Toy Fair 2016: Marvel Legends Exclusives Figure List!

Alright, now this is just getting crazy. After the enormous number of 6″ Marvel Legends action figures I talked about in my 2016 Toy Fair Hasbro coverage yesterday, you might think that I’ve already talked about everything that Hasbro had to offer at the event. But you would be wrong–because there’s still a ton of exclusives! Hasbro finally confirmed the home of the Marvel Legends Namor figure they teased us with last year, as well as announcing exclusive Marvel Legends movie Falcon, Bucky, Agent 13 and more!

Marvel Legends Namor Walgreens Exclusive Figure

During the Hasbro Press Event yesterday at Toy Fair, Hasbro’s Marvel team revealed the entire slate of Marvel Legends exclusives coming to various retail outlets for the rest of 2016. 

Photography was strictly prohibited during the slideshow of these figures, and sites are forbidden from posting images (beyond the Namor one shown at SDCC 2015, obviously), so please don’t post any leaked photos you find online here. 

The 2016 Hasbro Marvel Exclusives are as follows:

Walmart Exclusive

  • 6″ Marvel Legends Civil War Winter Soldier
  • 6″ Marvel Legends Civil War Falcon

Target Two-Pack

6″ Marvel Legends Civil War War Machine Mark III and Iron Man Mark 27 Disco Armor

Toys R’ Us

  • 6″ Marvel Legends Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Sam Wilson Captain America (AKA “Captain Falcon”) and Uncanny Avengers Vision Three-Pack
  • 3.75″ Civil War Captain America and Iron Man
  • 3.75″ Civil War Agent 13 and Black Panther


  • 6″ Namor
  • 6″ Marvel Legends Jim Lee Punisher

The Jim Lee Punisher Marvel Legends figure was actually brought out at the Hasbro showroom briefly yesterday, so we have one photo of him that we can share. Note that this prototype doesn’t show the white headband that the final figure will have. 

The new Vision is based off of his appearance in last year’s “Uncanny Avengers” comic book series and is unfortunately still not a movie Vision. Alas. Someday…

I can’t post any images of the figures here until Hasbro eventually gives the go-ahead to do so, but if anyone has any questions about exactly what’s coming and where, shoot and I’ll do my best to answer and describe the figures. 

What do you think of the list of 2016 Marvel Legends exclusives, collectors? Are you overjoyed to see so many prominent characters, or frustrated that key characters may end up being difficult to find retailer exclusive toys?


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    • I’ve seen leaked images and it seems that not only will his cape and cowl be right, but Captain Falcon seems to have a mostly new sculpt. From wat I can tell from the photos, there are very few things it shares w/ the marvel NOW! Cap.

  1. Yes! I’ve been waiting for a Captain Falcon 6 inch figure! The only thing I hope is that he comes with a good large set of adjustable wings like we got on the variant Toybiz Falcon. We’ve been getting some great stuff from Hasbro with the Spiderwoman and Archangel figures so I really hope the captain falcon turns out ok. Plus with Vision and the Miles Morales we can start an All New All Different Avengers legends (now we just need Ms Marvel, Jane Foster Thor and Sam Nova)

    • I only got to see her for a few seconds. She’s in an all-purple outfit that shows very little skin, I believe.

    • Very awesome to hear we’ll FINALLY be getting a movie Falcon. The new Bucky looks nice too.

      War Machine Mark III looks great but that Iron Man they have him packaged with is butt ugly. If they wanted to repaint an old mold there have to be better armor colors they could have gone with.

      Kate and Captain Falcon look great but I’m puzzle by the inclusion of Vision. If they wanted to release another Vision, why not go with his MCU look? Especially when we just got a different modern Vision figure with the Hulkbuster wave.

      Still I can’t complain. When you factor in Scarlet Witch that’s four new Civil War figures, and I’m very happy about that.

      • I, being very much a fan of the Iron Legion in Iron Man 3, am pumped to get any non-main armor in 6-inch scale, but I’m really confused as to what molds they could possibly have reused for Disco. Disco’s design is a mash-up of pieces of the Mark 7, Mark 40 Shotgun, and Mark 22 Hot Rod (aka War Machine Mark II Prototype), so the only figure they could have reused pieces from is Iron Patriot/War Machine Mark II

      • I want an MCU Vision too, but I’ll take Uncanny Avengers Vision over literally any other version.
        Uncanny Avengers is the absolute best that Vision has ever looked in any format.

  2. Is the movie Bucky a new sculpt based on his terrible Civil War costume, or a repaint/remold of the TWS figure?

  3. When will the 6″ Marvel Legends Civil War Falcon, 3.75″ Civil War Agent 13 and Black Panther, and 6″ Marvel Legends Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Sam Wilson Captain America (AKA “Captain Falcon”) and Uncanny Avengers Vision Three-Pack be released or up for order? I try to keep up with your postings, and don’t wanna miss out on anything. Thanks!

    • Release/order dates for the exclusives haven’t been announced yet. I’ll update when they are. =D

  4. I am SUPER hyped, and also frustrated that the battle to find them all is going to have to happen.

    Two Falcons, Uncanny Vision, Kate Bishop? Glorious.

