Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Marvel Legends 4″ Figures! Gamora!

While Hasbro blew the minds of Marvel Legends 6″ figure collectors at New York Toy Fair 2016 and impressively debuted the Marvel Legends prop replicas and sixth scale figures at the event, there’s one branch of the brand that didn’t get such a grandiose treatment. Although zero figures we hadn’t seen before were shown off for the Marvel Legends 4″ scale at Toy Fair, I still snapped a ton of photos of Gamora and some of the other upcoming figures…

Marvel Legends Gamora 4" Figure Toy Fair 2016

With Hasbro showing off no less than five brand new series of 6″ Marvel Legends at the 2016 Toy Fair International, I can’t blame 1/18 collectors who feel shafted by the (lack of) Marvel Universe scale figures revealed at the show.

There were a whopping zero–yes, zero–new Marvel Legends 3.75″ figures revealed and on display at this weekend’s event. For movie fans, some 4″ Civil War figures were announced as store exclusives for the summer, but that was literally it for 4″ Legends figures that we hadn’t already seen. Ouch.

Even so, I did my best to take hi-res photos of the few unreleased figures that were on display in the Hasbro showroom.

Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Legends Gamora FigureThe “headliner” of the display was the 2014 Fan’s Choice winner: Gamora, who includes a sword and a blaster gun.

Hasbro New York Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Legends Gamora 4 Inch FigureWhile the Marvel Legends 2016 Gamora figure obviously isn’t even in the same stratosphere of detail as the Sideshow and Diamond Select statues, I’ll be glad to have her in 3.75″ scale to complete the Guardians of the Galaxy.

2016 Toy Fair Marvel Legends Living Laser FigureThe Hasbro Marvel team was really excited about the aesthetic of the Marvel Legends Living Laser figure that hits stores this spring, and I agree–he looks super-cool with his translucent purple plastic. I’m unconvinced that this character will sell very well at under four inches tall and a $13 MSRP, mind you, but he looks fab nonetheless.

New York Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Legends 3 3/4" Figures Vision RageIt’s both funny and kind of sad that six inch collectors have been crying out for a classic-styled Vision action figure and only getting modern versions, whereas one of the handful of upcoming new 3 3/4″ is a classic Vision.

I still can’t believe we’re getting a Rage figure, and he looks great. First Appearance Daredevil is a strong addition to the line as well.

Marvel Legends Spider-Armor Spider-Man 4" FigureI always love the goofiness of the 90’s Spider-Armor Spider-Man, although the limited articulation on his new figure is definitely disappointing.

2016 Toy Fair Hydro-Man Marvel Legends FigureHydro-Man and Quasar also made an appearance from the summer wave, and the two are some of the more impressive Marvel Universe figures in quite some time.

Marvel Legends 4" Quasar Action Figure Hasbro Toy Fair 2016

Can we please get these Quasar and Hydro-Man action figures as 6″ Legends sometime soon, Hasbro? Please? Because these designs are way too good to never make the transition to the larger, more detailed and better-articulated line.

We also got confirmation during the Hasbro Marvel Presentation that the new 4″ Marvel Legends Comic Packs (containing Lady Thor & Odinson, Vance Astro & Sam Wilson Captain America, etc.) are not store exclusives. I’ve seen it misreported elsewhere that these new Comic Packs were going to be Toys R Us exclusives, but that’s not the case–Walmart and other big-box retailers will be carrying the line.

NY Toy Fair 2016 Hasbro Marvel Universe Legends 4 Inch Figures…And that’s really about it. While some of these figures we’d only seen photos of before online and in slideshows, it was definitely disappointing for nothing truly new to be shown at the event. Hopefully we’ll hear about that Lockjaw prototype and a ton of other new figures in the Marvel Universe scale at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

What did you think of the Marvel Legends 4 Inch figures showing at the New York Toy Fair 2016? Are any of the figures shown at the event on your radar for this year, or are you disappointed with the offerings for the smallest branch of Marvel Legends?


Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Marvel Legends 4″ Figures! Gamora! — 25 Comments

  1. Dude I had no idea about that armored spidey. That’s always been my favorite version. I’m personally pretty excited about these new figures. 3.75″ will never get the love that 6″ gets so I’m just happy they haven’t been completely cancelled…yet.

    • They will if they keep raising the price. In fact, when the numbers come in for the first few waves after the $13 price tag was introduced, they will sit back and say, “Our numbers are down. No one is buying this size anymore. We need to stop.” All the while the fans are saying, “Well, we would buy them if they weren’t so damn expensive for such and small toy.” But the powers-that-be don’t understand that.

  2. What a shame. This figure could have been great but Hasbro has dropped the ball with this line. I love this rendition of gamers but this is terrible. Besides the lack of articulation that face sculpt is hideous. I got out of this line after the white queen wave. Sad, what really irked me the most is I waited so long bishop and the blue beast and I was upset to say the least when I finally got the figures the way I got them. It sucks. And in case your reading this Hasbro, I 100 percent have dropped this line because what you have done to it.

    • I dont think so B…
      Hasbro has stepped their game up! Screw the lack of articulation, the character choices, and improved paint applications are so much better…
      So glad to see that the comic packs are coming back!!! This line is here to stay

      • Cthis type of acceptance on your part is sad to. We live in 2016, not 1980 so not “screw articulation” that articulation you are saying screw to is what helped give these figures a large part of there aesthetic and playability. When Conner had this line we already had all those things you mentioned plus articulation. So how are you going to applaud Hasbro at going backwards and giving us less for more money. In the Vonner days, we had great character choices, great pain apps and great bodies and sculpts for the times. Your happy just settling. That’s sad. You can pay 15$ for your craptastic toys that are worth maybe 7$ all you want. Hasbro is not getting my money for this line.

        • Vonner, just stop already. Blackwashing everything didnt make it look nice, it looked dirty.

          • Vision had no wash, storm, wolverine, havok, the few figs that did get a wash didn’t look bad. I guess you never got a vision, lol.

  3. It’s a shame so few of these were shown, but I’ve all but given up on this line anyway. The few stores here that still carry them are still getting the wave with Beast and Sandman.

    • At least you are seeing those. I saw that wave once in stores and nothing new or even another sighting of that wave since, and this was beginning of last year. They keep restocking guardians wave and deaths head wave. Pathetic and sad what they did to this line. I have been into this line since the start of marvel universe. I have every single figure, comic pack and box set including exclusive moc. I’m trying to decide now if I should sell my collection now or wait and see how much the price goes up on some stuff. But I am planning on selling. I have 10 visions that I can sell for 200$ a piece at least. Shit I could buy a decent car after its all sold.

  4. While I’m super excited to see these characters get action figures, I’m so done with the 3.75 inch and have decided to wait for figures to be released in the better, more detailed and articulated 6 inch form. It’s a shame that so many cool characters are getting their first figures released as the less-good 3.75 form before 6 inch.

    • This is what I am doing as well. All about the 6 inch figs. Come on Hasbro, cancel the 3.75 line and put those eggs in the 6 inch legends basket.

  5. It’s funny, I just went tru and came across the new wave with tondo. The collector in me was tempted to buy a few but I just couldn’t do it, not for 14$. I would pay 8$ at the most for any of these.

  6. Love the Quasar and Vision figures for this wave. Hasbro are you listening? 4 inch Marvel Legends figures that need to be made asap: 1)Blue Marvel 2)Terrax 3)Selene 4)Mimic (Exiles version) 5)Spiderman (Ben Reily version) 6)Wolverine (Old Man Logan version) 7)Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell version) 8)Songbird 9)Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor version) 10)Stryfe 11)Nomad (Ian Rogers) 12)Rachel Summers 13)Bastion 14)Bucky (Rikki Barnes version) 15)Nate Grey 16)Annihilus

  7. Some of us at this point have no choice but to keep collecting the 3 3/4″ line because we never started the 6″ line and can’t afford both.