Toy Fair 2016: LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Bridge Battle Set!

Usually I can fit the entire name of a product into the allowed number of characters for an article title, but such is not the case with this year’s single biggest LEGO Marvel Summer 2016 set: the LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle 76057 (try saying that three times fast). I gained a new appreciation for the LEGO Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap set at New York Toy Fair 2016, but even so, that set can’t even approach the sheer coolness of what is almost certainly my favorite LEGO Marvel set yet…

Toy Fair 2016 LEGO Marvel Ultimate Bridge Battle 76057 Box

The LEGO Group (TLG) has released some outstanding Marvel sets over the last few years–including last year’s gigantic UCS Helicarrier set–but I think the set that tops them all is due to hit retail stores this summer: the 76057 LEGO Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle!

I was genuinely a bit giddy when I saw the first photos of the set revealed from Nuremberg, but I was even more psyched when I got to see and take hi-res photos of the Ultimate Bridge Battle over the weekend at the New York Toy Fair 2016!

Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle LEGO Toy Fair 2016 SetWhat you’re getting here is pretty self-explanatory, but also pretty spectacular: a portion of a detailed New York City bridge, complete with spider-webs, flaming pumpkin bombs, traffic signs, a Goblin Nation flag, a brick-built taxi, a broken chunk of bridge for the taxi to fall through, and more.

New York Toy Fair 2016 LEGO Taxi from 76057 Spider-Man SetI really dig the little New York Taxi cab build included with this set!

LEGO Marvel Bridge Battle Taxi Cab WebThere’s also a soft goods “webbing” net included to rescue the taxi cab with. Awesome.

Front View of LEGO 76057 Spider-Man Ultmate Bridge Battle SetThere’s so many action features and so many little details to this huge playset that’s it a bit overwhelming–it really is a lot to take in!

LEGO Ultimate Bridge Battle Minifigures Scorpion Kraven Spider-GirlBut as amazing as the Ultimate Bridge Battle playset itself is, what I think is really going to sell this set to fans is the seven minifigures included–six of which have never been included in a comics-based set before!

LEGO Scarlet Spider MinifigureI grew up in the 90’s loving the legendary Clone Saga, and means that my favorite Spidey character ever is Ben Reilly, captured for the first time ever in brick form with this LEGO Scarlet Spider Minifigure!

Back of LEGO Marvel Scarlet Spider MinifigureScarlet Spider is wearing his iconic light blue hoodie, which has his logo printed on the front–and back– just the way that it should be.

LEGO Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle Goblin Nation FlagThe “web-shooting” effects pieces that TLG developed for this year were a huge surprise and I absolutely love them. These are gonna make playing with and setting up dioramas of Spider-Man minifigures a ton more fun!

LEGO Aunt May Minifigure from LEGO 76057 Spider-Man Bridge Battle SetAunt May makes her second LEGO appearance in this set as well (although it might as well be a first appearance, since her debut was in a movie-based set over a decade ago).

LEGO Marvel Summer 2016 Sets Aunt May and Spider-Woman MinifiguresSince there’s no Gwen Stacy here for Green Goblin to kill, I guess that makes the Aunt May Minifigure the civilian in peril! Aunt May looks suitably distressed, and I think having a civilian in a set like this really adds something to the set as a whole.

Toy Fair 2016 LEGO Green Goblin Minifigure on Goblin GliderAnd speaking of Green Goblin, finally a classic comics-based Green Goblin Minifigure flies into a non-Juniors, non-Mighty Micros Marvel set with this release!

Back of LEGO 76057 Green Goblin Figure GliderNorman (or is it Harry?!) is looking quite diabolical in brick form, and comes complete with a neat-o brick-built Goblin Glider, a satchel and translucent pumpkin bomb. We had to wait a long time for a LEGO Green Goblin, but he’s definitely done right here!

LEGO Kraven Minifigure with RifleThe appearance of a Kraven Minifigure here instead of in some sort of jungle-themed set seems weird to me, but we need him to complete the LEGO Sinister Six, so whatever.

LEGO Kraven the Hunter Minifigure from 76057 Bridge Battle SetKraven the Hunter’s face print looks sort of, well… bored, but he’s packing an especially deadly-looking brick-built high-powered rifle! Yikes!

LEGO Spider-Girl Minifigure from Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle 76057 SetI don’t know if she’s called “Spider-Girl” in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon or what, but this character is definitely the Ultimate Spider-Woman to me.

LEGO Green Goblin vs. Scarlet Spider MinifiguresI honestly would have preferred a classic Spider-Woman (either of them) or a Mayday Parker Spider-Girl to this Spider-Girl Minifigure, but she is accurate-looking and a definite crowd-pleaser for Ultimate fans.

LEGO Scorpion Minifigure Chases Aunt MayLast but not least, it’s the premiere LEGO Scorpion Minifigure! Good ol’ Mac Gargan was never the deepest or most interesting character, but he’s endured the trials of time and become an iconic Spider-Man villain.

LEGO Marvel Scorpion Figure 2016I wasn’t sure exactly how TLG was going to achieve the look for this character, but the Scorpion figure’s multi-piece tail actually looks really good.

Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle LEGO Spider-Man Summer 2016 SetThe final figure in the set is a generic Spider-Man minifig, but he wasn’t on display at NY Toy Fair 2016 for whatever reason (although there was a stand-in blank Minifigure there to keep his spot warm!).

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle Price Release Date

At a glance, I was certain that the price-tag on this extra-large set packed with desirable minifigures was going to be $120-$150. But surprise–! It’s not! In fact, this set ends up retailing for $99.99, an excellent value for the 1,092 pieces included (only about 9 cents per piece)!

With the set being priced quite generously like that, I am seriously contemplating getting a second copy to connect the two bridges together and really make this the ultimate comics-based bridge battle!

Toy Fair 2016 LEGO Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge BattleIf you’re interested in the new minifigures of Ghost Rider, Hobgoblin, Vulture and more, I’m posting tons of photos and discussing the other Summer 2016 LEGO Marvel sets on Brick Toy News.  While neither set is up to the platinum standard of the Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle, both of them are worth checking out.

Now that you’ve seen plenty of hi-res photos of it from every angle, do you agree with me that this is the best LEGO Marvel Superheroes set ever? And more importantly, will you be picking up the Spider-Man Ultimate Bridge Battle set for your own collection?


Toy Fair 2016: LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Bridge Battle Set! — 3 Comments

  1. Man, I would’ve loved the hell out of this as a kid.
    Still cool, obviously, but I don’t really mess with LEGO anymore.

  2. Yes, Yes…YES. All day long. The recent small wave of DC and Marvel sets have been dull and unnecessary, and for the first time, skippable, but this is a must-have. If it were a Star Wars set, it would cost more!