Toy Fair 2016: Marvel Legends Civil War Wave 2 Figures!

There’s one more wave of Marvel Legends figures that technically was revealed at New York Toy Fair 2016 yesterday that I haven’t talked about yet. It’s a pretty loaded wave, but, well… unfortunately, the lineup leaked out several weeks ago. Even so, I got to see the 2016 Marvel Legends Captain America Wave 2 Figures yesterday in all their glory, including Nuke, Nick Fury with Dirk Anger head, Civil War figures and more!



Unfortunately, someone leaked the cardback image that confirmed and spoiled the big reveal of the comic-based characters from the Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Wave 2 series well before Toy Fair. 

So even though Hasbro was officially revealing the set this weekend, we’ve seen all of the figures present in the assortment before. But, well… we hadn’t seen everything they have to offer, though…


  Take the Marvel Legends Nuke figure, for example. We first saw him sneak peeked before any other figure in this series, way back at SDCC 2015. 

But what we didn’t know was that Nuke would have a battle-damaged head, showing his cyborg exoskeleton underneath! Nuke isn’t a favorite of mine, but I like him a lot more with this cybernetic face than with her regular Small Soldiers-looking head!

  Next we’ve got the 6″ Marvel Legends Red Guardian figure. He’s more or less a Soviet Captain America. The figure is a little basic, but has a great color scheme going. 


What other characters are left for Hasbro to repaint Captain America’s shield for?

  Rounding out the comic figures, it’s an awesome classic Nick Fury Marvel Legends figure. We saw the Dirk Anger interchangeable head at Nuremberg Toy Fair, but he’s shown here with his other interchangeable head: a SHIELD Commando helmet. 

This ML Nick Fury is a dream for army-builders–although he won’t be easy to army-build packed at one per case…

  The rest of the series consists of the three Civil War Marvel Legends 6″ movie figures: Iron Man Mark 46, Black Panther and Captain America. 

Iron Man definitely looks a bit weird with no paint wash and such a bright plastic, but I totally dig the included effects piece repulsor blasts.   

The movie Black Panther figure looks ridiculously well-sculpted and detailed, and is easily my favorite figure in the wave. Unfortunately, he’s also expected to only be one-per-case. I’m a little worried about shortages of Legends Black Panther, honestly. 

  I haven’t talked about the Build-A-Figure yet because Hasbro isn’t allowed to talk about it yet. But yes, it’s movie Giant-Man. Disney decided late that toy companies could not show off Giant-Man toys yet, so Hasbro can’t show the Giant-Man Build-A-Figure to us, even though this wave will be hitting stores in just another month or two. 


And there we have it–six figures we’ve mostly seen before and a Build-A-Figure that can’t really be talked about yet. Not the most exciting wave ever, but a solid one nonetheless. 


What do you think of this spring’s upcoming Marvel Legends Captain America Giant-Man Series, collectors? Will you be picking up all the movie figures, all the comic figures, some mixture of the two, or none at all?



Toy Fair 2016: Marvel Legends Civil War Wave 2 Figures! — 7 Comments

  1. I don’t know that I skipped ANY Legends figures last year, aside from yellow Daredevil.
    And it looks like I might not be skipping any this year, aside from that Walgreens Punisher.

    I’m going to be so broke….

  2. I can soo see that Cyborg nuke head being used for a Ragnarok (Thor clone) alternate head next year when (i hope at least) they shift the focus onto Thor: Ragnarok and make a classic Thor. Thor really doesn;t get much love in the ML line like he should.

    • I’d be willing to bet that that IS a Ragnarok head, developed for the Thor wave, that got extra use a little early. Its a bald head, compared to the crew cut non-battle damage Nuke head (that does look way too like Small Soldiers) that will probably get some lovely goldilocks. The look does make the character look more superpowered-villain and less army-guy.

    • We got 3 Thors last year… >_>
      And Odin
      And Valkyrie
      And Hela

      The Asgardians are doing alright recently.
      Especially Thor.

  3. Psyched for the comic figures in this wave, and that Black Panther. I kinda just want to pick up all the figures but Cap and Iron Man, but the Giant-Man BAF is basically stopping me from doing that. I just don’t need any more Cap and Iron Man figures that look so similar to each other.