Marvel Legends 2016 4″ Wave 1 Case Ratios & Up for Order! 

2016 is off to a fast start, with the first wave of this year’s 6″ Marvel Legends figures already in our hands, and new products from Sideshow, Hot Toys and more already revealed. But one line that hadn’t landed yet was the newly- rebranded 4″ Marvel Legends 2016 figures… at least, not until now: the Hasbro Marvel Legends 4″ Wave 1 figures are now up for order! And not only does the series itself include eight figures–but so does the case pack…!

Marvel Legends 2016 4 Inch Wave 1 Case Ratios

Well, with this pre-order now officially allowed by Hasbro, let the floodgates of confusion truly open. Yes, it’s true: in 2016, the Marvel Universe/Marvel Infinite Series 3.75″ figure line has been rebranded as Marvel Legends–the same name as the longest-running 6″ comic book figure line in history. Cool, huh?

But the new name of the line isn’t the only change–the case size has also undergone a transformation! Apparently, the days of twelve figures per case are gone, and the days of eight 4 inch figures per case have arrived!

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel 4 Inch FigureThe case ratios for the first wave of 3.75″ Marvel Legends are as follows:

  • (1) Captain Marvel Carol Danvers
  • (1) Triton
  • (1) Ulik
  • (1) Spider-Man Noir
  • (1) Yondu
  • (1) Iron Man Mark I
  • (1) House of M Spider-Man
  • (1) Black Panther

Marvel Legends 2016 Black Panther Figure Packaged…Well, how about that! One per case of all new (or newly-painted) figures. Way to go, Hasbro! I could get used to this!

For those keeping track at home, five figures in this series are new to the line (Ulik, Yondu, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man Noir and Triton), whereas three of the figures are straight up repaints of past releases (Black Panther, House of M Spidey and Mark I Iron Man). Not only that, but this is the first time that articulated figures of Ulik, Spider-Man Noir and this classic version of Yondu have ever been released in action figure form by any company! Not bad, right?

Marvel Legends Yondu Figure

Overall, I think this is a very strong inaugural wave, as it contains hot characters like Spider-Man Noir and Captain Marvel, and even the straight repaints like Black Panther and Spider-Man House of M haven’t been available in quite some time.

I was definitely not going to continue collecting this scale if the rumored price increase to $19.99/figure came to fruition, but as that was a clerical error and the price has remained around $12.99 each, I’ll continue to support this series at least through this solid first wave. In fact, since every figure is at least somewhat different from past releases–even the repaints–I went ahead and ordered the whole case!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir Figure The 4″ Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 1 series is now up for order, and is expected to ship out in January 2016. Yes, that’s right–January 2016. As in this month. Get ready–because the rechristened Hasbro 4″ Marvel line is heading to online retailers (and possibly brick-and-mortar stores) later this month!

What do you think of the 8-figure lineup for the 3 3/4″ Marvel Legends 2016 Series 1 set? Do you like the idea of each case containing one of each of eight figures, or did you prefer two of each figure and cases of 16? Which figures from this wave–if any–are on your buying radar?


Marvel Legends 2016 4″ Wave 1 Case Ratios & Up for Order!  — 10 Comments

  1. The 19.99 price was a mistake because of the figures being called Marvel Legends, it was fixed a while ago.

    • $13 for a 3 3/4 inch figure is still too much. (I’m showing my age here) But back in my day, figures were $1 per inch. Yes people make double what they used to back then, but prices should still be under $10 if they kept it around $2 per inch. A product line will lose me when they start charging over $10 for 3 3/4 inch figure. Just another reason to go for the value six-inchers. At that size you can get better sculpts, which will increase my dollar per inch ratio. Still not rich enough for Hot Toys (and the like). Those are just INSANE prices.

  2. i like that theres an 8 figure wave even tho i don’t want any of these characters. More xmen and xmen villains please…and about 5 more spiderman villains left

  3. Dumbest idea ever calling these Legends! Legends have always been and always should be the larger 6″ figures! I also want to say that I appreciate that Hasbro is finally bringing in some true long time “legends” such as Tigershark, Whirlwind, etc. Please continue with this trend as we older collectors are tired of seeing the same figures released over and over but never some of the real legends of Marvel. Let’s see Melvin Potter version of Gladiator, Mr. Hyde, Cobra, Man Ape, a really correct Dragon Man with Diablo, Mangog, etc. New characters are fine and I fully understand but it takes time and history to be called a Legend!

    • I’m totally with your point of the Legends Series being reserved for true, actual legends. Some of the characters they chose have been our for such a short amount of time, that calling it a legend kind of goes against their choice for using the word “legend” as a product line.

      Size isn’t an issue for me (although the price is a bit high for 3 3/4 inch figures).

    • Methinks you have forgotten your history(which often repeats itself) Toybiz already did this. Smaller sized action figures of marvel legends with the exception that Toybiz had the foresight to differentiate with a subtitle “Showdown”

      “Marvel Legends Showdown (initially named Marvel Superhero Showdown) is a collectible tabletop game in which the primary component is action figures and cards.”

      “It was released in 2005 with two starters and two waves of five boosters each. The set was renamed Legends Showdown to tie it in to the popular Marvel Legends figures.
      Toy Biz changed its name to Marvel Toys and then sold the rights to all Marvel action figure properties to Hasbro. Marvel Legends Showdown was not one of the product lines that transferred over.”



  4. See, what I really want is an ACTUAL Legends Spider-Man Noir. I appreciate that he’s getting a new figure, but I swore off 3.75-inch Marvel figures in favor of 6-inch ones a while go.

    Also, that headsculpt is… suspect.