Kotobukiya Lady Thor Bishoujo Statue Up for Order!

Over the weekend I talked about a trio of new Kotobukiya Marvel statues that unexpectedly debuted at SDCC 2016 last week–but I didn’t talk about the statues we were expecting to see that were revealed there. Such is the case with a piece I was skeptical about–right up until I saw it. It might be one of the very best (and most classy) additions to the Marvel Bishoujo line yet: the 1/7 Kotobukiya Lady Thor Bishoujo statue is now up for order!

Kotobukiya Lady Thor Bishoujo Statue Promo Poster

Much like I was dubious about it being worthwhile when Marvel first announced that a female Thor was on the way, I had my doubts that sculptor Shunya Yamashita would create a classy Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue worthy of the majesty of Jane Foster Thor. I was wrong on both counts.

Debuting at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 last week, it turns out that the Bishoujo Lady Thor statue just may be Kotobukiya’s best work in the entire Bishoujo line to date!

Bishoujo Lady Thor Statue Kotobukiya 2017Long gone are the days of embarassing, seductive poses in the Marvel Bishoujo statues series. Instead, here we see Jane Foster Thor standing powerfully upon a rocky base, lifting Mjolnir into the sky with confidence.

Back of Kotobukiya Thor Bishoujo StatueLady Thor is still a great beauty in this piece–but I don’t feel like it’s objectifying her and I won’t be embarrassed to have friends and family see this statue in my home (unlike some past Koto Bishoujo statues).

Lady Thor Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue Close-UpBecause of the pose she’s in, this statue stands just under 12″ tall–that makes it the largest entry in the whole Bishoujo Marvel line thus far! And with Thor being a powerhouse Thunder goddess, the extra presence seems only right.

Kotobukiya Jane Foster Thor Statue Bishoujo UnmaskedAs an unexpected surprise, every Koto Thor Bishoujo statue comes with an awesome extra: an interchangeable unmasked Jane Foster Thor head!

Kotobukiya Unmasked Thor Bishoujo Statue HeadThe head itself is beautiful and I think Kotobukiya did a terrific job of it, but as Jane Foster Thor rarely (if ever) removes her helmet in the comics, I’m going to stick with the default helmeted head myself.

Kotobukiya Bishoujo Lady Thor and Loki Statues SDCC 2016

Although we don’t have a pre-order or a release date for it just yet, we do know that the Jane Foster Thir Bishoujo statue is going to have some company in the very near future–in the form of the Kotobukiya Loki statue that also debuted at San Diego-Comic Con!

We knew from the silhouette shown at New York Toy Fair that this would be a Lady Loki (based off the modern Marvel comics), and I think we can all agree that this sculpture has turned out to be the most attractive Loki statue ever. Loki and Thor will have interlocking bases, as the two characters are fairly intertwined.  I’ll look forward to getting this Loki to accompany Bishoujo Thor!

Thor Bishoujo Kotobukiya Statue with Lightning BackgroundThe Kotobukiya Bishoujo Thor statue is now available for pre-order, and is scheduled to ship out in January 2017. Her MSRP of $89.99 is more expensive than were used to from this Koto Bishoujo line, but she’s also the largest statue in the Marvel series to date and can be pre-ordered with a discount right now from BBTS.

How do you feel about Kotobukiya’s Goddess of Thunder statue, Marvel collectors? Is this very tasteful Bishoujo the best representation of Lady Thor that we’ve seen yet from any manufacturer, or is there something about this statue that’s leaving you dissatisfied?


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    • I was thinking exactly the same. I like this Thor statue, but never had a problem with any of the other Bishoujo statues either (and I own all Marvel and DC ones, as well as some SF, Tekken and others) and as such got slightly irritated with the reviewer’s repetitive comments. It’s bad enough that we get this point of view forced down our throats in comics these days by Disney… euh Marvel… and consorts. Fortunately Japan doesn’t make such a big deal about all of this. So please, keep those Kotobukiya statues coming and I’ll keep buying them. And for the record, my wife never had any problems with them either. So, maybe some people should just stop creating and seeing problems were there aren’t any. 🙂

      • Look at the Bishoujo Wasp, Kitty Pryde, She-Hulk, and Spider-Woman statues. They’re not posing to be powerful (as would make sense for a super-hero), they’re posing to be ~sexy~ for the viewer.

        • Oh, and don’t forget Batwoman, Black Canary, Harley Quinn (both versions), Wonder Girl, Zatanna, and Starfire.

        • Wasp, Shadow-Cat, She-Hulk and Spider Woman don’t need to be posing powerfully. And She Hulk is standing in a mess of rubble showing off her muscles.
          Furthermore, all of the statues you listed have poses that fit the character.

          • If She-Hulk were posing with legs in an A-shape, showing off her muscles, it would be a sensible flexing pose. The way it is on the actual statue, it’s more like “~ooh, look at my muscles, i’m so sexy”. She’s not posing to be powerful, she’s posing to be sexy. Not to say that she can’t be allowed to be sexy, but I’d prefer my superheroes to be looking heroic, and sexiness can come from that.

          • Plus, what I meant is that they’re posing entirely so that people can jerk off to them. That’s not what I want from my superhero display items. Look at the Wasp statue. It’s like she’s saying “*giggle*, ~come and get me boys~”. Plus, her face makes her look like she’s been drugged.

      • Also, a test to see if I should even bother continuing to talk to you: Do you, for any reason, think Frank Miller’s work from the past 15 years is good?

      • The anime style can be a turn-off if you’re not an anime fan. And the early statues were posed very gratuitously in “cheesecake” poses that didn’t fit the characters. Initially I wasn’t into this line but they have been knocking it out of the park lately. Although I don’t like that the price seems to be getting higher with each release.