Black Panther Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man Review

When the first-ever Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends series came out in 2014, many fans were surprised to see a comics-based Iron Man in the series. As a proven seller, a new Iron Man seemed like a surefire seller for the series. Well, another Marvel franchise is getting its first movie, and Tony Stark is back again! The Black Panther Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man figure has been selling for inflated prices and is the surprise hot figure in the wave—is this figure as good as its sales have been?

Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man Figure ReviewThe Right:

To the surprise of a huge chunk of the collecting world, the most “hard to find” figure in the first Marvel Legends 2018 series online and in many areas hasn’t been one of the Black Panther movie figures, or ever fellow kings Black Bolt or Namor.

No, turns out the hot character in the set is the one most decried when it was revealed as part of the Black Panther Legends series: Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man!

Invincible Iron Man Marvel Legends Figure PackagedYeah, yeah, I know: “another Iron Man”. But put those pitchforks away! This is actually the first time that Hasbro has released a new comic book-based Marvel Legends Iron Man figure since that GOTG Legends wave in 2014! Crazy, right?! Is the first new comic armor in a while worthwhile?

Well, in a word: “Yes”.

Black Panther Legends Invincible Iron Man Box BackI think the biggest issue that many folks are going to have with this figure isn’t really its fault at all, but rather an inherent dislike of the modern design of the armor. To put it simply, this permutation is a lot more “anime” than what we’ve seen in the past.

Invincible Iron Man Marvel Legends Okoye Series Figure ReviewThat said, as the fact that this is a divisive interpretation of what an Iron Man armor permutation isn’t really Hasbro’s fault at all, there’s no way that I’ll lump the style here into “The Wrong”. Love it or hate it, Hasbro nailed the look of this armor.

Close-Up of Invincible Iron Man Marvel Legends 2018 FigureBoth the texture and the paint on this figure look almost startlingly smooth, but that’s not a bad thing: it’s actually incredibly authentic to the covers and artwork of this armor from the Invincible Iron Man comic book series.

Back of Hasbro Invincible Iron Man 6" FigureAlthough this figure may not make a ton of sense as part of the Marvel Legends Black Panther wave, there’s no question that Hasbro produced a highly accurate modern Iron Man 6” figure.

Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man Figure and AccessoriesRealizing that not every collector wants their umpteenth Iron Man action figure (I’ve got no problem with it, mind you, but I know some folks do), Hasbro was nice enough to not include a Marvel Legends Okoye Build-A-Figure piece with Invincible Iron Man. Have no fear about getting cheated, though–there’s still a mighty six accessories packed in!

Marvel Legends Tony Stark Head Invincible Iron Man FigureThe most significant of the pack-ins is, of course, the alternate Tony Stark head. Those expecting a Robert Downey Jr. likeness for whatever reason are going to be disappointed, but I think Hasbro is giving us a very appropriate head sculpt for the way Tony Stark actually appears in the Invincible Iron Man comic books.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man ReviewAlong with the Tony Stark head, we also get a snap-on cannon (that fits beautifully and stays on tight), along with two recycled translucent blue effects pieces (which plug in equally tightly) and a pair of interchangeable fists (which pop in and out as smooth as butter).

Marvel Legends Tony Stark Iron Man Figure Black Panther Movie SeriesThe unmasked head is proportioned well to the body, and all of the accessories fulfill their functions. Nice work, Hasbro.

Back of 2018 Marvel Legends Iron Man Invincible FigureAs is often the case with Iron Man action figures, I was prepared for the sculpt of the armor to really inhibit the articulation. Turn out that that’s not the case here: the shoulders are not only not inhibited by their armor, but they actually have an almost perfect range of motion for being fully raised or lowered into any position.

Review Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man Six Inch FigureThe complete articulation rundown is as follows: ball-hinge head and shoulders, double-hinged knees and elbows, ball hips, ab crunch, swivel thighs/waist/biceps, swivel wrists (sometimes with a hinge), and hinged ankle rockers.

