Marvel Legends Deadpool Figure Up for Order Individually!

UPDATE 12/24/2016: It’s a Christmas miracle! After being in and out of stock and instantly sold out for nearly half a year, the long-awaited solid cases of X-Men Legends Deadpool six inch figures are finally reaching online and specialty stores! Given the insatiable demand for Deadpool, I still don’t know if these are going to be enough, but for now, Marvel Legends 6″ Deadpool is finally in-stock as a single figure online! It’s extremely unlikely that Hasbro will go back into production with this action figure again, so if you still need one (or multiples for customs), now’s the time!

ORIGINAL: While the X-Men Marvel Legends 2016 series is almost unquestionably one of the best (and best-selling) waves of Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures ever, having eight different figures in the wave caused some logistical challenges, as each figure could only be packed one-per-case. A certain insanely popular Merc-with-a-Mouth has been immensely difficult to obtain at a fair price as a result, but Hasbro has heard collectors’ cries and is going back into production: the Marvel Legends Deadpool figure is back up for order individually!

Marvel Legends Deadpool Figure Packaged

In a year where the Deadpool movie became among the highest-grossing R-rated movies of all-time, demand is off-the-charts for the first single-packed red costume Deadpool Marvel Legends 6″ action figure to be released in many years. In fact, this is the first time that Hasbro has ever mass-released (no, the short-run Europe X-Force Deadpool repaint absolutely does not count) a 6″ Deadpool Legends action figure in his red costume as an individual figure!

And so, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, the Hasbro X-Men Legends Deadpool figure instantly became one of the most sought-after and difficult-to-acquire Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures ever as soon as it launched. Even after being in circulation for months, Deadpool sells for $40+ regularly and many collectors simply can’t afford him.

x-men-marvel-legends-deadpool-figureHasbro isn’t blind to the thousands upon thousands of Deadpool fans out there that are dying for their own Wade Wilson figure, though. And as such, they’ve already gone back into production on the Deadpool Marvel Legends 2016 figure, with whole cases of Wade scheduled to arrive at online and specialty stores this winter (with an expected arrival date in between November and January)!

Now, to be clear, don’t expect to stroll into Toys R Us in December and find shelves beautifully stacked with rows of ML Deadpool figures. Hasbro straight cases don’t work that way. The full cases of individual figures rarely go to regular chain stores, and are almost exclusively purchased by online toy stores an comic book stores.

Marvel Legends X-Men Deadpool Figure and AccessoriesThe Civil War Black Panther figure was available in solid cases for several weeks as a pre-order as well, but those cases sold out and T’Challa has once again become somewhat tough and expensive to track down. If you’re still missing this year’s Deadpool action figure and want him to regular retail price, I’d advise locking down a pre-order right now while they’re still open. 

As of writing there are no other X-Men Legends figures known to be receiving reissues in full cases, although I would think Wolverine and Rogue would be strong contenders if Hasbro decided to make more solid case packs. In addition, though she’s not part of the X-Men Marvel Legends wave, there are a lot of collectors who are desperately seeking the Civil War Scarlet Witch figure,

Any readers out there still need one (or more!) of this year’s Hasbro Deadpool toy and planning to pick it up while orders are open for Wade individually? What other 2016 Marvel Legends characters–if any–do you think need to get the full case treatment?


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  1. Still looking for Scarlet Witch – was she ever available for pre-order individually online?

    • Also missed the notification from Hasbro Toy Shop delivered around 5:30 AM today stating that Deadpool was available for order online. Looks like it’s sold out now.

    • No–She’s the only figure from that wave that hasn’t been available in solid cases from Hasbro, believe it or not.

  2. I’m wondering: do you think that Hasbro will do this treatment for the Marvel Legends Civil War Scarlet Witch figure? It’s been difficult to track her down too.

    • I’d like to think that that’s in the cards, but it’s weird that Hasbro has sold specialty stores straight cases of every character from Cap Wave 3 EXCEPT Scarlet Witch. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but it doesn’t look very positive at the moment.

      • Yeah exactly! I actually emailed Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore about that and they said that it’s purely up to the distributors (i.e. Hasbro) at the moment…but I would think that a character like Wanda would sell a lot better individually then let’s say The Age of X Captain America. But we’ll see. I guess I have to just keep on waiting…patience and late nights was how I was able to finally snag a Deadpool for under $40.

      • Why?

        Do they really think that people are going to be clamoring for a D-list member of the Serpent Society or a version of Red Skull from a kids’ animated series over a fan-favorite character from Marvel Studios’ most successful movie since The Avengers?

        For real?

        • The fact that Hasbro didn’t solicit solid cases of Scarlet Witch when they did solicit cases of The Eel and Iron Skull makes me feel like they’re not planning on doing so. It’s never a good sign when every figure in a wave gets a solid case assortment announced EXCEPT ONE and there’s still no change a month later, unfortunately.

          • Well, at least getting an MCU Dr. Strange wasn’t too much of a hassle. With Black Panther and now Scarlet Witch, Falcon, and the Winter Soldier being relatively difficult to track down, the fact that he’s still available for $19.99 on Amazon and other outlets is at least a breath of fresh air.

        • It almost makes you wonder if that is done intentionally. Surely they would anticipate the demand for a movie figure over the Eel.

