, and being a tru exclusive will make it near impossible to get. I’m still trying to get a hydra 2 pack which I have never even seen yet, and at this point I’m pretty sure it’s discontinued. I’m going to have to get it from a scalper ugh!

    • Recently saw about 5 of those Hydra 2 Packs on a shelf in a TRU near me, then another 2 or 3 in another TRU nearby. Maybe they’re left overs or just being put out? Not sure.

    • They still get restocked from time to time. I just saw Hydra and Mary Jane get restocked at two of my local stores. Just be persistent and check the website and your store. Join a local toy sightings group on social media for additional assistance.

  10. The box design has a look similar to the Amazon 6″ Defenders 4-pack. So my guess is 6″ figures either a 3 or 4-pack set, but no Sentinel.

    Also, scale for an extra big/tall character goes out the door, Just look at the Galactus figure. The 3.75″ version of Galactus is even taller than the 6″ BAF version!

  11. It doesn’t matter what scale Wolverine comes in, the Sentinel will be 16 inches or very close to it and will fit perfectly fine in a 6 inch display. The box shown here is about 20 inches tall in total judging by the Thor hammer sitting next to it.

    And, there will absolutely be a Sentinel in it. They wouldn’t make a mystery covered art box. What other characters are you seeing on the cover art? The defenders box literally shows who is included inside.

  12. So… spell check nazi here.

    “unless Toys R Us is now making stuff up, a new Hasbro Sentinel Marvel Legends figure is on the way—and he’s not coming along.”

    You meant he’s not coming “alone” right?

  13. What if the box is misleading us? Maybe there is a GIANT sentinel inside (bigger than ToyBiz or MU) and he comes in pieces like a BAF. You never know…

    That said, it is probably a straight repaint of the MU Sentinel – which is not a bad thing. I’ve wanted one since I became aware of their existence as I feel they are much better than the ToyBiz BAF one. I just don’t want to pay after market prices.

    So a mass retail re-release works for me. And if it sells for a fair price I will gladly make multiple purchases.

    • I massively HOPE it’s a gigantic BAF Sentinel, but I’m almost sure it’s not.

      (The ToyBiz BAF is aesthetically waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the MU Sentinel.
      Have you seen them side by side? It’s not even close.
      The base body that they’re built on is OKAY [not great], but the MU Sentinels look like crappy kids toys in comparison with those big dumb cartoonish chest triangles, and all that sculpted muscle that makes no sense on a giant robot [because they’re reusing the Galactus body mold].)

      • I personally like the MU ones better as they remind me of the sentinels from the 90s X-Men cartoon. Its more what I picture when I think “Sentinel”. They’re closer to the Toybiz ones from the 5″ line. The pink and purple color scheme, the less mechanical aspects/slightly more humanoid appearance, even the big triangles – all work for me. The toybiz BAF one is okay but way too hyper-realistic for my taste.

  14. Judging by the depth of the box, no way is that a 6” scale sentinel. Think it would need stronger, bulkier box that that.
    They have the old man Logan mood for the 6” line, so can easily scale it down & add an old wolverine head.
    Never seen any of these larger scale figures for the 3.75 range in the uk, which is a shame. The Galactus, Sentinel & Apocolypse BAF were the only ones I managed to/wanted to complete.

  15. I’m just happy to get this guy without having to buy 8 other figures to assemble him. It’s nice to get a large character without it being a BAF. Bring on Galactus!