That’s not to say that the articulation on ML Invincible Iron Man is perfect, however. In fact, a couple of wrinkles with the flexibility are the sole major quibble I have to put into…

Invincible Iron Man Marvel Legends Black Panther Series ReviewThe Wrong:

While the articulation scheme is solid on the Invincible Iron Man Marvel Legends figure, some of the articulation is a little bit stiff. His repulsor hands are swivel only, which is hugely challenging to work with when trying to pose him for repulsor blasts.

The lack of swivel calves or boots is also a detriment to the figure, making it a bit difficult to get him standing up dynamically in many poses.

Finally, the rubbery plastic used for the blue effects pieces is warped pretty badly on both of mine. I’ve tried to angle to warped effects for my photos to make them look as good as possible, but you may need to boil and reshape yours to get them right.
Marvel Legends 2018 Invincible Iron Man with Tony Stark HeadOverall: While the Hasbro Invincible Iron Man isn’t a figure that I was chomping away to award an ‘A’ to, Hasbro did some excellent work here. This is a Marvel Legends Iron Man that looks exceptionally unique compared to its predecessors, and Hasbro has done a stunning job nailing the actual design of the armor from the comics. Improved lower leg and wrist articulation, along with better quality plastic on the effects pieces, are the only things I think Hasbro could have done to improve a toy of this armor. Surprisingly great stuff.



Black Panther Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man Review — 20 Comments

  1. I actually love this figure and armor design.

    The up and down of the feet on mine is INSANELY tight, and range of motion in the shoulder hinges on mine are….limited or stuck? I dunno. May have to heat him up or get a 2nd one if that doesn’t work, to see if it’s just issues with mine.

    Initially, this was the only figure from the wave that I ordered/planned to get.
    I grabbed Black Bolt and Namor the other day because I found them for cheap.
    Still on the fence about getting ANY of the Black Panther figures.
    BP isn’t significantly different from the Civil War version, Killmonger is….eh….I wanted the non-costumed version, and the bodyguard and bodyguard BAF I just couldn’t care less about.

    I’m not surprised at tall that this is the most popular figure in the wave,
    The only ANAD figure we need now is is arguably the new Wasp. Iron Man was really the last one we needed for the core ANAD team.

    “Although this figure may not make a ton of sense as part of the Marvel Legends Black Panther wave”
    He actually makes plenty of sense.
    Iron Man, Black Bolt, Namor, and Black Panther?
    This is an Illuminati wave even moreso than a Black Panther wave.
    With Reed Richards coming soon, this is an Illuminati-heavy year.
    (If we get an Xavier and a classic 616 Doctor Strange this year, I won’t be surprised.)

    • Be careful with the foot articulation. I just had to get a second one after returning the first as a result of the left foot breaking off entirely. If it doesn’t want to move for you, heating it up may be a good solution to correct this.

  2. “An inherent dislike of the modern design of the armor” is a great way to say it. I just really don’t like this design at all. Maybe it’s the face plate? Not sure, but I’ll be passing on this one.

  3. there was actually a marvel now iron man in the hulk buster wave, plus the vintage iron man.

    • Neither of those were new figures, though—both were just repaints of old figures (I guess you could make a case for the new boots on the Vintage Iron Man, but that’s -really- a stretch). 😉

      • The Guardians1 wave Godkiller space armor Iron Man figure was just a repaint of Bleeding Edge Iron Man with a new head, forearms, and some shoulder bits added on.

        ANAD Iron Man is the first new comic book Iron Man in a very VERY long time.
        Since 2013’s Iron Monger wave and the Bleeding Edge armor itself, I think.

  4. I saw this yesterday at Target and passed. It is a decent Iron Man fig but I also was ehh about the armor design. The whole line is ehh. Black Bolt was there as well and though decent, also was an easy pass.

  5. Man….just to be honest as I can be, I am not impressed with this figure overall. I mean it is decent, but kinda “blah” if I want to plop down the cash for it. I will have to call this a pass for me personally.

      • Completely agree. I was expecting much less articulation, but Hasbro delivered a solid figure that I actually wouldn’t mind a repaint of in the future for the Doc Doom armor.