LEGO Marvel 2017 Sets: Iron Man Detroit Steel Strikes! Lola! Coulson!

Though we’re still well over a month from when they’re due to be released, packaged and loose official images of all three of the Winter 2017 LEGO Marvel sets have now been revealed! And while each of the LEGO Marvel 2017 sets brings something new and exciting to the table, perhaps none does more so than the LEGO Iron Man Detroit Steel Strikes Set… with Agent Coulson minifigure and LOLA!!!


Yes!!! Finally–finally–not only can we touch Lola, but we can build her out of LEGO bricks! This is truly a magnificent world that we find ourselves in.

*Achem* …Sorry, I got a little bit excited there. I’m a big Agents of SHIELD fan (especially Season 1), so a LEGO Lola flying car being announced is just… wow.

As you may have gathered from my blathering, TLG is actually producing a brick-built 1972 Chevrollet Corvette Lola car as part of this winter’s small wave of Marvel sets. ย They’ve taken some creative liberties with the design (as they must), but it’s definitely Lola–with swiveling wheels to go into hover-mode and all. Thank you, TLG.

lego-lola-car-agents-of-shield-2017-set Lola looks so classy. I am so happy with this build. The little “LOLA” vanity license plate sticker is also a nice tough. I just love this.

Lola’s not the only brick-built vehicle in this set, though–the main component of this set is actually the most legendary Marvel villain of all… Detroit Steel! *crickets*

lego-detroit-steel-armor-and-justin-hammer-minifigureOkay, perhaps Detroit Steel (created in the comics in 2008) isn’t the most famous Marvel–or even Iron Man villain, but it does make for an interesting brick-built suit of armor for Iron Man to fight against. Personally, I would have gone for Iron Monger (as there’s never been a LEGO Iron Monger), but I guess TLG had other plans.

The LEGO Detroit Steel armor will be piloted by everyone’s favorite Marvel villain (okay, probably nobody’s favorite villain), a Justin Hammer minifigure.

I think I would have preferred pretty much any Marvel villain they could have possibly picked more than Justin Hammer, but whatever. They wanted a big mech suit and not Obadian Stane, so… Hammer works. I guess. (He looks like a real dork with his helmet off, though.)


Completing the set is a pair of a hero minifigures: an Invincible Iron Man minifigure (no, really–it specifies “Invincible” on the box) and the first-ever LEGO Agent Coulson minifigure!

I really wish they had given Coulson glasses instead of eyes, but otherwise he looks perfect. And honestly, I am just so glad to get an official Coulson LEGO figure at all–almost certainly the only one that they’ll ever make.

Even Iron Man feels a little bit fresh this time out, as he comes with brand-new translucent blue “POWER BLAST!” effects pieces that are heavily advertised on the box. Effects pieces for my Marvel minifigures…? Yes, please.

76077-lego-marvel-detroit-steel-strikes-set-coulson-lolaThe LEGO Iron Man: Detroit Steel Showdown 76077 set will be available online and in stores in Q1 2017. The price, piece count and exact release date are all unconfirmed at this point, but I’ll update the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages once we know those details.

I’ll be discussing the other two LEGO Marvel Winter 2017 sets on my LEGO blog later today, so stay tuned for coverage of She-Hulk, Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel, the Super-Adaptoid and more.

What do you think of this year’s most surprising LEGO Marvel set, brick fans? Are there any genuine Detroit Steel fans out there? And how many of you are buying this set solely for LEGO Lola and Agent Coulson?


LEGO Marvel 2017 Sets: Iron Man Detroit Steel Strikes! Lola! Coulson! — 13 Comments

    • Yep, it’s a new design for helmets that aren’t either from the movie or very movie-like in design. I expect to see this on a Classic Armor Iron Man at some point in the future.

  1. This set (and the “jet strike” on Bricktoynews) are oth from the animated “Avengers Assemble” series on Disney xd right about now… the super adaptoid is from that show as well…

    In addition, the “Iron Skull” and that wave of sets were from that show as well…

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited to get an official Coulson, but… He doesn’t look much different than what can be done by mixing and matching pieces in a collection. I’ve done that in the past and I’ll have to review my custom Coulson tonight. Little details, like glasses would have made it much more believable.

    • By no means like the awesome work custom modders do, but this is all from available Lego pieces. So Lego needs to make sure when they do it, they do it right. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also – This Coulson is the up tight pre ‘things go sideways for shield’ Coulson. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have no idea what “Detroit Steel” is, and it doesn’t even matter. Not a fan of “Agents of SHIELD,” and that doesn’t even matter…I will be buying this set for two reasons: Coulson and Lola.

    • Detroit Steel, in the comics, was a Hammer Industries armor proposed to the military to replace Stark Industry’s product. At the time, Stark was suffering a self-imposed brain degeneration problem and on the run from Norman Osborne, then a high-ranking American bureaucrat. If I remember correctly, Pepper Potts as Rescue and Rhodey (War Machine) fought the Detroit Steel team (a squad of armored contractors employed by Hammer Industries.

      It wasn’t the most compelling Iron Mar story line. >:-D Justin Hammer wasn’t even the man in charge of Hammer Industries at the time. It was two women, one the niece (?) of Obadiah Stane.

  4. Outside of like the Mandarin and maybe Iron Monger and Whiplash, I don’t think Iron Man has many villains that would be “famous” in a mainstream sense. Particularly since the Lego sets tend to be aimed at kids.

    • Ha, on the joking side, from both comic and movie lore, Tony Stark’s most fearsome adversary is “the demon in a bottle.” >:-D Comics actually did some hardcore story-line back in the 70s and 80s. IIRC, Stark’s alcoholism is what led him to cede the armor to Rhodey in the early 1980s (before there was War Machine, Rhodey masqueraded as Iron Man for a while). But, yeah, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Lego’s “Demon in a Bottle” Iron Man set, featuring Tony Stark, a bathroom mirror, and a green translucent Lego bottle!