Toy Fair 2016: Diamond Select Giant-Man Figure Photos!

I probably could have happily slept for about ten more hours this morning, but instead I got up bright and early to brave the cold and check out one of my favorite longtime Marvel toy manufacturers: Diamond Select Toys! DST had a large variety of new items on display at the 2016 Toy Fair, but the one that I want to talk about first is one of the biggest: the Diamond Marvel Gallery Giant-Man (Ant-Man) figure statue!

Here’s a funny thing about Giant-Man’s upcoming appearance in the “Captain America Civil War” movie: we’re not supposed to know about it. I’ve heard from several companies at Toy Fair that Disney changed their minds about it being okay to show off Giant-Man merch in late 2015, after many manufacturers had already finalized their lines.

But while Diamond Select Toys can’t show off a movie Giant-Man figure at the Toy Fair, they can show off their 9″ Marvel Gallery Ant-Man figure–who happens to be just about perfectly-sized to fill in for Giant-Man in a Marvel Select lineup!

 Officially listed as “Ant-Man” on the 2016 Toy Fair placard, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that DST chose to display this “Ant-Man” figure alongside the Marvel Select Civil War movie figures on display.

In fact, as I was being walked through, the PVC figure was only called “Giant-Man” to me. If I hadn’t noticed the placard text in my photos after I left the booth, I never would have realized that this was specifically an Ant-Man statue at all.

A miniaturized Ant-Man figure is also is also included with the statue, and is definitely one of the best-painted mini Ant-Man figures that I’ve seen.

 You can see in the above photo how this Diamond Select Ant-Man/Giant-Man figure fits in perfectly with the Civil War Marvel Select figures, towering over them as Giant-Man should.  

So though there are officially only three figures in the articulated Marvel Select Captain America: Civil War lineup, I think this Giant-Man figure is going to fit in smashingly!

 The unarticulated Diamond Marvel Gallery Ant-Man PVC figure will be going up for order in the near future, and will retail for $45. That’s a killer price for a 9″ statue this well-done, and an instant purchase for me when he goes up for pre-order.

What do you think of this Giant-Man/Ant-Man statue by Diamond Select, Marvel collectors? Are you holding out for the still-unannounced-officially Marvel Legends Giant-Man figure, or will DST’s more easily available Scott Lang figure be joining your collection this coming summer instead?


Toy Fair 2016: Diamond Select Giant-Man Figure Photos! — 6 Comments

  1. Lovin these figures !!! Already got them on pre order. But the one I was really waiting for was Bucky, but he looks a bit off for some reason ?!? I think it’s what looks like the old type neck joint, rather than the ball joint on both ends. And the face doesn’t look quite “Bucky” ?!? The rest of him looks cool & I’ll still be buying them all but hoping it might be something they put out for the show & they’ll iron out the kinks before they hit the shops. Does anyone else think so or is it just me? As for the Ant “Giant Man” Man he looks spot on. Will be all over that when it comes to pre order !!!!

  2. Its just an Ant Man figure. Everyone is being stupid about this “every little thing being a spoiler” garbage, its a real who cares thing unless you’re a Marvel newbie. Life shouldn’t have to be difficult for everyone else just becuase there is a bunch of newbies who know nothing.

  3. The only problem I see is the figure IS actually of Ant Man. Scott Lang’s civil war suit, seen in the trailer in the tarmac standoff scene where he is rumored to go giant, has a very different helmet and the suit itself is changed as well from what he wears in his first solo movie.

  4. I’m pretty sure it isn’t Giant-Man, but rather a regular-sized Ant-Man, and the miniature is a shrunken Ant-Man. Also, in order for it to be Giant-Man, it would look like the Civil War suit, not the regular Ant-Man suit.