Funko Amazing Spider-Man 2 & Electro POP Vinyls Review

After the agonizingly long wait for Captain America: The Winter Soldier to hit theaters, time has really blown by, and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie release is now upon us! I’ve got my reservations about this movie, but I’m willing to turn my super-critical brain off and do my best to enjoy it this weekend. But while I prepare for that, it’s finally time for me to review some Amazing Spider-Man 2 toys I’ve been holding onto for a while. First up, it’s the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Funko POP! Vinyls figures of Spider-Man and Electro!

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Funko POP! Vinyls Electro vs. SpidermanThe Right:

When the first Amazing Spider-Man movie came out, Funko gave us the bare minimum they could have given us other than nothing at all: a sole gold-eyed Amazing Spider-Man POP! Vinyl. Given that that’s one of the more unpopular Spider-Man costumes ever designed and there were zero characters to complement Spidey, that Funko POP Vinyl ended up selling terribly and getting clearanced out of chain stores for $1-$2.

You might think Funko would give up on the Amazing Spider-Man movie franchise after that, but instead they decided to give it another go for The Amazing Spider-Man 2–and this time, we’re even getting a villain for Spider-Man to fight against!

Funko Amazing Spider-Man 2 POP Vinyls Packaged Spidey & ElectroBelieve it or not, Electro is the very first Spider-Man villain to be captured in super-deformed Funko POP! Vinyl form. Not Venom, not Lizard, not Doc Ock or the Green Goblin–Electro! That’s a real leap of faith on Funko’s behalf, and I appreciate the confidence they seem to have in this movie and Jamie Foxx Electro’s part in it.

Box Back Funko POP! Vinyls Amazing Spider-Man 2Although Amazing Spider-Man (#45) and Electro (#46) continue the numbering of the standard Funko Marvel series, Funko did a classy job making the boxes look snazzy in the cool blue and red Amazing Spider-Man 2 color scheme. It’s a little detail, but it goes a long way toward the presentation of these bobblehead figures.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Funko POP Vinyls Spider-Man Figure

The actual figures this time are a bit nicer than I expected them to be. At worst, the Funko Amazing Spider-Man 2 POP Vinyl would be a badly done repaint of the figure from the first movie. Instead, Funko has completely redone the body for this figure to make it authentic and appropriate for the new movie.

Additionally, the paint deco goes all the way around the figure and accurately includes the black spider logo on Spider-Man’s back–a feature that some recent Hasbro Spider-Man figures have left out entirely.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 POP! Vinyl Figure BackOften the downfall of Funko, the quality-control on both of these figures is outstanding. The paint applications are neat and clean, and these are easily some of the best-painted Funko Marvel figures in my collection.

Electro Funko POP! Vinyls Bobble Head FigureElectro is an all-new and all-excellent mold. Now that Funko has made a mold with cybernetic nodules on the sides of the head, can a POP! Vinyls Lobot be far behind…?

I really like the detailing on Electro’s costume, and I think Funko may have honestly done a better job making the costume look visually appealing than Hasbro did with their 4″ and Marvel Legends Electro action figures.

Back of Funko POP Vinyl Electro Action FigureThe Wrong:

While each of these Amazing Spider-Man 2 Funko POP Vinyl figures exceeded my expectations, I still have a qualm about each of them. In Spider-Man’s case, I dislike the thick black outlines around his eyes. I understand Funko’s desire to exaggerate Spidey’s features, but the way they handle the eyes just doesn’t work for me.

Funko Glow in the Dark Electro POP VinylElectro’s short-coming is his “Glow-in-the-Dark” feature. In theory this is a great idea, but in execution it’s a real flop. Only Electro’s head glows at all, and while I can forgive it glowing green instead of blue, it’s tough to get past how weakly it glows and how odd it looks having only Electro’s head light up. Even as a free bonus feature, Glow in the Dark Electro is a bit lame.

Spider-Man Funko POP! Vinyl Figure #45“Where Can I Buy It?!”

As with all Funko figures, distribution is spotty in my area and I haven’t seen these figures consistently at any of my local stores. I got my Amazing Spider-Man 2 Funko figures from Entertainment Earth when they were first released.

If you’re a Prime member or spend enough to earn free shipping, you can probably get Spidey and Electro for a hair cheaper from Amazon.

POP! Vinyls Electro Funko Bobble Figure #46Overall: Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with with the two Funko Amazing Spider-Man 2 POP! Vinyl movie figures. I’m still not the biggest fan of the way that Funko depicts the outline of Spidey’s eyes on his mask, but there’s no question this is a better-looking movie Spider-Man than the first Amazing Spider-Man movie Funko POP! Vinyl figure was.

Electro came out surprisingly cute, and also surprisingly without any major quality-control issues. The Glow-in-the-Dark feature of the toy is ultimately disappointing, but Electro looks great in regular light. To be frank, I like the Funko Electro better than either of Hasbro’s efforts.

At about $10 each, these are both nice (albeit not quite perfect) figures that earn a recommendation.


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