Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Select Civil War Figures Photos! Bucky!

We’ve known the lineup for the Diamond Select Toys Captain America: Civil War figures series for a couple months now, but DST was holding on to the Civil War figures (and their awesome 9″ Giant-Man/Ant-Man figure) for a grand debut at the 2016 Toy Fair International. And while all three characters have had Marvel Select versions before, I was totally impressed with the updated Civil War Iron Man, Captain America, and Winter Soldier–as well as the huge New Avengers Headquarters diorama backdrop that the three come with!

Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Select Civil War Figures

When Diamond Select teased a buildable backdrop coming with their Marvel Select Civil War action figures this summer, I thought they just meant another combinable terrain environment like we got with last year’s Select Age of Ultron Black Widow and Thor.

But nope–what we’re actually getting is a far cooler 8″ tall build able backdrop of the outside of the New Avengers building!

The fully-assembled wall looks really great and eye-grabbing on display–and it’s turned the Select Civil War Cap and Iron Man 7″ figures from “maybes” to “definite pre-orders” for me. Of course, the figures themselves are rather nice too…

Marvel Select Civil War Winter Soldier Figure Toy Fair 2016Collectors cried foul when we got a comic-based Bucky Barnes Select instead of a movie-based Bucky in time for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” two years ago. But now, DST is making it right with the best non-sixth scale Winter Soldier figure that I’ve seen.

Close-Up of Diamond Select Bucky 7" Figure Civil WarHasbro has a Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Civil War Winter Soldier coming out this summer with a terrific Sebastian Stan likeness–but I think DST’s is even better. I’m really happy with the way that the portrait for this figure turned out.

Marvel Select 2016 Captain America Civil War Winter Soldier FigureThe 2016 Marvel Select Winter Soldier movie figure is a 100% new sculpt, which means that the ML version simply cannot compete with the authenticity of the DST figure. From his metal arm to the great texture on his vest and pants, this Bucky Barnes is a winner.

Marvel Select Civil War Iron Man Mark 45 Figure 2016 Toy FairOh yeah–and there are new Cap and Iron Man figures as well. Neither of these characters was released by DST for Avengers: Age of Ultron, believe it or not, but luckily these Civil War versions are close enough to fill out your AOU roster now (assuming you don’t care about Hawkeye).

Close-Up of Marvel Select Iron Man Civil War 7" Action FigureI own a lot of Iron Man figures, so it’s hard to really blow me away with one. However, the Marvel Select Iron Man Mark 45 looks stupendous with its 100% new sculpt, and if I didn’t already own a Figuarts Mark 45 and have a Hot Toys Mark 45 Iron Man arriving this summer, I probably would be blown away.

As it is, this is a highly-impressive Iron Man figure and one I’ve got pre-ordered for his backdrop as much as him.

Captain America Civil War Marvel Select Action Figure

Finally, we come to the Marvel Select Civil War Captain America figure. No Avengers display looks right without having Steve Rogers as part of it, so I’m grateful that Cap’s Civil War costume has only trivial differences from his AOU costume.

I own a couple really good AOU Caps already, but the backdrop and the ability to stand this in-scale CW Captain America next to the new movie Winter Soldier Select figure put this figure over the top and into “order” territory for me.

Marvel Select Civil War Captain America Figure Toy Fair 2016All three Marvel Select Civil War figures are now available for order, and are scheduled to be released in Summer 2016. Marvel Select movie figures only get one production run before being retired forever and tend to sell out via pre-order before being released, so you’d be wise to lock in a pre-order if you’re dead-set on owning this trio (like I am).

What do you think of the Diamond Select Toys Civil War figures (and the New Avengers Headquarters Backdrop), Marvel collectors? Are you planning to add any of these 7″ action figures to your collection this summer, or do you only have room in your collection for so many iterations of these characters?


Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Select Civil War Figures Photos! Bucky! — 13 Comments

  1. Man, the head/neck on Winter Soldier look really weird. Hope they fix that before the figures go up for pre-order.

  2. Is it me, or does Bucky’s neck or head look a little off, as well as Capt’s torso elongated? All three look like Marvel Select are going with leaner looking figures….

  3. Lovin these figures !!! Already got them on pre order. But the one I was really waiting for was Bucky, but he looks a bit off for some reason ?!? I think it’s what looks like the old type neck joint, rather than the ball joint on both ends. And the face doesn’t look quite “Bucky” ?!? The rest of him looks cool & I’ll still be buying them all but hoping it might be something they put out for the show & they’ll iron out the kinks before they hit the shops. Does anyone else think so or is it just me? As for the Ant “Giant Man” Man he looks spot on. Will be all over that when it comes to pre order !!!!

  4. Sorry, I put that other post on the ‘Giant Man’ blog & then reposted it on this one. I can now see others are seeing the weird Bucky neck/head thing. Really hope they sort it !!!!

  5. Um, they look really terrible! The head sculpt is great, but Bucky’s body is way too skinny – just look at his tiny metal arm! And Iron Man doesn’t look even close…neck and head are off, and way too lean. Steve looks cool and yet his torso doesn’t look right. The photo at the top doesn’t look like Iron Man’s scale is very good against Team Cap. I just don’t get it: Diamond Select keep such a limited workload and are completely ad hoc with their articulation and yet manage to do a lousy job on their figures 90% of the time, not even managing to stay in scale with their own line! (Carnage, Venom and Toxin etc etc)

  6. There’s one thing you missed though that is a huge spoiler!! Displayed right next to these guys was one GIANT MAN. YUP. No pun intended. Ant man will portray Giant Man during the Airport screen!! The given evidence is a Lego box set of it. Shows him towering over everyone! And funko revealed a Giant Man as well!!

  7. I ll have all them ,Iron Man is incredible!!!! ,im waiting for Namor and Professor X ,and some villians more of X-men will be great,i hope exit some day….

    • You’ll have to contact Diamond Select Toys to ask if they distribute to Malaysia, although I know BBTS does ship worldwide.