Funko Marvel Collector Corps Founders Gift Statue Review!

Back when Funko announced the Marvel Collector Corps subscription box service in February 2015, they promised Founder’s Program members are special gift on the one-year anniversary of their subscriptions. Time has flown, and the much-discussed Marvel Collector Corps Founder’s Gift has arrived: a gold chrome Captain America statue! If you’re not a Founder, you can nab one of these exclusive statues for under $35 right now… but should you?

Marvel Collector Corps Captain America Statue BoxThe Right:

During the signup period for the Marvel Collectors Corps Founder Program, Funko posted some artwork of an Academy Awards Oscar statue-looking gold Captain America figure. I had that image in the back of my mind all year, and last month, Funko outright confirmed that this Captain America statue was in fact the long-awaited free gift.

Now, this gift may not be what everyone had hoped for –and I’ll talk about that in a bit–but for what it is, Funko really went all-out for us.

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Founder Gift 2015 Mailed OutThe MCC golden Captain America Funko statue arrives in its own cardboard shipper box, and inside of that comes in a sturdy window box.

Top of MCC Founders Gift Box 2015 FunkoThe window box proudly displays the statue from the front side, and has a Captain America shield logo printed on the top. There’s not a whole lot to say about it, besides that it’s pretty nice. For a box.

Back of Marvel Collectors Corps 2015 Founder Gift Statue BoxOf course, what we actually care about isn’t the box–it’s the toy inside. If you can consider it a toy at all–which I’m not sure I can, considering how classy this statue looks and feels.

This statue is clearly a classic Jack Kirby-styled Captain America, and it captures the look of that character design quite well.

Side of Collector Corps Founder's Gift Captain America FigureThe statue is covered in gold chrome. When done cheaply, gold chrome can look really bad and show early signs of flaking. That’s not the case here, however–the golden chrome on Captain America looks outstanding, with no evidence whatsoever of flaking or imperfections at all.

And not only does this statue look good–it feels good. Out of the box, this figurine still weighs over one and a half pounds! This definitely has the heft and weight of a heavy, high-quality collectible.

Back of Marvel Collectors Corps Captain America Gold Statue GiftEven the square base that the Captain America figure is standing upon looks terrific, with a stripe of gold chrome running across the middle of the square and the golden Marvel Collector Corps logo adorning the front.

Inside and out of the package, this statue is a nice piece

Close-Up of Marvel Collector Corps Gold Captain America StatueThe Wrong:

As high-quality and well-made as this Funko Gold Chrome Captain America statue is, there’s really only one thing about it that I genuinely dislike: it doesn’t look or feel like a Funko product at all.

Whereas Funko has made its name and fortune from producing cute, stylized versions of legendary characters, this is a more straight-up classic comic book take on Captain America.

Gold Captain America Funko Collector Corps Gift

Maybe it’s just me, but I really feel that an anniversary gift from a company like Funko ought to capture the style and spirit of Funko’s other products–and this Marvel Collector Corps Founder’s Gift just does not succeed in that respect at all.

Personally, I think a gold chrome POP Vinyl Captain America would have been a much better fit and would have ultimately been far more sought-after, and the cheap aftermarket sales prices for this chrome statue seem to indicate that it’s not what other Funko collectors were hoping for either.

Dabid Holding Funko Gold Chrome Captain America Statue

Overall: For a free gift, this Captain America MCC Founder’s statue is really nice. The golden chrome is high-quality, the statue itself has a lot of heft to it, and even the packaging is very well-done. But on the flip side, this statue just doesn’t feel like a Funko toy at all. I think it’s a neat item and I’m not about to sell mine, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it belongs displayed alongside of displays of Funko POP Vinyls, Hikari or Mystery Mini.



Funko Marvel Collector Corps Founders Gift Statue Review! — 4 Comments

  1. The arm of mine with the shield broke off as soon as i opened the package. It just fell out…

    Funko is selling me a new one…but im not sure why I continue to support their low quality products.

  2. I LOVE IT! What a beautiful statue. It reminds me of an Oscar statue. I’m glad Funko went this route.

  3. I I’ve it also!! The style doesn’t bother me at all. Looks Great!! The fact they went this route is Awsome!!

  4. Felt cheap and discouraged me a little to maintain my account, if this is what is means to be a Founder member.