  5. How different is the new Bucky compared to the WS Bucky?? When is the Falcon gonna hit stores?? Would we ever get a movie Vision and/or a movie Quicksilver?? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!

    • It’s the costume Vision wore in “Uncanny Avengers”, as opposed to the other modern costumes he’s worn, such as in “Avengers A.I.”. Basically, it has a lot more red in it.

    • Movie Vision would require a new mold. No one knows the Giant Man height for sure, as Hasbro has not announced him and is not allowed to do so yet by Disney.

      Bear in mind that there are limits to how big Giant Man can be when split into just six parts, though, and having to fit within the regular-sized bubbles.

      • Pretty sure he’s going to be about Onslaught’s size, judging by the slots in the packaging for his arms and legs that we’ve already seen.

    • I would take a movie vision over that craptastic vision they are putting in the boxset, although I would prefer a classic vision.

  6. Thankfully we got a good comic giant man last year as an sdcc exclusive. I have no intrest in that baf.

  7. So, is that Walmart Winter Soldier made from the TRU 2-pack with Black Widow (aka: comic version) or a repack of the Cap2 movie figure?

        • He doesn’t look THAT different, but he’s not a repack of an existing figure.
          He looks like the Civil War Winter Soldier. *shrug*

          Look at the Hot Toys Sixth Scale Civil War Winter Soldier. He looks like a Marvel Legends version of that, basically.

          • That’s just… weird. Can I just say, from what little I’ve seen so far, I’m really not a fan of the Civil War WS look? The baggy black fatigues make him look like a bionically-enhanced stagehand.

  8. I am SO stoked about the Kate Bishop figure. And if its true she’s wearing the purple one-piece jumpsuit a la All-New Hawkeye (and probably Fraction Hawkeye if I recall correctly) all the better. I didn’t know there was a Niko. I HAVE to get that. I was in Wal-Mart today and saw a bunch of Legends figures branded as Captain America but they don’t say Civil War..which is kinda cool. The newest Cap figure has an alternate Cap-Wolf head! The only thing I wish they’d do is Hawkeye in SHIELD-type uni with the black shirt with purple arrow on it. Maybe it’s cuz it looks too much like Arsenal/Red Arrow. There’s a 3.75 figure in that uni but it’s a little boring. The old school circus performer tunic situation displayed on the current Legends figure is just soooooooooo lame!

    • It’s true, Kate’s in her Matt Fraction look (not my favorite, but whatever works).
      I’d show you a picture of it, but I don’t think I’m allowed to 😛

      There IS a modern Hawkeye wearing black with purple from a few years ago.

  9. Having seen an image of the Kate Bishop figure, I’m a little disappointed we’re getting the purple jumpsuit look; her original suit had problems, sure, but I liked the personality it had; it had this overall ‘hunter’ like aesthetic to it with the scarf and gear. The newer look was just kinda dull, and while the first look wasn’t super-practical, the newer one had this ‘faux-practicality’ thing going with the cut-out hips, bare shoulder, and skin-tight spandex. It wasn’t too bad when McKelvie was drawing it since he at least covered up her hips and made it look more like a protective material, but its a look that’s needed to be changed for a long time.

    • Agreed. Would MUCH rather have the original scarf-wearing Kate Bishop than this one.

  10. Excited about movie Falcon, because it seems to me that movie figures are now the one good thing Hasbro does now, like Star Lord and Black Widow and that upcoming Black Panther figure. I find it so tragic (limited to the context of talking about plastic toys, here…) that we fans are so hooked on figures that we continue to demand the supply of reused, unpainted, awkward looking crap that Hasbro peddles out. If there are honest toymakers in the company, they must feel very frustrated. ANOTHER Bucky Cap body, for Nick Fury now? ANOTHER set of those awkward, disproportionate open hands, for Phoenix this time? An unpainted, clunky Hyperion body for Venom with a terrible tongue-head that looks nothing like the comics? The terrible feet that just never look quite right? The glossy-ness of every lousy figure????? To me, DC Collectibles is the New Hope

  11. *sigh* I hate Walmart exclusives. They are impossible to get. I hope that they at least have enough for the website to get them bc I’m not trying to deal with the scalping in that store.

  12. Just throwing out thought here. Does anybody else want a 6″ Northstar and Aurora? Maybe as next year’s Walgreens exclusives or something? Just curious. p.s. Your Toy fair coverage is excellent!

  13. We should ask for some Marvel legends Netflix series action figures!! For the Defender’s movie!!! That would be frickin badass!

  14. Has a release date been dropped yet for the Jim Lee punisher marverl legends?? Please and thanks

  15. how’s that black panther figure going to look? When can we get a Shuri Black Panther figure? ??

    • Oh geez. I wouldn’t say there’s no chance of a Shuri Black Panther, but I’d be surprised if there’s one anytime soon…

    • The Namor and Disco/War Machine exclusives should be out within a month. The others, slightly later.