Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure Review & Photos GOTG Wave 2

When I asked readers who they wanted to see reviewed first from the new Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 Series that’s begun shipping from online retailers, I was expecting a landslide of votes for Adam Warlock and Nebula. But nope–the masses have spoken, and they want to hear about one of the more controversial (for some reason) BAF choices in quite some time. You have to buy six of the seven figures in GOTG Wave 2 to get her, but the Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure is very much worth it…

Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure ReviewThe Right:

Okay, let’s have the inevitable conversation about the elephant in the room right off the bat: Mantis is the Guardians of the Galaxy Legends Wave 2 Build-A-Figure, and there has been much complaining about it.

Many fans don’t feel Mantis is “big” enough to be a BAF, and that a larger character like Death’s Head II or Ex Nihilo would have been more appropriate. The inherent problem with that is, of course, that neither of those figures is built on a Build-A-Figure body mold.

Mantis Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure PiecesThe mold for either of those characters would have to be completely redone at great expense to facilitate splitting that character up, and such a decision for a D-List character would frankly make zero sense.

Personally, I have no problem whatsoever with Mantis as the Build-A-Figure of this Guardians of the Galaxy series, however. The figure required a huge amount of new, unique tooling that’s extremely expensive for Hasbro to produce, and being the BAF allowed Mantis to be budgeted in with all of the new parts needed to make her outstanding.

Close-Up of Marvel Legends 2017 Mantis Build A FigureAnd make no mistake: this Marvel Legends Mantis figure is definitely outstanding. The head sculpt’s shape and proportions look downright perfect, with her piercing black eyes and antennae making her one of the most unique females we’ve seen in a while.

Mantis build-A-Figure Skirt Guardians of the Galaxy HasbroMantis’ body is every bit as nice as her face–the lines and ridges and folds on her costume look great and add tons of visual appeal to the figure. While the front of her costume looks simple, the textures and details on the sides and back of the Mantis BAF are really exquisite.

Mantis Build-A-Figure Hasbro Marvel Legends 6" 2017Hasbro used a combination of a matte dark green paint and a shiny metallic green paint for the different areas of Mantis’s costume, and the contrast makes for a very attractive looking action figure. The mix of black and green in her hair is also quite snazzy.

Mantis’s right hand is in a pointing gesture position and her left hand is left neutral. This works very well for the character, as it would make zero sense for her to have a closed fist or karate chop hand or anything like that, yet the pointing hand is still available for “action” poses.

Back of Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-FigureAnd on the subject of poses: while Mantis is the member of the Guardians of the Galaxy who least needs to be super-articulated, that doesn’t mean Hasbro wasn’t going to implement the beloved ML super-articulation on her! In fact, her articulation is actually a bit better than most Hasbro females!

The Build-A-Figure has ball-hinge neck/elbows/wrists; swivel biceps/thighs/boots; hinged ankles with rockers; double-hinged knees and ball-jointed upper torso/hips. The swivel biceps made my day, as that’s a point that Hasbro regularly skips on their female figures.

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 Mantis Figure Review BAFThe Wrong:

If I’m not nitpicking, I’m not happy. But in this case, there’s really very little for me to nitpick. The lack of swivel waist and double-jointed elbows grates on me a bit (as it always does with Marvel Legends female figures), but Mantis is a character that doesn’t need that extreme articulation.

I couldn’t even think of an accessory I’d want for Mantis–the hand choices for her are perfect, and there’s no alternate head that I’d want to display her with.

Mantis’ skirt is tightly attached to her waist, she can stand up stably with no issues, her paint applications are all near and clean… really, I’ve got nothing to complain about, so I guess I’ll just shut up now.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Mantis 6" Figure ReviewOverall: I had a moral dilemma about whether to give this Mantis Marvel Legends a perfect grade or not, and ultimately I decided in favor of it. While I’d like a swivel waist and double-jointed elbows, Mantis is a character that simply doesn’t need that kind of flexibility. The sculpt and paint deco on the Mantis BAF are both out of this world fantastic, and the super-articulation that is present is more than she needs, honestly. She may not be the biggest Build-A-Figure in the land, but Mantis is a tremendous, well-done action figure.



Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure Review & Photos GOTG Wave 2 — 10 Comments

  1. I know the MANTIS in GOTG2 isn’t much like her comic counterpart, but her comic incarnation would DEFINITELY require ultimate articulation since she is a martial artist of the absolute highest ability.
    Name a martial artist or combatant in comics… MANTIS could probably defeat them.
    So a COMIC version had better have extreme articulation and extra karate-chop hands.

    I would like a MANTIS figure, but I’m not going to buy the whole set of these to get her.
    (I mean, I ALSO want an ADAM WARLOCK but I think I’ll wait and get them as singles eventually.)

  2. I’m still impatiently waiting for my Mantis set to arrive (Tuesday!)

    Thanks for posting this, it’s has simultaneously helped and also made the wait worse.

  3. I just wish Mantis had been a better character in the movie.
    She’s basically just a prop for Drax to make jokes with.
    They better give her her real powers and make her a badass in the next movie.
    She’s a badass martial artist, not too far behind characters like Iron Fist, Captain America, Wolverine, and Karnak.
    She’s also supposed to be pyrokinetic.

    I’m glad it’s a great figure, but still annoyed that she’s the BAF.
    It’s hard to justify buying a whole wave of figures that I half don’t care about (MCU Gamora, Death’s Head 2, Ex Nihilo and ANOTHER Star-Lord are all hugely skippable figures) just to get a really nice figure of a character that is a glorified prop for Drax…

    I almost might just grab Nebula, Rocket, and Warlock and just skip the rest.
    And I almost NEVER skip anything….

      • She’s an upgrade, sure, but MCU Gamora’s character design is boring and generic as hell. X-Men move-level generic black leather.
        I have the classic 616 Gamora. Until they do a white armor 616 Gamora or give her an MCU design that’s actually good, I don’t need her.

  4. He thinks her costumes in both this movie and the last are boring. I don’t agree, but I can see what he means.

    • ???
      She wasn’t in the last movie.
      And who is “he”? Nobody on this page called her costume “boring”.

      • I thought I responded to Phillip Calaway talking abiut Gamora, but apparently, the comment system messed up and posted my reply separate from any other comment.

        • Er, not responding TO Phillip Calaway, but responding to Chumn Li, who had replyed to Phillip Calaway, in an attempt to explain Phillip’s comment.