2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Sandman Series Released!

Ordinarily I wouldn’t write up a whole article just because of a couple new low-resolution photos surfacing of a whole series of figures that we already know about, but since we’re in a little bit of a Marvel Legends news drought right now–and these particular low-res photos reveal some details we weren’t previously privy to–I think I need to make an exception! Start saving now–the Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man Wave 1 Sandman Series has now started to be found!

UPDATE: The Marvel Legends 2017 Sandman Series is now up for order online!


The 2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave 1 figures were the first wave of Hasbro 2017 6″ Marvel figures to debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 back in July, and I’ve always considered the series a lock to also be the first 2017 assortment to actually hit stores as well.

I’ve also been calling the series for a possible December 2016/early January 2017 release, and it looks like I overestimated, because the first final packaged photos of the series have now appeared–and they’re coming from collectors who have found the figures early in the United States!

Marvel Legends 2017 Ms. Marvel Figure PackagedPackaged samples of the Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan and Shocker figures were both on display at NYCC 2016 last month, so there’s no surprises with those two figures or the overall packaging for the series, but this group shot of the entire set does confirm the accessories that will come with the figures and a few other informational nuggets about the wave…

NYCC 2017 Ms. Marvel Marvel Legends Figure Cardback

  • Ms. Marvel is the only figure in this wave that will have her own logo on the box and not the generic Spider-Man logo (in the same way as Iron Fist’s logo was on his box in the Doctor Strange series). Kamala will have alternate Embiggened arms as well as regular arms.
  • Symbiote Spider-Man will contain fists and wall-crawling interchangeable hands, but no web-shooting hands.
  • Shocker will have Havok’s effects pieces cast in pearlescent yellow plastic.
  • Jackal, All-New Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-UK will come with no accessories beyond their BAF parts.
  • The new Marvel Legends Green Goblin will come with a pumpkin bomb and his goblin glider along with Sandman’s head–no unmasked Norman Osborn head this time.

spider-man-marvel-legends-2017-black-costume-spider-man-figure-packagedThe parts breakdown for the Marvel Legends Sandman Build-A-Figure is as follows:

  • Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan with Sandman Torso
  • All-New Spider-Man 2099 with Sandman Right Arm
  • Spider-UK with Sandman Left Arm
  • Symbiote Spider-Man with Sandman Mace and Hammer Hands
  • Marvel’s Jackal with Sandman Right Leg
  • Marvel’s Shocker with Sandman Left Leg
  • Green Goblin with Sandman Head


It was rumored that there might be an alternate head for the Sandman figure coming, but if these packaged photos are any indication, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. If it’s in the package with Green Goblin at all, it’s totally obscured by the glare–all I see in there is the pumpkin bomb, personally. Anyone wanting a less-crazed Sandman head may have to repaint the SDCC 2016 Exclusive Sandman head.

UPDATE: A clear photo of the packaged Green Goblin Marvel Legends 2017 figure taken by Lorne C. in Florida confirms the existence of a regular Flint Marko Sandman head packed with the Green Goblin!

Marvel Legends Shocker Packaged NYCC 2016The Spider-Man Legends 2017 Wave 1 Series should be up for order online by December 2016, with an anticipated arrival date in the United States by sometime in December. As the wave has now been spotted in a local store in Florida, these are obviously due to start hitting all over the country any time now. Keep your eyes peeled, as I’ll post updates here and to the Marvel Toy News Facebook Page and Twitter Feed once more release details are available.

Are you happy that this first wave of Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man six inch figures is arriving sooner than later, Marvel collectors, or were you (and your wallet) enjoying this brief respite after more Marvel 6″ figures were released in 2016 than ever before?


2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Sandman Series Released! — 29 Comments

  1. Gods, that Shocker head is SUCH a let-down….

    I love 2099, Ms. Marvel, Green Goblin, and Sand Man.
    Jackal is alright.
    Spider UK is alright but kinda dull.
    Shocker, Symbiote Spider-Man are both let-downs.

    Real mixed bag of a wave.