          • I was wondering why EE and BBTS never had Scarlet Witch up for pre-order. Thanks for the info on that. What I don’t get is, why has Amazon not had ANY of that wave up? As far as I knew, the Captain America Wave was supposed to be out after the X-Men wave, but since that one went up, we’ve seen the Spider Man and Dr. Strange waves go up, but nothing for Cap. I’ve been checking every day in the hopes of landing Scarlet Witch, but I get the feeling they’ll finally go up around 3:15 EST, when I’m sleeping because, I DO have to go to work, and be sold out by the time I wake up. Really poor job on Hasbro’s part when you consider the demand for the movie figures.

          • The Cap Legends Wave 3 figures have yet to fully arrive and hit distribution. I would assume that eventually we’ll see this wave in mass, just like the Hulkbuster wave last year. When, I do not know…

  3. Thank you for posting this and having me NOT pay $60 at one of my local comic stores. Also, thanks for EE with the pre-order, I hope everyone comes through on their end with this.

    • EE is the online retailer that I trust the most. They rarely if ever cancel orders, as they’re a distributor themselves and give their customers first dibs over wholesalers. Your Deadpool is about as secure as it can be through them. =D

  4. I’d love to see Hasbro do a few more takes on Deadpool, since there’s so many they could do- I bet you they’d all be sales successes, too. None of ’em would be pegwarmers. X-Force Deadpool, X-Men Deadpool, Blue-On-Yellow X-Men Deadpool- even if they were all lazy repaints, I’d buy ’em all.

    Ooh, how about a Classic Deadpool? Or First Appearance Deadpool, that’d be fun.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Marvel Legends Deadpool series in the cards for late 2017/2018…

      • I can imagine how the conversation in the Hasbro offices will go.

        “We already released a Deadpool figure in the first X-Men wave, that’s enough, right?”
        “I suppose, if you don’t like the idea of making so much money we could swim in it, Scrooge McDuck style.”


        For real though, Deadpool could totally carry a Legends line on his own, but it’d also be a great way to get some other Deadpool variants out there as well as some fan-favorite characters like Domino, Lady Deadpool, Agent X, I dunno, maybe a classic Cable? It’d certainly be a fun wave and I’d probably be all-in.

          • Now that we’ve got my favorite costumes for Cyclops and Colossus in the pipeline, Domino is tops on my list of “characters I want to see in the next X-Men wave”, right up there with 90’s Jubilee and George Perez Beast.

      • Dabid, kind sir, after reading your update last night,I started to use the link and order a Deadpool. Xmas has me trapped out and my figure budget won’t allow for the free shipping quota. Yet, fortune favors the prudent! Lo and behold I make a visit to my Target running errands, and what do I find on the shelves away from his wave mates hanging on the nearby pegs? Yep. Good ol Wade himself! The Tgt Redshirt asked me.”Hey! Where did you get this?!” Ah,so you know!” I said, “You must be one of us.” LOL! He offered to buy it off me, but I was so focused on my purchase,I barely caught the offer. I told him about the Amazon case packs and that he’d see Wade again being a Tgt associate.

  5. I managed to get ridiculously lucky and find the full wave at a Target I don’t usually go to by sheer coincidence. The whole wave was on the shelf, but I only wanted (and could afford) him and Wolverine. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten luckier with a figure find in my life.

  6. I was lucky enough to walk into my neighborhood wal*mart on a day of no intentional hunt for this wave or any in particular. But the moment i guided the cart towards the isle the wife gave “the look” and I said “I’m just gonna see what’s there, that’s all” and sure enough, there they were. All eight of them in all their glory. Wasn’t hard to decide, of course. I’ve seen as much as $45 – $80 dollars for him ALONE!

  7. I know Deadpool is all the rage right now but the secondary market on this figure has gone nuts! I was one of the first to get a case through BBTS and while he is a great figure, I don’t think it is worth $50+ like many are charging. The joints on mine are very gummy and he feels like he could break easily. He doesn’t hold the swords very well. No doubt the prices will level out once the crazy demand dies down.

  8. My local Walmart has a good bit of the falcon and winter solider exclusive more winter soldier but falcon but we have 4 surrounding Walmarts so but I seen about 2 dead pools each and they’re stocked on cable I’m having problems finding Wanda however when the black panther and civil war mcu figures came out it usually isn’t until it gets close to a movie release date they get another case but I live in tn

    • I also live in TN and was lucky enough to find the entire X-Men wave in Walgreens after I noticed many collectors on Instagram were having success there. I’ve seen several Falcons and Winter Soldiers at Walmart, but no Wandas (or anyone else from that wave). The Walmart a town over from mine just got the Giant Man BAF wave like two weeks ago, so it’ll probably be a while before the next wave makes it to the shelf. I’ve also been seeing many different waves of Marvel Legends (including the X-Men wave) at GameStops in my area.

  9. What’s really odd is, the X-Men line hasn’t even shown up anywhere in the Northeast yet, or at least in my neck of the Upstate New York woods insofar as I can tell. I have checked Wal-Mart and Target both to no avail. I only managed to snag Rogue and Iceman while visiting my aunt and uncle in Georgia Labor Day weekend. So hopefully they will show up around here in the not too distant future.

  10. I went to the gamestop down the street from my house and they had Deadpool for only $23. Not bad for Deadpool. I still haven’t found the Scarlet Witch yet but not really to interested in it. Just the abomination head