Marvel Legends Exclusives Released! Mary Jane! Invisible Woman!

In a day and age where it’s tough to even get all stores to put out ther street-dated Star Wars figures on Force Friday, an unplanned near-simultaneous nationwide release on a new exclusive feels like a minor miracle. But that’s just what we got this week, when the Marvel Legends Mary Jane & Spider-Man two-pack began hitting Toys R Us stores from coast to coast all on the same day! And they’re not the only new exclusives hitting shelves–the fabled Marvel Legends Invisible Woman has now become visible!

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Mary Jane Set Released in the U.S.

On Thursday of this week, I saw the first sighting reported of the Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man & Mary Jane set pop up on line from California. No big deal–we’re used to seeing new toys pop up first in CA.

But–! Within hours of that sighting, photos of the MJ two-pack (with verifying receipts) began appearing from Texas, Illinois, Colorado and more. As unlikely as it seemed, it appeared that the Toys R Us exclusive set was enjoying an obscenely rare release across the country all at once.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Mary Jane Pack In HandEven though my local Toys R Us is, well… horrible… I decided to try my luck and went on the hunt myself to see just how fast the Spidey & MJ Marvel Legends set was spreading. As I expected, there were none on the shelves in the Marvel section.

Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man Mary Jane Sets on ShelfI was halfway out of of the store when I thought to myself “Wait, shouldn’t there be a big Spider-Man Homecoming section in the front of the store?” I took a quick walk and hit pay-dirt, with four fresh sets nice and lined up for me to peruse in the display.

Back of Toys R Us Marvel Legends Mary Jane Spider-Man Two-PackI’m glad there were four sets on-hand, too, because the paint deco quality control on these figures wasn’t the best. Three of the All-New All-Different Spider-Man figures had badly painted chest symbols, so I grabbed the one set with a perfect Spidey (although the Mary Jane figure’s paint apps in that set were slightly imperfect on the jeans and shirt).

Marvel Legends Spider-Man MJ Figures Toys R Us Exclusive SetI’m not sure if I’ll get to a review of these figures promptly (as I have a huge backlog now with Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 having arrived), but at a glance, both figures look like major winners–just scrutinize the paint apps carefully when you choose your set to make sure that you get a good one.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Mary Jane Figures UPC CodeFor those wanting the UPC code for this two-pack to have their local stores look up inventory, you can see it above. The UPC is: 630509548026.

Fantastic 4 Marvel Legends Invisible Woman Released 2017Meanwhile, I’ve been much less successful finding the other new exclusive hitting stores this week: the Walgreens Exclusive Fantastic Four Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure (with HERBIE!).

Marvel Legends 2017 Walgreens Exclusive Invisible Woman Figure and HERBIE RobotNow, for those not familiar with H.E.R.B.I.E., urban legend is that he was created to replace Human Torch in the 1978 Fantastic Four animated series because execs thought kids would light themselves on fire imitating the Human Torch.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman Walgreens Exclusive Figure ReleasedThat myth is (obviously) false, but the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby-created HERBIE the robot remains an important part of Fantastic 4 history, and it’s great getting an awesome new figure of him.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman Released Walgreens Exclusive

I’ve been hearing reports of the new Invisible Woman Marvel Legends exclusive figure spreading from the West coast as far as Connecticut, but I’ve yet to spot her in New England myself (insert invisibility joke here).

With a new exclusive Walgreens Marvel Legends Human Torch figure hitting stores this summer and Mr. Fantastic rumored to hit shelves next year, now is the time to hit Walgreens stores relentlessly and begin building your new F4 lineup with Sue Storm!

Marvel Legends Mary Jane Spider-Man Pack Out in TexasHuge thanks to Dave Mora, EJ Allen, Ben Anastacio, Patrick Vallejos, Oliver James and Julio Esparza , who all gave me permission to run their photos of these new figures in this article alongside my own. You guys are the best!!

Sound off, Marvel collectors! Have you founded the Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Mary Jane set and/or the Invisible Woman yet in your area? And if so, what do you think of the figures?


Marvel Legends Exclusives Released! Mary Jane! Invisible Woman! — 20 Comments

  1. Just wanted to leave a comment that I only got into collecting Marvel Legends this past maybe six months, and this site does a phenomenal job keeping fans up to date about new releases and information–the Spidey/MJ two-pack was the first time that I was following your site and was able to run out and find one of these exclusives at a retail site right after release instead of chasing it all over the internet. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it!

    I found the two-pack at the local TRU in Massachusetts (North Shore/Peabody). They had a decent amount of Legends stock overall, actually.

  2. So, I’ve heard the “Herbie replaced Torch because they feared kids would burn themselves” theory you mentioned many times over the years, but if it’s false as you say, what’s the real reason Torch wasn’t in the classic cartoon?

    Why would they leave an original and key team member out of that cartoon series if not for the “urban legend” mentioned above? I’ve really never heard any other reason. I’d really be interested in knowing,

    • It was due to a rights/license issue. Marvel had sold the rights off to universal so ol’ matchstick was off limits.

  3. The Spidey and MJ sold out before I could get them online tried to go to my local TRU but they were sold out too I hope they restock was really looking forward to this set

  4. I just casually walked into a Walgreens Monday morning and do me six invisible women to my surprise, grabbed the best one which was actually only one, and left the others for the sheep.

  5. I came across Invisible Woman at my local walgreens yesterday, or rather just her box. Someone had stuffed a Red Guardian in, minus the BAF and returned it. But the hunt was now on and I got her two stores later!
    Now we just need that Black Panther to start showing up!

    • That is because Robin is Damian Wayne now. Its been that way for a while. But I think you may be even more confused, this is a MARVEL toys site. Batman is DC.

  6. First time commenter. Is this Sue Storm worth the purchase I you already own the FF team-pack from a few years ago (packed with Herbie, minus Human Torch)?

  7. I just picked up the two pack in Maine but I’ve yet to see the Invisible Woman anywhere yet (My local Walgreens only just got the Jim Lee Punsher in the past month.

  8. Yannow, I was considering mostly limiting myself to X-Men, but then Sue Storm came along…

    Hopefully there’ll also still be some Spidey/MJ packs left by the time my birthday rolls around.

  9. Appreciate the info about it being available on line but would be more appreciative if you could be a little more site specific. Thank you.

    • yeah, it can’t really be available anywhere else until the resllers get their deliveries…

  10. I just picked up my Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2 pack from TRU. Toys r Us offered it online with free instore pick up. One of the easiest acquisitions of a figure(s) that I thought I’d never get my hands on.

  11. Yeah, grabbed a couple of sets from different locations. Sold out instantly.