  2. Yyyyyeah, no, the new Spidey 2099 costume is still hideous. Sorry, Miguel. Should’a stuck with your Day of the Dead threads.

    The rest of the wave looks great tho! (MS MARVEL YEEEA) I appreciate the fact that Norman’s (Harry’s?) Goblin Glider is completely different from Roderick’s (Jason’s? Ned’s?) and not just a remold.

  3. it doesn’t show up in the picture because of the flash, but green goblin comes with a normal sandman head as well as the damaged one. might also be able to use that for a norman osborn.

  4. I wonder if Hasbro deliberately plans the heroine to pack the torso piece? Though, maybe that’s because the heroine tends to be smaller, with more room to hold the torso.

    • The answer is YES that is intentional. It’s a move to compel peeps to buy the female figure (Besides collectors, the demographic is for boys). Hasbro has been doing this for years.

  5. There were some pictures of GG’s packaging to come out of NYCC. Sandman will have a normal head.

    • She’ll be hard to find, no doubt, but Kamala’s nowhere near the Deadpool-like craze Gwen is.

        • Nor should she be, after having been released for ten months already. But she spent months and months with inflated aftermarket prices, and most collectors are not patient and don’t want to have to wait ten months to get a Kamala for MSRP. =D

      • That’s incredibly debatable. I mean, she’s not quite as ~trendy~ as Spider-Gwen (which I am 1000% guilty of being on that bandwagon; I blame her unique and awesome costume and incredible solo series) but she’s still astoundingly popular, and as a staple of modern Marvel, she might be in similar demand to Spider-Gwen or Deadpool.

    • I hope so too. I did finally find a spider Gwen on amazon for regular price. Still can’t find a Silk though

  6. it definately comes with a alternate head. If you look just above the glare you see it groving down, like there is something packed there.

    • If you’re talking about Gobby, then no. He comes with two alternate heads for Sandman, one neutral and one half-sand. No Norman or Harry head this time around.

      Dang it, I wish we were getting heads for Norman AND Harry. I’d buy two, not gonna lie.

  7. Fact checking time. Good thing I have a great memory.

    1. Dwight confirmed in an interview before the show that there wouldn’t be a norman osborn head.
    2. There were in package shots of the whole wave from a separate interview, the one where they listed off what figures they would like to make including War Machine with a tank for a body. The alternate head was seen there.
    3. It was also confirmed at the con that this would be the first 2017 wave.

    Honestly, I’m pissed that he doesn’t come with regular arms too. Especially since most of the figure is reused. This would be the 6th use of the Terrax mold, and this reuses the head from the ddcc sandman, which used all of itself besides the head from Absorbing Man! They could have packed a regular arm and leg together, especially because the figures that have the legs don’t have any accessories. So close to a perfect Sandman figure. And why can’t they give all figures accessories? Like, give Jackal a vial or fists or something as accessories. Extra hands for the others too. But then again all 3 of those that don’t have accessories are 100% new molds. Great wave overall though.

    • I agree with you. The regular arms should have been included. I get the sanded hammer & mace hands, but come on… I don’t even need that alternate head. Just give the regular arms.

  8. Before anyone starts trippin’ about the lack of web shooting hands for Symbiote Spider-Man, keep in mind (for those that don’t know, but just collect) he shot his webbing from the top of his fists back then.

  9. Does anybody know, where the figures are coming up? I am from Germany, does overseas mean in Germany? 😀

    No, did not find it somewhere here… so far.

    • i do not know where this wave in particular is found, but most of my recent spiderman figures were found at walmart.

  10. 2099 and Symbiote for sure, maybe Spider-UK(even I don’t really love that character) and Green Goblin.

  11. Not that I don’t love seeing new Marvel Legends figures so regularly, but my credit card is definitely feeling the pinch with the sheer volume of product that has come down the pipe. I kinda feel Hasbro should pace their releases a bit so we the customers can catch up.

  12. Does anybody know where this wave or the space venom wave has been found, I am trying to get these waves before Christmas. I also live in Florida so that may help.