Marvel Legends Mockingbird Review & Photos 2016

When the lineup for the first 2016 Marvel Legends Captain America series was revealed, I was dead certain that Mockingbird, Bobbi Morse, was destined to be the hottest figure in the wave. As things ended up, Taskmaster stole that honor and became the most sought-after figure in the assortment… but not by much! The Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure is selling for a couple bucks above MSRP right now on the aftermarket–and it’s because she’s worth it!

Marvel Legends Mockingbird Figure ReviewThe Right:

As much as I adore the “teenage girl” mold, it’s been used quite a few times in the last two years, and I’m ready for a new and exciting female mold. And as fate would have it, that’s just what Hasbro had in store for us to kickstart 2016!

Bobbi Morse may not be a household name (except in households that watch “Agents of Shield” or where many Avengers comics are read), but she’s one of the few female Marvel Legends 6″ figures in recent years to pioneer a new mold!

Back of Marvel Legends Mockingbird Action FigureThe sculpting work on this new mold is really terrific, and we get some of the most detailed boots (if not the most detailed boots) I can recall seeing in the Legends line. Seriously–the boots are the star of the show here (although the “buttoned” torso is no slouch either).

Mockingbird Marvel Legends 6 Inch FigureAs is necessary to replicate the look from the comics, Mockingbird’s mask/glasses are made of transparent yellow plastic that you can see her eyes through. The paint apps on the eyes are 95% perfect on mine, which I think is pretty good, and the overall aesthetic of the translucent lenses is a positive one.

Marvel Legends 2016 Agents of Shield Sharon Carter & MockingbirdWith all of the buttons on this figure’s torso and the fact that Mockingbird’s color scheme combines white with dark blue, I was prepared to be let down by the paint applications. Gratefully, that’s not the case–like the eyes, I feel like the Hasbro factory got the paint apps here 95% right, with very few uneven lines or missed paint spots. In other words–she looks good!

Marvel Legends Red Onslaught Torso with Mockingbird FigureThe 6″ Mockingbird Marvel Legends figure comes with two accessories (besides the Red Onslaught torso), and they’re the ones that all fans of the character would expect: a pair of batons. These were an essential weapon to include for Bobbi Morse, so I’m very pleased that they’re present.

Mockingbird Marvel Legends 2016 Figure with BatonsWe saw these batons originate with Daredevil at the start of 2015 and appear several times since. While there has been some iffy quality control with the sticks previously, they seem to be hardier and less bendy this time out (though still a more overly large and clunky looking).

Captain America Legends Mockingbird Action Figure Doing SplitsArticulation-wise, Mockingbird is a very solid figure. Not every point of articulation you could want is here (more on that momentarily), but the articulation that is present is adequate to get Bobbi into plenty of dynamic action poses.

She can’t quite do the splits, but the Mockingbird Marvel Legends 6″ figure can still throw a mean karate kick.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Mockingbird Karate KickThe Wrong:

When you take into consideration the fact that Hasbro went out and spent a small fortune on tooling up a whole new body for this figure, you would think Hasbro would have gone all-out and made sure that this female mold was as super-articulated as the best male molds.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite there. For whatever reason, Hasbro left out the double-jointed elbows, swivel biceps and swivel calves that are becoming uniform for the male figures.

Hasbro 6" Marvel Legends Mockingbird FigureI’m not sure if Hasbro isn’t aware that women are as flexible as men or what, but it is annoying to see articulation left out of an otherwise exemplary new female mold like this one.

In addition, even though the “batons” accessory was only introduced last year, I feel like it’s already been done to death. The plastic here is less warped than we usually see for this weapon, but the “connecting” baton peg continues to annoy me.

Marvel Legends Agents of Shield Mockingbird Figure PackagedOverall: The 6″ Marvel Legends Mockingbird figure comes ever-so-close to perfection, but misses the mark by molecules mostly because of a few odd missing points of articulation. Even so, Hasbro put a ton of work and effort into this newly-tooled mold and it shows. It’s not quite perfect, but if you’re even a little bit of a fan of the character, this Mockingbird action figure absolutely deserves your dollars and a spot in your collection.



Marvel Legends Mockingbird Review & Photos 2016 — 7 Comments

  1. Also, her goggles are removable, and she actually looks a little better without them.

  2. With the articulation I agree, except in the case of the swivel calves, since it would ruin the look of the boots. Swivel biceps seem redundant, since she has swivel elbows. One complaint I do have when it comes to the figure is the stiffness of the hair and how it impedes neck movement.

    • Well, she should have bicep rotation and double-jointed elbows instead of swivel-hinge elbows.

      Calf swivel could’ve been pretty well hidden in the boot buckles, but what she should’ve had instead was the new ball-swivel ankles, like Taskmaster.

      Hasbro seems aware of the hair issue, but they don’t seem to have a solution that they like.
      Personally, I dunno why they don’t just go with the softer rubber-ish plastic like Black Cat has, but… *shrug*

    • It’s actually just her goggles making her eyes look funny.
      You can take the goggles off and she looks fine.

      It might have to do with the white on the goggles being badly painted.

  3. It is pathetic how stores and dealers are ripping of customers for brand new, right out the case figures charging “after market” prices. After market is goods no longer available on the original market – the problem is that market is a con as well.