Marvel Legends Misty Knight Review & Photos (Rhino Wave)

At New York Toy Fair 2015 in February, I came to the realization that the Hasbro Marvel Legends brand is now nearly as strong as Star Wars was a decade before, now being able to feasibly produce and sell through the most obscure of characters. And the character that made my have that epiphany is the subject of tonight’s review: Marvel Legends Misty Knight is now available for below retail cost online–should you add her to your collection?

Marvel Legends Misty Knight & Iron Fist FiguresThe Right:

Misty Knight may (or may not) become a household name when she appears in the Netflix Marvel series (starting with Luke Cage), but for now, the very existence of Misty Knight at all seems like arcane knowledge to those who only know Marvel from the MCU.

Even so, Misty has decades of appearances in the Marvel Comics universe as Iron Fist’s love and a central character in the various iterations of the Heroes for Hire, so bravo to Hasbro for adding more diversity to the Marvel Legends 6″ line with her.

Misty Knight Marvel Legends Figure ReviewWhile I’ll be discussing a, uh… ‘less seductive’ aspect of this figure’s head a little later on, the sculpting detail on the Misty Knight Marvel Legends head is outstanding. Hasbro’s sculptors have captured the texture and aesthetic of Misty’s hair excellently. Her trademark headband and earrings are also present on this sculpt, which is one of the more unique heads we’ve seen in recent Marvel figure history.

Spider-Man Legends Misty Knight Figure ReviewAnd even though Hasbro has sometimes succumbed to PC pressure to “censor” the clothing of various female figures they’ve released, Misty Knight’s costume has been captured faithfully–exposed cleavage and all. This character is obviously aimed at hardcore collectors and not children, so the authenticity of the costume is definitely appreciated.

Back of Marvel Legends 6" Misty Knight Action FigureOrdinarily I hate when belts and such are added onto figures and hang loosely as separate pieces instead of being sculpted on, but in this case, the way Misty Knight’s belt hangs across her waist looks really nice and natural.

Misty Knight Holster Removable Gold Gun Hasbro Marvel LegendsIn addition, Misty comes with a removable golden pistol tucked safely in her holster. The gun fits snugly into Misty’s hand or back into her holster, and definitely adds an extra air of danger to the figure when wielded.

Marvel Legends 2015 Spider-Man Misty Knight 6" FigureAnd in case anyone was worried, the standard plethora of points of articulation typical to Marvel Legends figures are present once again: double-jointed knees and elbows, ball-jointed shoulders and hips, ankle rockers and so on. You should be able to achieve most any Misty Knight pose you’ve ever imagined with this 6″ action figure of her.

Misty Knight Marvel Legends Figure with Rhino Build-A-Figure TorsoBecause Hasbro thinks Ms. Knight may be a bit of a tough sell to buyers (justifiably), they’ve packed her with the largest piece of the Rhino Build-A-Figure: the torso. This is a pretty logical choice, and I’m glad for any extra that will help this character succeed at retail.

But just in case not everyone wants their own Misty Knight, you get a choice: the torso is also available with the 6″ Marvel Legends White Tiger figure. I bought both women–and am glad I did–but if you absolutely do not care about one of these characters, you have the option of not buying them. Thumbs up!

Back of Box Spider-Man Legends Heroes for Hire Misty Knight FigureThe Wrong:

There’s honestly only one thing that I seriously dislike about this Hasbro Misty Knight action figure. But unfortunately, it goes beyond being “wrong”. No, this belongs squarely in…

Marvel Legends Misty Knight Eyes Cross-EyedThe Ridiculous:

Hasbro quality control has had its ups and downs in 2015, but the biggest QC fail of the entire year for the Marvel Legends brand is unquestionably the paintwork on poor Misty Knight’s eyes. I thought maybe I just got a bad one, but I’ve heard accounts from dozens upon dozens of other collectors whose figure also has crazed eyes looking in totally different directions.

