Toy Fair 2016: Marvel Legends 12″ Spider-Man Photos!

Just when I thought that I had covered all of the 6″ and larger Marvel Legends action figures that Hasbro had on display at New York Toy Fair 2016, I remembered that I hadn’t given my impressions of the new 12″ Marvel Legends on display at the event. Not only did I get to see Iron Man and Captain America in person, but a Marvel Legends 12″ Spider-Man figure was announced and leaped into the showroom for photos…

New York Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Legends 12" Spider-Man Figure

When Hasbro announced their new sixth scale Captain America and Iron Man figures prior to the start of the 2016 Toy Fair, I figured that was all they had planned for the first wave of the series.

But while two is a nice number to start a new line with, three is 50% nicer, right? And so, during the Hasbro Brand Entertainment Presentation at the show, the Hasbro Marvel Legends sixth scale Spider-Man swung into the line (and our hearts)!

12" Marvel Legends Spider-Man Action Figure 2016Basically, this ML Spider-Man 12″ figure is everything you would want from a comics-based 1/6 Spider-Man. The sculpting, proportions, articulation and accessories are all superb. I’ve never been fully satisfied with the Hot Toys Spider-Man figures available, so I’m much more excited about adding this guy to my collection than Cap or Iron Man.

Side View of Hasbro Marvel Legends 1/6 Spider-Man FigureLike his wave mates, Spider-Man will feature 30+ points of articulation and come with a variety of worthwhile accessories.

Marvel Legends 12" Spider-Man Peter Park Head AccessoriesAnd by worthwhile, I mean things like “three pairs of interchangeable hands”, “an alternate Peter Parker head” and a “half-pulled up Spider-Man mask head”. I really, really dig the unmasked Peter Parker head–I think this may be the best comics-based Peter Parker head that we’ve ever seen! All we need is a slice of pizza and this guy would be just about perfect!

12" Marvel Legends Captain America Steve Rogers Head Close-UpIn addition to Spidey, the freshly-announced Marvel Legends 12″ Captain America and Iron Man were also on display at show.

Hasbro Toy Fair 2016 Iron Man 12 Inch Marvel Legends FigureIron Man looks polished and shiny, just as he should, but I own a mind-boggling number of 12 inch Iron Man figures already, so he was of the least interest to me. I liked the interchangeable hands and effects pieces that he comes with, but I’m unconvinced by the Tony Stark alternate head.

Toy Fair 2016 12 Inch Captain America Marvel Legends Figure

Cap’s costume is inspired by his “Marvel NOW!” look, although it isn’t completely authentic to that design. Even so, the intricate sculpting detail on Cap’s costume and armor is phenomenal. I think that when collectors complaining about the price on these see them in person, they’ll really be won over.

Cap’s alternate Steve Rogers head was also on display, which looks okay, though still a bit too much like G.I. Joe’s Duke for my tastes.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 12" Figure Packaged 2016 Toy Fair HasbroThe 12 Inch Marvel Legends figures are scheduled to go up for order within a few weeks, and are due out in stores by summer 2016. The $49.99 MSRP on these is a bit pricy by Hasbro standards, but I’m definitely going to try out the Spider-Man and Captain America figures once they’re released to see if this comics-based line is for me.

Which of the first three Marvel Legends 2016 sixth scale figures is your favorite? Are you willing to give the line a try, or at fifty bucks a pop are you passing on the biggest Marvel Legends scale ever?


Toy Fair 2016: Marvel Legends 12″ Spider-Man Photos! — 14 Comments

  1. Well, considering Cap’s Marvel Now! costume changed every time a different artist was drawing him, I think this figure is a happy medium.

    These figures haven’t convinced me to start collecting this new 12″ line (though I have to admit, they all look great), though I might start eventually, and I’m curious to see where this line goes.

    I’ll admit though, I REALLY want that Iron Man in 6″ scale. Seriously, Hasbro, I haven’t been happy with ANY of your attempts at red-and-gold Legends Iron Man figures, and you’ve put out so MANY of them.

  2. I’m definitely going for that Spider-Man! I just pre-ordered the Hot Toys Captain America: Civil War figure and the Die Cast Iron Man Mark 45, so I’d have to see the two Hasbro pieces in person to decide is I want additional 1/6 scale figures of those two, and I’m not crazy about those weird shoulder covers on Capt anyway.

    The Spider-Man is a must for me though.

  3. Considering the top of the line 12″ figures come in at $240-300+ for their versions of these guys, $50 isn’t really that bad. I’ll complain about Hot Toy’s & Sideshow’s prices all day long, so if I thought these Legends are too costly, I’d be the first one to say something. As long as they feel solid in hand and the sculpts and paints look good, I think fifty is an acceptable price.

  4. i can’t move on to the 12″ collecting, the 6″ and star wars 6″ take all my money. BUT as Spidey is my all time favorite superhero (and I like almost all superheroes, so that’s saying a lot) I will probably shell out the 50 for him. The other two look good, but I just can’t justify buying him.

    • same here. i’m too deep into 6″ to add these to the shelves. but i will def be getting spidey based on articulation at that size to square up against my icons venom 12″ i’ve had for the longest time! they look nice and will take away from the neca 12″ for sure but don’t see this line growing more than 3 figs a year max!

  5. These will surely be priced out of a lot of people’s range. I do good to be able to keep up with the 6″ figures. I’m not interested in them, I’ll be sticking with the 6″ ones.

  6. I missed where everyone was saying they’ll be $50. I’ll definitely be skipping over these 12″ figures.

  7. Spider-Man is well expected and accepted I’m eagerly anticipating a ventures in to other character who benefit from this lines sizes awesome spidey I would add him to side show marvel. Fits neat next to iron man . I suggest a 12 inch warpath or archangel xforce variants .yhea warpath was also bulky in other artists renditions

  8. I am in the same dilemma that I am all in on the 6 inch figures but If they end up making 4 or 5 a year I will most likely get them because at least the spiderman looks very well done. If the spidey is any indication of the quality of the line then I am glad to drop 50 bucks 4 or 5 times a year.

  9. These all look pretty sweet, but I’m a 6″ collector so they won’t really sway me, tho I will prob pick up that Spider-Man, since he’s my favorite character. My only two bugaboos are that the Steve Rogers head looks too much like Neal McDonough and that Spidey has BLUE FRICKIN EYES!!!Damn you Tobey McGuire and crappy modern Marvel cartoons, now a generation of Spider-Man fans, and apparently non-giving a s#!+ toymakers think this is canon. ARRRRGGGHHHH! Pick up an OHOTMU for the loveofpete (Sanderson, that is). I’ll be repainting Parker’s baby browns/hazels, but if lazy-ass Hasbro did the tiniest bit of research I wouldn’t bloody have to!

  10. Paint looks really clean, but my copy will almost certainly have loose joints and terrible paint, as do all actions figures I buy, sadly this is not the case for anyone else on the face of the planet.

  11. YES, YES YES!!!! I was sooo bummed when the toybiz/early hasbro 1/6 icons line was canceled. Ther were sooo many characters yet to ne released. $50. Is crazy expensive- but for me personally- I gota have them. I just pre ordered cap from TRUS, and 2 Iron man figures from target. I super pumped for all 3, but the Iron man looks like my favorite so far. I see walmart had the spidey, but is sold out. Are these figures exclusive to these stores? TRUS- ONLY had cap. Target- ONLY had ironman, and walmart ONLY had spidey. Anyone know anything about it?