Marvel Legends 2016 Taskmaster Figure Review & Photos

If I was a patient man, I’d probably have been content with my online order for the Marvel Legends Red Onslaught series which was scheduled to ship in two weeks. But I am not, and I was not. And so, I drove around like a crazy person for three hours this morning and finally hit the jackpot, completing the entire wave in one morning. My 2016 Captain America Legends reviews begin right now: with the hotly-awaited Marvel Legends Taskmaster figure!

Marvel Legends 2016 Taskmaster ReviewThe Right:

When I heard that the ML Red Skull Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure series had been spotted in some stores last night, I sort of shrugged my shoulders laxly, satisfied with the knowledge that I already had the wave pre-ordered online.

Then I woke up bright and early this morning and forsook everything I had planned for the day and spent hours on the road, culminating with finding the new Marvel Legends 2016 Taskmaster figure at a Toys R Us an hour and a half away.

It was worth it.

2016 Marvel Legends Taskmaster Figure PackagedTaskmaster has long been one of my favorite villains in the Marvel Universe, largely because of his photographic reflexes being one of the neatest powers around (and yes, I also loved that ability in Season 2 of “Heroes”, and never forgave that show for dropping Monica’s character).

Toybiz did a solid classic Taskmaster Legends figure many years ago, and I wasn’t sure there was a large enough fan base to make producing his Udon costume worthwhile. But now that I have this Taskmaster to review, I’m exceptionally glad he exists.

Captain America Civil War Legends Taskmaster 6 Inch FigureNot only does this look more like a ninja than the standard version of this character, but it’s got the articulation to back it up: double-jointed knees and elbows, ankle rockers, swivel thighs and biceps, ball-jointed head, shoulders and hips, upper torso ab crunch, swivel waist… this Taskmaster has almost every point of articulation one could ask for.

Unlike some ML figures, the articulation is well-hidden and doesn’t detract from the visual of the character at all. In addition, all of the joints are nice and tight, with no stickiness or quality-control problems to speak of. I’m not usually the type of person to pose and repose my toys, but this is definitely one I can see myself picking up and moving around regularly.

Taskmaster Marvel Legends 2016 Action FigureAnd while the outfit for this Taskmaster Udon suit isn’t 100% accurate to the source material (particularly the legs), it’s really quite close without Hasbro having to tool new unique molds that wouldn’t be useful anywhere else.

Back of Hasbro ML Taskmaster 6 Inch Action Figure 2016The Marvel Legends Taskmaster figure includes four total accessories: an extra head (with hood), the Red Onslaught BAF Red Skull head, a sword and a shield. That’s a pretty beefy load out, and as such, I won’t bemoan the lack of removable pistols from his web gear.

Hasbro Marvel Legends 6" Taskmaster Figure and AccessoriesThe paintwork on Taskmaster’s shield is gorgeous, with all of the lines applies perfectly. Like Captain America’s shield (because it is Captain America’s repainted shield), the shield can be attached to Taskmaster’s back, clipped to his wrist or held on his hand.

Meanwhile, the sword had a black hilt and a translucent red-orange blade. Even in this iteration, Taskmaster wielding as energy sword seems a bit weird to me. Even so, the sword looks awesome and fits tightly into his hand. I may trade this out for a standard sword in my display, but it really is a fun weapon.

Udon Taskmaster Head Marvel Legends Captain America Infinite Series

Finally, the Udon head. Though it’s the more “correct” head for this figure, the Udon Taskmaster head isn’t for me, although I do think it’s pretty cool to have the option of transforming Taskmaster into pre-Cyborg General Grievus whenever I want (man, those were the golden days of Hasbro Star Wars figures).

While I imagine the majority of collectors won’t be utilizing the Udon head very often (opting for the classic skull head instead), it’s nicely-sculpted and a terrific addition that really makes this figure feel complete.

Marvel Legends Udon Taskmaster 6" Figure with Sword and ShieldThe Wrong:

I could choose to complain about Hasbro not giving us a cape for Taskmaster, just to have something to fill space here–but honestly, this figure doesn’t need one (and authentically should not have one).

Nothing springs to mind that really bothers me about this new 6″ Taskmaster Marvel Legends figure, so I’m content to not complain. If you’ve got a bone to pick with this figure, though, leave a comment on this review and let me know.

Marvel Legends Civil War Mercenaries of Mayhem Figures Close-UpOverall: For whatever reason, I really wasn’t enthusiastic about this Captain America Legends Taskmaster figure–right up until I had it in-hand. With two excellent weapons and two stellar head choices, plus a striking design and ample articulation, this is a rare Hasbro figure that I really think could not have been much better than it is. I won’t give the Taskmaster an ‘A+’ because of the non-removable pistols and inaccurate legs, but otherwise, this is the definitive action figure of Taskmaster in this costume, and an outstanding toy overall.



Marvel Legends 2016 Taskmaster Figure Review & Photos — 11 Comments

    • They work… really well? Marvel Legends have some of the best ankle rockers I’ve ever seen already, so I didn’t really notice them, honestly. =D

      The ankle articulation is excellent, as always.

  1. Good call on this wave hitting ToysRUs today. I managed to pick up the whole wave, case fresh, on my way to work. Thanks!

  2. Given that my favorite appearances of Taskmaster were his Udon miniseries and Gail Simone’s Deadpool and Agent X runs, I’ll probably be sticking the alternate head on him and leaving the “main” head in the accessory bin.

    Actually, I might take that head and see if I can’t put together a custom All-New Ghost Rider figure. It’s not a perfect match, but it’s close enough, and Robbie Reyes DESPERATELY needs a figure because in terms of Cool Factor, no previous Ghost Rider even comes close.

    Incidentally, are the hoods glued to the heads? I’m wondering if I can take the hood off the Udon Taskmaster head to recreate his appearance in that animated Avengers movie where he fought Cap and Iron Man. That looked pretty cool.

  3. I could be wrong, but I think this is Taskmaster’s current costume, both in comics and in other media: he’s worn both this costume and his classic costume in Ultimate Spider Man, and this same costume was seen in a terrible CGI DTV called ‘Captain America & Iron Man: Heroes United’. Where, strangely enough, and probably to save on mouth movements, he had his UDON mask!…though with the hood down for no discernible reason. Weird.

    • From what I’ve looked up this is an amalgamation of the animated movie and spider man show costumes but not fully accurate to either. I don’t think he wore this or anything like this in the comics.

  4. “While I imagine the majority of collectors won’t be utilizing the Udon head very often (opting for the classic skull head instead)”
    You can’t be serious here right? I mean we have been waiting for this Udon Tasky forever. The head is what makes him cool, we’ve had loads of classic Taskmaster already. Udon is what got me into the character and the first time he didnt have look lame. That head is the reason he is going for $80 on ebay right now.

  5. Just came across this review. Looking at the character design, with the classic skull head in place, it looks like the overall design is a nod to the character design on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Comparing the legs of the figure to a screenshot of Taskmaster from that cartoon clinches it for me.

  6. Okay so I have a couple different shelves for my marvel legends (spiderman shelf, marvel heroes shelf, marvel villains, movie shelf, and ultimate universe).
    When I see this figure, I think of the ultimate universe…
    Is this taskmaster from Earth 616 universe, or the ultimate universe?
    Is this the modern costume?
    And what universe is the udon head from?
    Ugh my ocd is killing me on where to put him! Lmfao
    Thanks in advance