I don’t know who did the final quality check on these action figures, but hopefully they are now out of a job. At an MSRP of $20 per figure, collectors deserve to have figures that at least have both eyes looking in the same direction.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Misty Knight Figure Close-Up of EyesIt’s a shame that ML Misty Knight has to have crazy derpy eyes, because it mars what is otherwise an exceptional figure.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist and Misty Knight Figures 2015Overall: If it wasn’t for the gross incompetence of the paint applications on her eyes, the Misty Knight Marvel Legends figure would be earning an ‘A’. With her crazy eyes… no. Just no. Even so, Misty Knight is an amazing choice for an action figure, has a terrific new head sculpt, a fun working holster and solid articulation. You may want to repaint her eyes (I will be), but Misty Knight deserves a spot on your shelf.



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  1. My MK had nothing wrong with her eyes. She was the only one to choose from, but I suggest folks try to find more than one MK to pick the figure with the best paint apps. Great review 🙂

  2. Let me ask you, I went to toys r us and picked up a scarlet spider from this build a rhino line, but my scarlet spider is completely wrong. It is spiderman but with a completely differentcostume that I had neverseen before. I got it because I thought it might be a rare variant. Is there any way I can send you a photo and find out what this is? I haven’t taken it out of the packaging, but the hands don’t even look detachable, for the extra hands. Thanks for any help I tecieve.

    • People do this all the time. They buy the figure, replace it with something different , then return it to get a different figure.

      • The funny thing is they didn’t take the build a figure piece or the extra hands and the box has the original tape on it

  3. Yeah, my Cap from the Thanos wave had some seriously derpy eyes as well. In general, that wave had some problems. The MK43 for instance, could’ve really benefitted from cleaner paint apps.

    Not sure about others but I lucked out on the Hulkbuster and Odin waves. Those all “looked” really solid.

    I’m curious about the repainting the eyes mention. As someone who doesn’t do customs or have a lot of modelling tools, I’d love to know what the level of effort is to repaint derpy eyes. If you’re a Legends fan, I suspect we’ll be getting a LOT more of them in the future.

    • Hey, check out Glenn Webb on YouTube. He just recently posted a video: “CUSTOMIZING LIVE Fixing Derpy Eyes” showcasing this exact figure. He also has more customizing vids and more cool stuff. Funny fellow.

      From my own experience, It’s not too hard with a steady hand and patience. Once you get started, you’ll want to fix every messed up figure you have, lol.

  4. She’s an “A+”plus with me!?
    Paint is the last thing I thought the reviewer would take into account.
    If I had to nitpick it would be about her “bionic fist.”
    Where is her cybernetic ARM?
    Not Edward Elric but Misty Knight:The Full METAL Adventurist!?LOL!
    There’s a negative space in the boxes of Misty and White Tiger were extra pairs of hands,(arms in Misty’s case) and heads in White Tiger’s case.
    I’m just going to craft the bionic arm myself.
    I’ve got good paint on my copies eyes and plan on buying others to customize(since I couldn’t get my hands on a certain Ms.Monroe at retail)
    So,even if I get a bad paint app it’s all good.I’m just going to paint it anyways?
    Thank you,Hasbro! Keep up the great work!?

    • Misty’s cybernetic ARM is covered by her sleeve, of course! But her eyes are far less concealed, sadly! =P

      • Hey! Sunglasses! ?duh!)Thanks for the tip,Dabid! Brilliant custom idea.?
        As for the prosthetic arm: in real life artificial limbs are made to blend in and be inconspicuous as possible especially the new ones like the students at UCF printed. Then there are the flashy ones like the IronMan version RDJ presented to that kid on YouTube!?
        That’s what I’m talking about.
        Misty’s arm was made by Stark,so it stands to reason that Hasbro could have gone the extra mile to reflect this with weaponized replusor effects,magnetic beams accessories and so forth. They put a lot of effort into her fist that almost looks too big and out of proportion with the rest of her bionic arm hidden by her sleeve(of course)it’s NOT made of flesh,so her tight sleeve wouldn’t compress the metal. ?Just sayin’.